Ireland Update, December 2016

Recent Irish Nationalist Activity

Pro-white stickers & graffiti from around Ireland, November 2016.


Identity Ireland registered as full National Party

Identity Ireland has been registered as a full National Party as of Friday the 2nd of December. The party began with a small core of people but has grown to a membership of roughly 700, determined to see an end to the code of silence displayed by all established parties.  We have opposed globalism and supported sovereignty, including proper border controls, full control over our financial affairs and the build-up of native industries from the public launch of Identity Ireland eighteen months ago. As we predicted then the E.U and the euro are on the brink of failure. Still nothing has been done to prepare for this eventuality by our government leaving the Irish people in a highly exposed position.

In that time we have endured the kind of attacks which no civilised party should have to contend with, largely from those of the “radical left”. They have shown their true colours to the Irish people as a destructive, uncivilised force which cares nothing for our nation, our history or our constitution. Those in the established centre are little better. While not as low as some others they continue to sell the Irish nation out for their personal gain. In the meantime, we continue to build the strength of our party.

Party Chairman Peter O’ Loughlin says, “We would like to sincerely thank all our members and our numerous supporters throughout Ireland for their continued support and hard work. We are looking forward to a very successful 2017.”

Party secretary Gary Allen says, “It’s been tough to get the party established as we’ve had to endure opposition from the state, aggressive behaviour from others, some of it even violent. But despite this the party continues to grow stronger.“

We also look forward to hosting some our European allies in the coming year so they will have a chance to inform the Irish people of the struggles they face in their own countries against the machinations and propaganda of those same elites which promote population replacement and the evils of multiculturalism.

Protest in Mayo after house allocated to Syrian refugees

A small number of people have been demonstrating outside the County Hall in Castlebar this afternoon

The arrival of Syrian refugees in Co Mayo has led to protests by members of the Travelling community in Castlebar.As part of the State’s commitment to accept asylum seekers and refugees from the war-torn country, a number of families were transferred to homes in Co Mayo this week.

However, when one group were brought to a house in the Cois Abhainn estate, a neighbouring family objected to their arrival, on the basis that they had relatives on the housing list.

A small number of people have been demonstrating outside the County Hall in Castlebar.

One of the protesters says several of her children have been living in caravans and have been seeking housing from the local authority for a number of years. She claims a decision has been made to give precedence to families from Syria.

Mayo County Council says alternative arrangements have been put in place for the Syrian family in question “for now”. There were no issues with the arrival of three other families in the town this week.

Between now and the end of the year, a total of 17 families who have fled Syria will be re-housed in Mayo.

It is part of the nationwide effort to disperse around 4,000 people around the country, after the Government committed to an EU wide plan to provide assistance to Syrian refugees and asylum seekers.

Levels of hate crimes in Ireland are ‘highest on record’

The European Network Against Racism Ireland says it recorded 190 hate crimes in the first half of this year here.

The shocking figure — the highest since the group began campaigning more than three years ago — included 22 assaults, ten of which left victims injured, while 13 cases involved threats to kill or maim.

Most incidents took place on the streets and targeted Africans and South Asians, with the perpetrators mostly aged 25-34.

But ENAR Ireland also claimed that there is “hostility from public servants and unacceptably high levels of racism and inappropriate behaviour from members of An Garda Siochana”.

Director Shane O’Curry warned worrying levels of institutional racism are reinforcing xenophobic attitudes in wider society, and risked Ireland “sleepwalking into a Trump or Brexit scenario”.

He said: “When we consider that minorities face racist attitudes from councillors and TDs, when seeking accommodation, when dealing with social welfare officers or gardai, then our society is in real danger of bringing about a racist scenario from which we might not be able to roll back.”

The ENAR Ireland report listed verbal abuse as the most common hate crime, with 79 cases in the first six months of 2016, while there were 38 reports of discrimination in work.



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