Azov Update, December 2016 *Updated December 16th*

Thousands of Azov nationalists hold torch-lit march in Kharkiv

Oleg Shiryaev on “the Ukrainian Order” in Kharkiv

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On Dec. 11, in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv there was held a meeting with leader of the AZOV movement Andriy Biletsky & the staff of the AZOV Civil Corps in Kharkiv and its head Oleg Shiryaev, also known as the leader of Eastern Corps.

He summarized the purpose of the meeting in his welcome speech.

“Dear comrades!

Today’s event was held under the slogan of “Ukrainian Order.”

Why the Ukrainian order? Because everything that surrounds us – chaos, destruction, decomposition of a society – all of this is anything but order.

Against the background of the society’s moral impoverishment and a lack of the solid national strategy, the AZOV movement is the force that has to undertake the functions of a state.

By this moment we have created:

1. The best volunteer military movement. Our military forces are involved in the ATO: they reconquered Mariupol, the most important region in the South-East of Ukraine.

2. Once we realized that the society is inert and hesitant, we have created a social movement – the AZOV Civil Corps.

Our NGO, for the first time in all 25 years of Ukraine’s independence, has managed to launch without any government assistance the following initiatives:

– create a program of a military-patriotic education for the youth which is successfully used by schools, vocational schools and universities in the region;
– open a gym network in Kharkiv and its region;
– establish a permanent assistance to orphanages;
– form territorial defense units in the region;
– organize a children camp in Valky;
– solving the ecological problems in the region;
– actively combating social plagues (destruction of drug dens and termination of an illegal alcohol and gambling business).

Our activities are systematic, clear and transparent. Thus our struggle logically continued at the political level in the ranks of the party “National Corps.”

I urge all of you to occupy an active life and citizen’s position.
Let’s build up Ukraine together!
The future belongs to us!“ said Oleg.


December 18 in Kiev! Top Black Metal divisions from France, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.


“Pact of Steel”  “Asgardsrei V” pre-festival conference

“PACT OF STEEL” (between East and West) – a symbolic name of the event to be held under the auspices of the “RECONQUISTA” project that will gather in Kyiv the novel “conquistadors” from across all Western and Eastern Europe.

This Saturday, Dec. 17, all guests of the Asgardsrei V festival will have a unique opportunity to have an open talk with PESTE NOIRE and M8L8TH, get exclusive merch, take autographs and listen to a number of festival-relevant speeches by the invited lecturers.

The conference begins at 16.00 in the big hall of “The House of the Architect” at Borysa Grinchenko Str., 7 (3 minutes walking distance from the famous Maidan Square). Admission is free for all ticket holders for the Asgardsrei V festival. If you have not purchased tickets yet, they will be available at the conference. If you paid your ticket online, you can come to the conference and pick it up at the entrance.

The conference is given with English translation. It will last approximately 3 hours and will be divided into three parts:

Part 1: An open talk with PESTE NOIRE and M8L8TH in the question / answer format. The general procedure is as follows: line up, ask a question and get an answer from the scene. Communication with KPN will be carried out with the help of translators. Please ask only thoughtful and relevant questions. The first part is scheduled for one hour; the duration will depend on the audience.

The audience will have the opportunity not only to look behind the scenes of the creative cuisine of the bands, but also to look through their eyes at the cultural and political situation in France and Putin’s Russia.



Part 2: Speeches by guest lectures on the following topics:

– Igor Garkavenko (revolutionary, publicist): “The Revolution of Europe.”
– Sviatoslav Vyshynsky (philosopher, author of “Metaphysica Nova”): “Dark Music in the Dark Times.”
– Olena Semenyaka (philosopher, scholar of Conservative Revolution): “The Aristocracy of the Spirit and the Great European Reconquista.”
– Ivan Mikheev (publicist, political emigrant): ” Horizons of Neo-paganism.“
+ Others. Approximate duration of the second part is a little more than an hour.

Listeners will be able to acquire printed products of the “RECONQUISTA”

Part 3: An autograph-session and coffee. All participants will be able to purchase print products of the “RECONQUISTA” project.

IMPORTANT: the entire range of products from all the bands taking part in the festival – Nokturnal Mortum, Peste Noire, M8L8TH, Kroda, Wehrwolf (Kamaedzitsa) will be available at the conference. Some products are limited in number, so if you want to be sure to get your merch, come on Saturday: at the same time, you will get autographs on posters, СDs, and so on.

This conference is a great opportunity for all the foreign guests to get in touch with each other and have some nice time together on the day prior to the festival. Don’t miss it! Saturday, December 17, at 16.00 – Borysa Grinchenko Str., 7.



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