January 1st, 2017: Ukrainian Nationalists Hold Marches To Commemorate The 108th Birthday Of Stepan Bandera

Ukrainian nationalists hold torchlit march in Kiev to mark anniversary of Nazi collaborator Bandera

Organized primarily by Svoboda & Right Sector, thousands of Ukrainian Nationalists held demonstrations in celebration of the 108th birthday of Stepan Bandera, national hero of the Ukraine.

Stepan Bandera was a WWII leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, famous for working with National Socialist Germany to defeat the Soviets before turning on them later in the war. The OUN & it’s splinter groups would continue fighting communist forces in Ukraine until the mid 1950s.

The largest of these celebratory marches was held in the nation’s capitol of Kiev, in which thousands marched under nationalist banners.

A smaller demonstration was held at the same time in Ternopil, organized by the local branch of Right Sector.

Earlier in the day, an event was held in Stepan Bandera’s home town of Uhryniv, again organized by Right Sector & Svoboda, and attended by members of the clergy.

Several days prior, Right Sector members assembled in the mountains outside Ivano-Frankivsk to commemorate soldiers of the OUN who fell in battle there against the NKVD in 1952.

All events were held successfully without arrests or violence.












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