Salem, Sweden: Nordic Resistance Repulses Attack By Non-Whites

When activists held a public leafleting in Salem during the day, a group of non-whites tried to attack the activists, who repulsed the attack. North Front’s correspondent was there and interviewed one of the activists.

Salem Näste1

During the day of February 1st, Fighting Groups 101 and 103 arranged a public leafleting in Salem. Several gangs of non-whites were already in the area before the Resistance activists started handing out flyers, and the atmosphere was tense from the beginning. But of course, nothing prevented the activists from carrying out the campaign and leaflets were divided diligently out to curious passersby most of whom sympathized with the message.

After about half an hour one of the non-whites milling around worked up the courage to confront one of the activists, and a heated discussion arose. The aliens then went away but after a while came back and urged activists to leave in a threatening manner. Their pathetic attempt to “run off” the activists returned no results when they were told that “we will not move a single meter from here.” The aliens went on to physically attack the activists, who successfully repulsed the attack.

North Front’s correspondent was present and had the opportunity to interview the commander Frederick Kosonen who was in charge on the spot.

What was it that really happened?

Yes, after we had set up and started handing out flyers several Arabs and Africans began to mobilize, who were looking for fights. Whereupon they went up to one of our comrades and asked him to move away, but he refused and explained to them that we were here to hand out political information. Then it became a vicious situation, whereupon I called some activists at the scene.

So you would not say that the lying press usually argue in similar situations, that you exclusively went to the site to mistreat immigrants?

No, it was a fact that it was they who confronted us when one of the non-whites shoved one of our activists, then the fight broke out. The fight may lasted for one minute.

Where strangers armed, and if so, what was the type of weapon?

Yes, I and a comrade had pepper spray in the face. But it was ok, it was a pretty weak pepper spray. After a while I could see quite normally.

Was there something specific that happened during or after the confrontation?

Yes, the non-whites ran away.

Having said that, I thank you because you wanted to set up this interview!



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