Bautzen, Germany: Local Heroes Fight Off Invading Migrants


A dozen individuals were involved in a fight at the Christmas market in a small German town this weekend, as migrant youths and locals apparently came to blows over anti-social behaviour.

The commotion began on Saturday night at the Bautzen Christmas market — thought to be the oldest market of its kind in Germany — when locals objected to a group of approximately six migrant youths playing loud music from their mobile phones.

Taking place near the town’s historic meat market, a police source said the group of “young asylum seekers” initially were in a “verbal disagreement” with an equally sized group of young locals, reports Lausitzer Rundschau. The source remarked: “After a heated debate, individuals from both groups are said to have shoved each other. Two young men are said to have been hurt.”

The paper reports that as the migrants withdrew from the fight, they damaged a car on their way, causing hundreds of euros of damage. Police arrived after locals called in a report.

Although it is not reported which side the injured parties belonged to, it is more than likely they are migrants, as they retreated in haste from the area.

This has not been the first confrontation between violent migrants and locals in the eastern German town of Bautzen. Police had to intervene in September when migrants attacked locals and pelted bottles at officers. Right-wing anti-mass migrant protesters also got involved and followed the immigrants back to their hostel.


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