How to Defeat Antifa in the Field

Guest post by Thunder


3 thoughts on “How to Defeat Antifa in the Field”

  1. An easy way to defeat Antifa at any rally is have about 50 or more anti-antifa protesters dress in black with black masks. Have them mingle in the back of the crowd until the fighting begins. As antifa forces retreat, the infiltrators go into action, catching the antifa cowards by surprise and wreaking panic and havoc, not necessarily with violence, but to tear off the coward’s masks to reveal them in public. Have other anti-antifa forces waiting on side streets to ambush any antifa cowards who are trying to escape. This will work. And once it is done just once, antifa forces will never know if the black clad, masked individual next to them is antifa, or a “fascist” waiting to pounce.


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