Cologne, Germany: Anti-migrant Protesters Storm Train Station

ANTI-MIGRANT protesters have stormed Cologne’s train station and main square in an open act of defiance after police try to ban a New Year’s eve demonstration.

Members of the far right NPD group planned to take to Cologne’s main square, the scene of the depraved New Year sex attacks, to voice their opposition to Angela Merkel’s controversial open door migration policy – but police banned the event amid safety concerns.


Undeterred, dozens of protesters have scaled Cologne’s train station, unveiling nationalist banners and chanting anti-mass immigration slogans.

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In a well-orchestrated and pre-planned move, the NPD supporters climbed onto the station’s roof and revealed their anti-migrant banner.

The original protest was supposed to take place in the square itself, facing the cathedral that was the backdrop to the sickening volume of sexual assaults committed against hundreds of women.

According to Germany’s Die Welt news outlet, 267 investigations against 333 suspects were launched in the wake of New Year’s Eve’s carnage.

However, half of the proceedings have been dropped by prosecutors and only 30 people have been convicted.


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