Azov Battalion tears down statue of Lenin, puts up statue of Ukrainian hero in Mariupol

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Monument to Svyatoslav the Brave was opened in MariupolDecember 20, in Mariupol was held the march of the brave “I Come at You!” and the grand opening of the monument to Kniaz Svyatoslav who, in particular, is famous for sending this short message to the enemy before the victorious campaign against the latter. To participate in this remarkable event along with the AZOV regiment and the entire “Azovian” family, to the front-line city, which was liberated by AZOV from the invaders last summer, came the activists of Civil Corps AZOV from all over the country. Over 5 thousand of “Azovians” loudly walked through the streets of Mariupol carrying the banners and torches, burning the flares and shouting the patriotic slogans like “United Ukraine, East and West are together.” To the solemn opening of the monument was timed a concert of Ukrainian bands “Sun Shadow,” “Wide Field,” and “Veremiy.”

The leader of the AZOV movement Andriy Biletsky addresed the soldiers of the AZOV regiment and activists of several dozen branches of Civil Corps with a festive speech: “The distance between us and this monument to Svyatoslav amounts to 1000 years. We have managed to build a great state – Kievan Rus, which fell under the hordes of invaders; then our state was reanimated during the Cossack era and eventually it is restored, but we met a new enemy – Russia, and our future victory is yet to come.”

AZOV continues the tradition of the glorious army of Kniaz Svyatoslav the Brave and guards the borders of Ukraine, ready to smash to pieces any enemy. The monument to Svyatoslav the Brave in Mariupol, passionately welcomed by the local residents, is the best proof that this is the Ukrainian city.

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Ukrainian town of Konotop elects mayor from nationalist Svoboda party

“Svoboda has a lot of activists [and] fighters in the region, and [they] can be dangerous.” – Igor Nechayev, anti-white activist

The only news I can find about this comes from enemy sources. Read more here

Upcoming Demonstrations – #Nwi and others



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South East Alliance Unity Demo – Dover – 30th January



North East Infidels Ban The Burqa Demo – Darlington – 13th February


North West Infidels Demonstration – TBA – 27th February


White Pride World Wide – Swansea – 26th March


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On July 18, 1936, during the Siege of Madrid, Dolores Ibarruri Gomez coined the now famous phrase “¡No pasarán!” which has become the international slogan of anti-fascist forces. On March 28, 1939, our Spanish comrades passed in Madrid, and four days later, in all of Spain.

This blog is dedicated to our modern day victories, big & small, be they elections, protests, riots, fights, or individual acts of resistance; as well as those who gave their lives for our race & inspire us to carry on the fight.

One day, we too shall pass; not just in Spain, but throughout all of Europe, and someday the world.