New nationalist parties founded in Romania & Spain

Attending a summit of far-right politicians in Romania, the French National Front leader has praised the programme of a new anti-EU, nationalist party in the country.

While far-right parties have been gaining strength across the EU for years, Romania has for some years had no such equivalent in its mainstream politics.

That may change, however, as Romanian nationalists prepare to launch the “National Force”, a party that models itself on France’s far-right National Front.

“We support the idea of increased sovereignty for Romania as well as rethinking the basic principles of the European Union,” MEP Laurentiu Rebega stold a press conference in Sinaia in southern Romania on Saturday.

Rebega, the only Romanian member of extreme right “Europe of Nations and Freedom” group in the European Parliament, added that the new party will better promote Romania and ensure its citizens “benefit from the same treatment as other Europeans”.

The new party enjoys strong support from Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s powerful National Front, who came to Sinaia to join an international conference of right-wing politicians.

Other guests included Dutch MEP Marcel de Graaff, Edouard Ferrand from France and Franz Obermayr from Austria.

New Spanish far-right party Respeto (Respect) will be established on the basis of local right-wing political forces Platform for Catalonia, España 2000 and Party for Freedom.

MADRID (Sputnik) — Spain’s Tarragona province in Catalonia will host on Saturday a presentation of a new far-right party Respeto standing for the strict anti-immigration policy and the return of internal borders within the European Union.

Respeto’s manifesto also includes advocating for Spain’s exit from NATO, the revision of the bloc’s structure and functions, as well as the country’s boosted centralization to avoid separatism.The Spanish party’s anti-migrant and eurosceptic sentiment mirrors the ideology of other far-right groups all over Europe, including France’ National Front and Germany’s Alternative for Germany parties, as the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe has led to the growing popularity of right-wing forces.



NPD storms elections in Hesse

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The National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) has gatecrashed yesterday’s local elections in the state of Hesse, polling 14.2 percent in Büdingen, 17.3 percent in Leun, 10 percent in Wetzar, and 12.3 percent in Altenstadt.

In the small suburb of Michelau, Büdingen, the NPD actually came first, polling 31 percent of the vote, and in the Wetzlar suburb of Dalheim, the NPD polled 20 percent of the vote.


The NPD only contested a tiny handful of the 426 municipalities and 21 counties which were up for election, and obtained its results by putting up candidates where there were no Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) candidates.

The AfD, which emerged as the third largest party in the elections, originated as an EU-skeptic organization, but has morphed into a populist anti-immigration party along the lines of Britain’s UKIP.

The AfD also contested relatively few councils in the Hesse local elections, and did extremely well, polling 22.3 percent in Bad Karlshafen, 19.6 percent in Dietzenbach, 17.4 percent in Bensheim, 16.9 percent in Neu-Isenburg, 15.9 percent in Wiesbaden, 15.5 percent in Gießen and Volkmarsen, 12.7 percent in Bad Soden a.T., 12.2 percent in Darmstadt, Kassel, and Rodgau, 11.6 percent in Oberursel (Taunus), and 10.3 percent in Frankfurt.

In five other council contests, the AfD took between 6.1 and 10.3 percent of the vote. At the same time, it polled extremely well in the larger Landkreise (administrative subdivisions) it contested: in Bergstraße, the AfD polled 18.4 percent, in Gießen 16.4 percent, Main-Kinzig-Kreis 15.6 percent, Groß-Gerau 15.4 percent, Darmstadt-Dieburg 14.6 percent, Main-Taunus-Kreis 14.5 percent, Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis 14.4 percent, Odenwaldkreis 14.2 percent, Marburg-Biedenkopf 14.1 percent, Fulda 13.7 percent, Wetteraukreis 13.3 percent, Hersfeld-Rotenburg 13.1 percent, Waldeck-Frankenberg 12.8 percent, Hochtaunuskreis 12.6 percent, Kassel 12.2 percent, Schwalm-Eder-Kreis 11.1 percent, Limburg-Weilburg 10.4 percent, Offenbach 10.3 percent, Lahn-Dill-Kreis 8.8 percent, and in Vogelsbergkreis 5.8 percent.

The controlled media has given great prominence to the AfD results, especially in the English-speaking world, as evidence of a growing “right wing” opposition to Merkel’s pro-invasion policies.

The AfD’s vote totals are of course, highly significant and well worthy of attention—but the NPD’s vote is equally, if not more, significant.

The AfD is essentially a populist conservative party, whereas the NPD, even in its newly-reformed state, is a genuinely nationalistic party which seeks the complete halting and reversal of all Third World immigration to Germany.

The growth in the NPD Hesse vote is remarkable. Hesse is a state in the former western Germany, where the NPD has always struggled. In the last local elections in that state, in 2011, the NPD highest vote was around 2 percent, and the twelve percentage points increase is comparable—or even better—than the AfD vote increase.

The NPD votes also now means that that party will have representation on all the town councils where it achieved the electoral breakthroughs—a remarkable development considering that the NPD is currently the subject of an attempted banning attempt by the country’s constitutional court.

The local elections in Hesse are but a precursor to state elections this coming weekend in Saxony-Anhalt, Baden-Württemberg, and Rheinland-Palatinate.  Currently, the AfD seems set to enter all three state parliaments, with vote totals of more than 10 percent, according to opinion polls. In Saxony-Anhalt, some polls predict that the AfD will even come second.

Neo-Nazis elected to Slovakian parliament for the first time

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A Neo-Nazi party named ‘Our Slovakia’ has gained 14 parliamentary seats in Slovakia’s elections, taking its place at the National Council for the first time.

The far right extremists scored 8 percent in an election that failed to produce a majority result.

The ruling, leftist, Smer-Social Democracy party, headed by Prime Minister Robert Fico, won the election with 28.3 percent of the vote, or 49 seats, but are left scrambling for coalition partners to form a majority government.

Fico, who campaigned on an anti-immigration ticket, told reporters building a government would take time as the election results were “very complicated”.

“As the party that won the election, we have the obligation to try build a meaningful and stable government,” he said.

The result marks a significant drop in support for Fico’s party who took 44.4 per cent of the vote in 2012 and sees the return of the ultra-nationalist Slovak National Party.

However, the most notable addition to the new parliament is Marian Kotleba’s far right People’s Party, Our Slovakia, which is anti-EU and considers NATO a terrorist organization.

Data from a Radio Expres exit poll suggests a large portion of the party’s vote came from young people, mainly first-time voters, with almost a quarter of the that demographic casting their ballot for Kotleba’s party.

The Smer Party has made it clear that they would not negotiate with Kotleba in coalition talks.

Remarking on Kotleba’s success in the elections, Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak said that “the perception of Slovakia in Europe will be complicated”. “We have elected a fascist to Parliament,” Lajcak is quoted by AP.

Chairman of the party, Kotleba claims more than 6000 people across 35 cities attended their election meetings. He told Plus Jeden Deň  that he was satisfied with the results, but not surprised.

Deputy party chairman, Rastislav Schlosár, said their “entry to the National Council marks a historic step, which began the struggle for the liberation of Slovakia and the restoration of sovereignty of the parliament”.

Kotleba was elected governor of Banska Bystrica in 2013 and sparked headlines when he displayed a banner from his office window stating “Yankees, go home,” and “Stop NATO.”, according to AP.

He was also chairman of the banned neo-Nazi Slovak Togetherness-National Party, which organized anti-Roma rallies and expressed sympathy for the Slovakian Nazi-puppet state during World War II. He was charged with hate crimes, but they were later dropped.

New Icelandic nationalist party launched : Icelandic National Front

A new far-right political party is in the making, called the Icelandic National Front (Íslenska þjóðfylkingin). The Right-Green Movement (Hægri grænir), founded in 2010, has decided to join the new party, Vísir reports. In last parliamentary elections the Right Green Movement received 1.7 percent of the vote, but unfortunately no representation in parliament.

The Icelandic National Front distributed its platform to media yesterday. The party would like to reexamine Iceland’s membership in the European Economic Area and cancel our participation in the Schengen Agreement. The party rejects any ideas about multiculturalism in the country and vows to fight against the construction of a mosque. Furthermore, it demands a ban against burkas and Islamic schools in Iceland.

The party wants to protect the sovereignty and independence of Iceland, Icelandic culture, language, & customs. Its main goal is individual liberty, limited state intervention and transparent and sustainable public management.

Finally, the party supports the adoption of a new currency.

Although it appears to be an anti-islam civic nationalist party at this point, it is the first nationalist activity out of Iceland I have heard about in years, and it should be infiltrated by genuine racial nationalists as soon as possible.

White Nationalist PAC Blankets Iowa With Robocalls For Trump


The good news here isn’t that White Nationalists are doing robocalls for Trump, but that American White Nationalists have a Political Action Committee.

Ukrainian town of Konotop elects mayor from nationalist Svoboda party

“Svoboda has a lot of activists [and] fighters in the region, and [they] can be dangerous.” – Igor Nechayev, anti-white activist

The only news I can find about this comes from enemy sources. Read more here