Cottbus, Germany: Masked Protesters Hold Anti-Migrant March

Masked far-right demonstrators hold illegal protest against north African migrants in German city of Cottbus,

A group of hundreds of masked Germans took to the streets of the city of Cottbus to protest North African migrants in what police are calling an illegal far-right march.

The march, which took place Friday evening around 10 pm in the second largest city in Brandenburg, saw the one hundred or so protesters march down the streets of central Cottbus holding a banner that said “Defend Cottbus.”

The protesters, who police say are likely neo-Nazis though they have not been able to identify the group fully, were able to march down the quiet street unopposed Tagesspiegel reports.

Protesters were caught on film as they chanted various slogans like “resistance!” “the German youth rule here!” and “Nafris raus!” or “Nafris out!”

The term “Nafri” was used by the Cologne police to describe North African criminals. Many left-leaning politicians have claimed the term is “racist” and accused the Cologne police of racial profiling on New Year’s Eve, despite the success of the police presence in stopping a repeat of the sex attacks from the year before.

The group also handed out a leaflet entitled “Cottbus Nafri Free” explaining their position. They claim it is “only a matter of time” before more German cities have Cologne-style sex attacks and called on people to speak out on the subject of mass migration and migrant crime. “If we want to preserve our way of life we must act,” they write.



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