British patriots hold demonstration against immigration in Middlesbrough

About 50 patriots from Middlesbrough Against Mass Immigration marched through the town in a demonstration against immigrants.  Anti-whites are talking shit because of the numbers, but the truth is they are not bad for a brand new group in its first demo. As time goes on, they will build numbers & alliances.

Danish “Night Owls” patrol the streets to keep people safe from invaders

“A concerned group of citizens, calling themselves the Night Owls, have now begun heading out in groups at night to patrol areas near bars and clubs and deter migrants from attempting to approach women.”

Upcoming Events

March of Honor and Remembrance: Athens, Greece

20 years after the tragic night of Imia, Greek Nationalists pay tribute to the Heroic Officers of our Navy and send the message of the National Resistance to those who continue to sell out the Greece

Imia ’96 I DO NOT FORGET: March of Honor and Remembrance

Saturday 30th of January 2016 – Time 7pm

Antens, Monument of Imia – In front of the Hellenic Armed Forces Officers’ Club

Unity Demo: Dover, United Kingdom


The North West Infidels, South East Alliance, National Front, Pie & Mash Squad and more……




Ivan Jurcevic, The Croatian Hero of Cologne

“A kickboxing champion dubbed the ‘hero of Cologne’ has told of how he fought off a gang of ‘drunken, lecherous Arabs’ who were terrifying two young women on New Year’s Eve.”

The former kick-boxer, who has won five world championships, was arrested when he joined a vigilante patrol who took to the city center on Sunday night – in which six migrants were attacked.

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Jurcevic (pictured) told of how men were coming up to women outside the hotel where he was working, adding: 'These Arab men would rub up against them and touch them'

Blocco Studentesco marches against unemployment & asylum seekers in Todi, Italy

“Institutions need to know that the voice of the students can not remain unheeded – concludes Mariotti – and that we will always be ready to take to the streets for our rights.”