140 White Nationalists Descend On Pikeville, Kentucky

Article written by Erik Striker for The Daily Stormer. Full article available at https://www.dailystormer.com/strikers-analysis-on-pikeville-the-good-the-bad-and-the-critics/

Text in bold added by admin of Yes Pasaran.

On Saturday, around 140 white rebels, including personalities like Matthew Heimbach, Mike Enoch, Jeff Schoep, Hunter Wallace and the League of the South, marched on a town in Eastern Kentucky at the invitation of Pikeville residents to bring national attention to the plight of the local folks.

Tucked away by the Appalachian mountains, a story of rampant de-industrialization, misery, collapsing life expectancy and big Jewish pharma profiting off it all has been unfolding – a national scandal being ignored by the media and uniparty politicians because the victims have the wrong skin color.

Leftist groups from Philadelphia and Atlanta didn’t like this, so they raised money on GoFundMe for weapons and transported around 30-40 obese lesbians to go to rural Appalachia and check Pikeville’s privilege. When they got there, around 60-70 mainstream liberals and Democrats joined up with them for an “Anti-racist rally,” having no qualms standing shoulder to shoulder with people waving hammer and sickle flags and chanting “Kill Whitey” and “Black Lives Matter.”

Instead of the Alt-Right cannibalizing one another over “optics,” it would be more fruitful to shed light on theirs!

The Good

The combined forces of the Judeo-Left were by most reports either equal or inferior to the Nationalist showing. They had a lot of time to plan and mobilized all their resources, the reason their numbers were thin was because the Antifa are now afraid of the ‘Fascists’ – in fact, they aren’t even able to hold Berkeley.

At first, the few dozen Antifa were emboldened, assuming that the 15-20 early comers were going to be the extent of the rally, which would make the logistics of a post-rally attack much easier. Then, from behind, about 120 radical nationalists dressed in black and proudly embracing their Second Amendment rights appeared, sending shock waves through the crowd of the gathered anti-white mercenaries of neo-liberalism.

All they could do at that point is blow on vuvuzelas and hope Pikeville locals wouldn’t be able to hear the message of the only groups representing their interests. While they did a good job in protecting Pikeville residents and businesses from Antifa, the local municipality helped the Leftists by whipping up hysteria and baseless fear in the town. The cops did their part in undermining the First Amendment by more or less heavily dissuading people who wanted to go downtown to see the rally.

This may be the first time in decades where groups of this kind outnumbered the Leftists and “anti-racists” on the street. By showing we can keep our rallies safe and are able to fight back if necessary, the millions of hidden Alt-Right and National Socialists in America will be more eager to come. I guarantee the next protest of this kind will have double the number of nationalists.

Overall, this rally is a sleeper hit, and the people counter-signaling it are fools. The brave patriots who attended this rally knowing all the dangers are examples to follow.

Donovan Blackburn, city manager in Pikeville, said there were three arrests during the rally. All three who were arrested were associated with antifa.

There were no incidents of violence.


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