Zeebrugee, Belgium: Voorpost Protest Against Illegal Immigration

Saturday, March 19th.

In the coastal Belgian village of Zeebrugee, about 150 members & supporters of the Flemish nationalist group Voorpost held a protest against illegal immigration.

Speaking on the issue, one local was quoted as saying (sorry for the rough translation) “Now immigrant issues have been dragging on for two years. After the Syrians and Iraqis now there are many African problems. They are also aggressive. Girls are harassed and empty buildings are destroyed. And then there was also the big brawl between truckers and migrants.”


The nationalists marched unopposed, as neither the left wing or the immigrants came out to counter protest. The event was thus entirely peaceful, with no violence or arrests taking place.



“No Turkey In Europe!” VoorPost Demonstration In Ghent, Belgium

Police should deploy water cannon during demonstration outpost in Ghent

One hundred fifty nationalists took to the streets of Ghent, Belgium, to protest against the possibility of Turkey joining the European Union, the Turkish president Erdogan, & immigrants from Turkey themselves. They marched through Van Beveren Square, a formerly working class area of the city that is now a Turkish ghetto.

Police should deploy water cannon during demonstration outpost in Ghent

The protest was met by an equally large number of Turk counter protesters, who smashed the windows of a bus in a failed attempt to reach the nationalist demonstration. The police kept them contained with water cannons and batons, placing one under arrest in the process.

Police should deploy water cannon during demonstration outpost in Ghent

There were no arrests or injuries on the nationalist side, & the protest concluded without any problems.

Police should deploy water cannon during demonstration outpost in Ghent
VoorPosters stand together against the horde




Belgian councilman hospitalizes Afghan man who groped his daughter


Reposted from http://whitegenocideproject.com/belgian-councilman-gets-payback-on-afghan-man-who-groped-his-daughter/

Siegfried Heylen, a member of Essen city council, in Belgium, punched an Afghani immigrant who sexually assaulted his 13 year old daughter, after police failed to prosecute the criminal.

The facts date back to May 31, 2016, when my daughter wanted to buy some candywrote Heylen.

Here nearby, 50 meters from my house, a night shop is run by an Afghan. That man groped my daughter to her breasts and her vagina.

A few days later, on June 2nd, she tells the counselor at her school. My daughter is less gifted and goes to a special school, which probably made her an easy target.

There is an immediate complaint filed against the aforementioned man, then a week later a video interview was conducted with my daughter.

But apparently without consequences, because that bastard’s still out there!

My son needed Tobacco On Friday, June 24th. Since everywhere else was closed and that was the only shop that was still open I stepped inside.

There stood the attacker of my daughter cheerfully behind the counter. After the tobacco had been purchased, I confronted him. The guy denied everything, calling me ‘friend’ and laughing at me.

That provocation was for me the final straw. I took hold of him and gave some punches. Apparently quite strong, because they called him an ambulance and my hand is broken.

Heylen is now of course, in trouble with the law, but he said: “The worst thing is that the store is only 50 meters from my door and my daughter must walk past the Afghan every day, my daughter does not dare go outside alone. I must walk with my children.

My daughter is only 13 years, if the courts did their job this would not have to happen. I’m just a father protecting his daughter because the government can not.

It is high time that we as Flemish people openly stand in resistance and close our borders!

Things like this keep happening because the morons in charge of the European Union decided that Europe was too White and need more “diversity”.

So they let in all those poor fully-grown male “refugees”, because it was, at first, harder for us to say no to them without feeling guilty.

It’s not “diversity” or “refugee resettlement” or any of that crap. It’s simply White genocide. It’s about getting rid of White areas – that’s why “diversity” is only forced on White areas.

PEGIDA protesters clash with police during rally in northern Belgium

Protestors hold a banner during a march organized by Belgian branch of the German xenophobic and anti-Islamic 'Pegida' movement on April 23, 2016, in Antwerp © Luc Claessen

Activists from the anti-Islamic PEGIDA movement in Belgium’s northern city of Antwerp have clashed with police, local media reported, adding that at least one protester was arrested for performing a Nazi salute.

At least 400 of the PEGIDA supporters staged a demonstration against opening borders for asylum seekers in Hendrik Conscience Square in the city center on Saturday evening, Flemish media reported.

“With this march we want …to close borders [for refugees] and we demand to stop Islam,” one of the protesters told Nieuwsblad newspaper. “It is clear what Islam is capable of…. Our lives are in danger.”

After several speeches the procession passed through the city and started clashing with local police officers. Reports say one of the demonstrators smashed his flag against a shop window and broke it.

A man was arrested during the protest after he tried to confront the demonstrators with an ax, local media reported.

Many of the demonstrators were carrying the flag of the Flemish Community and Flemish Region in Belgium.

PEGIDA’s anti-migrant demonstrations have been marked by violence in the past, with some ending in scuffles with police.

In February, tens of thousands of people supporting the PEGIDA movement marched through cities spanning 14 European countries, including Germany, France, the UK, and the Czech Republic, among others, to protest against the entry of migrants and refugees into the EU from the Middle East. Counter-protests, clashes with police, and arrests took place, despite the ban on some of the rallies declared by the authorities beforehand.

Brussels protests banned, 400 nationalists march in defiance

Belgian police made a series of arrests of right-wing and antifa protesters in Brussels on Saturday, and riot squads engaged in a tense confrontation with local youths in the district of Molenbeek.

The standoff grew out of plans by a far-right group to hold a demonstration in Molenbeek, a largely Muslim neighborhood where a number of the militants who staged attacks in Paris had been based. An antifa group had called for a counter-demonstration.

Both were banned by local authorities.

But up to 400 right-wing activists, many of them members of football fan groups, gathered in a Brussels suburb before marching towards Molenbeek, where about 40 percent of the population are Muslim.

As the group, under a banner proclaiming “This is our country!” arrived, they began shouting anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant slogans, as shopkeepers began to shutter their stores.

Two far-right protesters were arrested in a car containing “prohibited weapons” and Molotov cocktails, according to RBTF television.

The protest is thought to have been organized by Generation Identity, who promoted it on their facebook.





Belgian peace march canceled as nationalists hits the streets

Image: Right-wing demonstrators protest against wave of terrorism in frront of the old stock exchange in Brussels

In the center of Brussels, a  left wing “march against fear” planned for Sunday was cancelled after the demonstration was successfully hijacked by nationalist protesters.

Much like in France after the Paris attacks, public interest in fiery far-right nationalistic populism has exploded in popularity. Vocativ reports Facebook likes for Vlaams Belang, the right-wing populist party from Flanders, has surged more than 3,000 percent.

Brüssel Hooligans Rechtsradikale Demonstration Ausschreitungen

British broadcaster BBC reported that members of the right-wing groups had approached and harassed Muslim women wearing headscarves, and at one stage cleared the steps of the square of left wing demonstrators.

Adrian Liston, who was in the square, told BBC News that there had been a “bunch of people showing solidarity with Brussels and Belgium” with a “lot of positive energy”.

But then, he said, “a bunch of skinheads turned up in force, really marching into the square, creating a major confrontation with the peace protesters”.

“They were really starting to get into the face of the peace protesters and starting to get into the face of the police. They started fireworks going, started chanting and it was really looking quite ugly,” Mr Liston said.

During a stand-off, missiles were seen being thrown in both directions between the two groups.

However he said the riot police, who appeared to have been waiting nearby, quickly moved in to separate the two groups.

Riot police used water cannons in an attempt to disperse the nationalists. No news yet of arrests or injuries, although here is an awesome vid of an antifa getting knocked out. (h/t Iron March)








White nationalist groups in Belgium double membership following Brussels attack

Out of the ashes of Brussels comes first sorrow. Then; anger.

  • Right-wing extremist groups grow in Belgium after Brussels bombings
  • Belgian White Power group says membership has ‘rocketed’ this week 
  • Support for anti-Islam party Vlaams Belang surge on social networks

Belgium has turned on immigrants in the wake of the Brussels terror attack as far-right skinhead groups are experiencing a surge in popularity, promising ‘drastic action’ in the aftermath of the atrocities.

Voorpost, a Belgian White Power organisation that is being closely monitored by security services, says its membership has rocketed following the carnage.

‘A huge number of people have started supporting us online. We have had more than double the number of new members in the last three days,’ Bart Vanpachtenbeke, the leader of the organisation, told MailOnline.

 Support: Voorpost leader Bart Vanpachtenbeke claims the groups membership has more than doubled in the three days since the Brussels bombings

‘There is anger in Brussels now. I think there are dark times coming. We can’t give any information, but we are planning a lot of new protests. There is a lot of drastic action, a lot of noise coming.’ 

Security services believe there is a real risk of violence coming from the nationalist gang.

‘Intelligence agencies are concerned about Voorpost’s capacity for violent action,’ said Vidhya Ramalingham, fellow at the German Institute on Radicalisation and De-radicalisation Studies.

‘They are carefully monitoring members of the organisation. The numbers are far smaller than in radical Islam, but there is a serious threat.’

Other populist organisations have also reported a dramatic spike in support after the attacks. Tom Van Grieken, leader of the anti-Islam Vlaams Belang party – Belgian equivalent of France’s Front National – told MailOnline that his party’s Facebook page gained 10,000 new likes overnight.

Some of his online posts warning of the dangers of radical Islam, he added, have been shared more than four million times.

Warning: Security services say there is a risk of violence coming from groups such as Voorpost (pictured)

‘For a small country, that is massive,’ he said. ‘Our support has increased by 25 per cent. People are realising that everything we have been saying was right.

‘Our government are world champions of looking away and pretending there isn’t a problem. They are cowards, and people are fed up with it.’

The official Vlaams Belang Facebook page displays many inflammatory comments from supporters, some of whom refer to Muslims as ‘monkeys’.

‘I really hope you win the next elections and send back every Muslim,’ says one. ‘It will never work to live together with that scum.’

Others wrote, ‘the government won’t do anything, you need a new Adolf for that. He would solve it in a couple of months’, and ‘sadly the Hitler Youth doesn’t exist any more.’

Mr Van Grieken believes that the attacks were ‘symptoms’ of a deeper malaise.

‘We are the only party that highlights the dangers of radical Islam and the existence of parallel societies in our main cities,’ he said. ‘People are furious with the elites in this country.’

Belgium has so far not experienced the same unrest between local people and migrants that has been seen in Germany, Finland and elsewhere in Europe.

But frustration is mounting, and it is directed at the ruling classes as well as the Muslim community.

We must meet the threat with our valor, our blood, indeed with our very lives! To ensure that European civilization, not islamic or jewish, dominates this continent, now and always!
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