Fortress Europe: PEGIDA’s international coalition against immigration & Islam

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“The German anti-Islam party PEGIDA has joined forces with a coalition of fellow anti-immigrant parties across Europe following a meeting in Prague. They have agreed to take part in protests in February, while also warning of the “Islamization” of Europe.

The far-right coalition signed a joint declaration over the weekend which they say is a commitment to oppose immigration, especially amongst those practising Islam. The groups, who call themselves “Fortress Europe,” say they are opposed to “Political Islam” and Islamic governments, who they believe are an “enemy” of Europe.”

“The coalition of anti-immigrant groups plans to hold mass demonstrations across the EU on February 6. Marek Cernoch, the chairman of the Czech party Usvit, which hosted the meeting in the town of Roztoky, told Sputnik that the groups will also decide how to make sure that incidents such as the mass sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve are not repeated.

“We will demand the strictest measures against migrants; we want to defend our women and children, all Europeans from them!” Cernoch told Sputnik.”

Nordic Resistance Movement holds march in Stockholm, clashes with police


About 40 members of the militant National Socialist organization marched through Stockholm under the slogan “Stop the holocaust against our people!” before being attacked by the traitorous Swedish police. Reports are conflicting, but it looks as though 38 nationalists were arrested & two police officers were hospitalized, one with broken teeth.

The courage & strength of these men in the face of violence and prison is an example to us all. Glory to the heroes!


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The National People’s Front of Cyprus pay tribute to the memory of General Georgios Grivas

Hundreds of Nationalists from the National People’s Front (aka E.L.A.M.,Cyprus branch of Golden Dawn) marched from the church of St. Nikolaos to the hideout of General Grivas where a ceremony took place.

The vivid presence of E.L.A.M. sent the message to the parties of the establishment that the nationalist party will succeed at the parliamentary elections on May 22.


National Action flash demo in Newcastle


Yesterday a group of political activists, National Action, rallied around Monument with banners supporting fascism, nationalism and Hitler.

When they marched in Liverpool in November, the mayor there said “they make the BNP look like Amnesty International”.

Now, National Action – a group of political activists who promote fascism and nationalism, as well as openly supporting Hitler with the banner “Hitler was right”, have been spotted in Newcastle.

Supporters surrounding the rally were seen using Nazi salutes, which was set up next to a table where Muslim’s were raising money for charity.

A photo, uploaded to Facebook on Saturday shows representatives of National Action with their identities hidden under masks holding a banner reading “refugees not welcome” and #HitlerWasRight.

No luck for antifa in Kiev

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This is how antifa in Ukraine ends: not with a bang, but with a whimper.

No luck for Antifa in Kiev

Kiev, January 19, a solidarity march dedicated to the memory of two prominent Russian antifascists – Stanislav Markelov (a high-ranked leftist lawyer) and Anastasia Baburova (a journalist involved in the “antifa” movement) was supposed to be held near the “Zhovtneviy” cinema on the anniversary of their murders.

Stanislav Markelov, aged 34, was a high-ranked leftist lawyer, who defended many left-wing political activists, including radical antifascists. He was also the main prosecutor at law in a number of publicized cases against Russian nationalists and right-wing activists. At some point, he publically defended the interests of the Chechen diaspora. Anastasia Baburova, aged 25, was his assistant and a journalist, who investigated the activities of the right-wing groups.

Both antifascists were gunned down on Moscow streets in the middle of the day on January 19th, 2009 by two members of “B.O.R.N.” – a para-military group of radical Russian National-socialists (some members of the group are sentenced to life, some are hiding in Ukraine, some are dead).



Since the day of the murder seven years ago, a series of commemorating events is held by lefties on a yearly basis in a number of post-soviet and Western European countries.

This year Ukranian antifascists decided to express their solidarity with dead comrades by organizing a public march “Against the right-wing terror”. Among other things, the march was supposed to bring people’s attention to “the threat of the rising right-wing radicalism in Ukraine” – a sentence that was explicitly targeting AZOV.

Right after the march was announced, it was clear that healthy forces in Kiev couldn’t stay aside. On January 19th, three dozens of AZOV Civilian Corps’ activists, together with several political émigrés from the “Russian Centre”, came to the venue looking forward to having a “fierce dispute” with their opponents. Although antifascists were supposed to be numerous, it eventually turned out that “the crowd” which they managed to mobilize, consisted of three unfortunate LGBT-activists and few elderly Trotskyites.

After a short but persuasive discussion (make sure to watch the video), the rally was over. Antifascists and lefties had no other choice but to ingloriously retreat, vanishing in the crowd of journalists.


Civilian defense groups on the rise in Germany

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The initiatives range from neighborhood watch groups to far-right groups that aren’t afraid to use violence.

Deutschland Düsseldorfer Bürgerwehr

Thousands of people have joined the Facebook group “One for all, all for one… Düsseldorf keeping watch.” According to the information on its page, the group says its mission is to watch out for “our women” in places where danger might lurk. The group plans to patrol together on weekends or at special events. “I don’t think that free people should have to be intimidated because they’re scared,” organizer Tofigh Hamid told German broadcaster Sat.1

Meyer-Plath said he is concerned with a group known as “Civilian Defense FTL/360” in the Saxon city of Freital, which has been in the headlines previously because of massive anti-refugee demonstrations. The group formed after two Moroccans reportedly harassed and beat up students on the number 360 bus, hence the name. Since then, members have been patrolling buses to “keep the peace.” One of the members of the “Civilian Defense Corps Güstrow” in the state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania is Nils Matischent, a representative from Germany’s far-right National Democratic Party, and a man with a criminal record. And in the Lower Saxon town of Schwanenwede, a group of “neighborhood watch guards” marched in front of a refugee shelter last fall.

Rechte Proteste gegen das Flüchtlingslager in Freital


Forza Nuova protests against immigrant crime in Modena, Italy


On January 16, about 150 militants of the nationalist Forza Nuova protested against immigrant crime in Modena after a group of north african men were seen harassing children with stun guns & asking, “do you believe in God or Allah?”  Antifa counter protested in favor of violence against children. Unfortunately, police kept the two sides apart.