Athens, Greece: IMIA 2017

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Every year tens of thousands of Golden Dawn members march to commemorate an act of Turkish aggression on the Imia islets in the Aegean sea in 1996.

Similar to the brazen attack on the Russian jet on the Turkish border in 2016, three Greek officers were killed when their helicopter was shot down by Turkey’s military. Both Turkey and the corrupt Greek plutocracy worked together to conceal this act of war and it went unanswered. Since 1996, Golden Dawn has been the only force in the country remembering the event , as well as the treason that accompanied it, with marches attracting thousands (a high of 50,000 in 2013) every year.

Today Greece is run by a neo-liberal capitalist/cultural Marxist Hillary Clintonesque hybrid party called “SYRIZA,” a coalition of leftist groups that range from Maoists to social-democrats. This government has emboldened “Anti-Fascist” sheep of international money power while putting Golden Dawn under the legal microscope. This year, “Antifa” groups vandalized the tomb of the dead Greek officers.

In his address to the crowd, party General Secretary N. Michaloliakos touched on a wide range of issues, from thuggish intimidation by the highly unpopular ruling government to praise for Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown.  The mass immigration overwhelming Greece at the moment is taking its toll on the country socially and economically, thus increasing the need for an exit from the European Union.

Here is footage from the rally (in Greek) :

Support them in whatever way you can:


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