Athens, Greece: IMIA 2017

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Every year tens of thousands of Golden Dawn members march to commemorate an act of Turkish aggression on the Imia islets in the Aegean sea in 1996.

Similar to the brazen attack on the Russian jet on the Turkish border in 2016, three Greek officers were killed when their helicopter was shot down by Turkey’s military. Both Turkey and the corrupt Greek plutocracy worked together to conceal this act of war and it went unanswered. Since 1996, Golden Dawn has been the only force in the country remembering the event , as well as the treason that accompanied it, with marches attracting thousands (a high of 50,000 in 2013) every year.

Today Greece is run by a neo-liberal capitalist/cultural Marxist Hillary Clintonesque hybrid party called “SYRIZA,” a coalition of leftist groups that range from Maoists to social-democrats. This government has emboldened “Anti-Fascist” sheep of international money power while putting Golden Dawn under the legal microscope. This year, “Antifa” groups vandalized the tomb of the dead Greek officers.

In his address to the crowd, party General Secretary N. Michaloliakos touched on a wide range of issues, from thuggish intimidation by the highly unpopular ruling government to praise for Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown.  The mass immigration overwhelming Greece at the moment is taking its toll on the country socially and economically, thus increasing the need for an exit from the European Union.

Here is footage from the rally (in Greek) :

Support them in whatever way you can:


Italy: Generation Identity Disrupt Moslem Propaganda Event, Forza Nuova Protest Against Refugees

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In Italy there has been a propaganda campaign called “I am Italy too” in which various Muslims and brownskins claim to be Italian. Yesterday Muslims were holding one of these propaganda events in the city of Borgosesia.

Their plans were disrupted by Generation Identity, as seen below. I actually didn’t know Generation Identity was active in Italy. The video was obviously posted by a Muslim, so ignore the text at the end.
Forza Nuova were also demonstrating on January 13th in Milan.
I like the graphical style of these old posters. The Alt Right should try and revive that.

Binghamton, New York: “White Supremacists” Kill Black Rapist

Bradley Miles  635943334708341474-ariana-edwards.jpg

Prosecutors say a Binghamton couple, described as white supremacists, robbed and killed a black man on the city’s West Side in 2015 after the woman told her boyfriend the other man had raped her.

Details of what prosecutors call a “mixed-motive case” against Ariana Edwards, 38, were revealed Wednesday in Broome County Court, ahead of her Jan. 30 trial in connection with the Aug. 22, 2015, death of 38-year-old Michael C. Thomas inside a Mather Street apartment. The victim’s body was found two weeks later, and police say his death was ruled a homicide.

But the defense lawyer for Edwards, who was accused of the crime along with her 31-year-old boyfriend, Bradley Miles, countered that Judge Joseph Cawley should not allow prosecutors to use any prejudicial “white supremacist” characterization against her. On Wednesday, Cawley heard arguments on the issue during a pretrial hearing.

Assistant District Attorney (((Joshua Shapiro))) briefly detailed his dual-motive theory: a robbery that resulted in the victim’s death, and evidence alleging Edwards and Miles are white supremacists.

“It’s our position that (Edwards) told Bradley Miles that Michael Thomas raped her … to manipulate her white supremacist boyfriend to commit this crime,” Shapiro said in court Wednesday.

Although Edwards is not charged with a hate crime, prosecutors are using the allegation as a component of what sparked the crime. Evidence, including various racist writings connected to the defendant, would be introduced at trial to help support this argument, Shapiro said.

Perama, Greece: Golden Dawn Supporters Disrupt School Meeting To Keep Out “Refugees”

On January 18th, Yiannis Lagos, (who is a member of parliament for the Golden Dawn party) accompanied by a number of supporters, stormed a school meeting in the city of Perama near Athens. This was done to protest plans to offer classes to refugee children.

They yelled and threw punches.  There’s no indication that any children present, or that any arrests were made.

Anti-immigration Protesters March Through Paris

Over 300 anti-migrant protesters marched through the streets of Paris on Saturday in a ‘Paris Pride’ (as in pride in being Parisian) demonstration organized by Generation Identitaire, a far-right youth group, and the Association of Paris Pride. The protesters carried flares and images of Paris’ patron saint, Saint Genevieve, as well as a banner reading ‘Defend Paris.’ The march has been held annually since 2005.

Cottbus, Germany: Masked Protesters Hold Anti-Migrant March

Masked far-right demonstrators hold illegal protest against north African migrants in German city of Cottbus,

A group of hundreds of masked Germans took to the streets of the city of Cottbus to protest North African migrants in what police are calling an illegal far-right march.

The march, which took place Friday evening around 10 pm in the second largest city in Brandenburg, saw the one hundred or so protesters march down the streets of central Cottbus holding a banner that said “Defend Cottbus.”

The protesters, who police say are likely neo-Nazis though they have not been able to identify the group fully, were able to march down the quiet street unopposed Tagesspiegel reports.

Protesters were caught on film as they chanted various slogans like “resistance!” “the German youth rule here!” and “Nafris raus!” or “Nafris out!”

The term “Nafri” was used by the Cologne police to describe North African criminals. Many left-leaning politicians have claimed the term is “racist” and accused the Cologne police of racial profiling on New Year’s Eve, despite the success of the police presence in stopping a repeat of the sex attacks from the year before.

The group also handed out a leaflet entitled “Cottbus Nafri Free” explaining their position. They claim it is “only a matter of time” before more German cities have Cologne-style sex attacks and called on people to speak out on the subject of mass migration and migrant crime. “If we want to preserve our way of life we must act,” they write.


Cyprus Update, January 2017

The National People’s Front – Victory at the ballot box, protests against reunification talks & the Turkish occupation of Cyprus

The National People’s Front (E.L.A.M.), has achieved a great victory at  the administrative  elections in Cyprus, held on the 18th of December.
The Cypriot voters  sent 14 Greek nationalists to the Municipal Councils in five provinces, adding support to the two members of the Golden Dawn affiliated nationalist group already elected to parliament earlier this year.

E.L.A.M.  is the only political movement that can defend the rights of the Hellenes in Cyprus.

E.L.A.M. hold anti-reunification talks protest

Far right Elam in anti-talks protest

Around 100 members of the far-right party Elam staged a protest outside the Greek Embassy in Nicosia on Monday to voice their opposition to the talks in Geneva.

The party said that the protest was aimed at sending the message to President Nicos Anastasiades and the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that “Cyprus is not for sale” and that they would not tolerate any solution leading to a bi-zonal, bicommunal federation.

“The anti-federal struggle is given in the streets, on the side of the people, not in luxury hotels,” the party said on its website.

Elam decided to leave the National Council last month because it said the president was ignoring political parties. It did not send a representative in Geneva. The leaders of all the other parliamentary parties opted to accompany Anastasiades to Switzerland.

Demonstration against the turkish pseudostate of Cyprus

The youth of the  National People’s Front demonstrated yesterday, the 15th of November, in Lefcosia against the anniversary of the proclamation of the turkish pseudostate of Cyprus.

Hundreds of nationalist students had left their schools and universities and marched from the headquarters of E.LA.M., through the main streets of Lefcosia , to Ledra Palace check point.

The Hellenic Nationalist Youth doesn’t forget the continuous turkish occupation of the island and opposes to the so called solution of a federated new state.