Bulgaria: Nationalists Win 9.3% In Parliamentary Elections, Will Be Part Of Ruling Coalition Government


The Bulgarian nationalist party United Patriots won 9.3% of the vote in parliamentary elections held on March 26th.

In a surprise move, the center-right, pro-E.U. party, GERB (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria) announced that it will partner with United Patriots.

UP is itself a coalition of three nationalist groups: National Movement of Bulgaria (IMRO), National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria (NFSB) and ATAKA (Attack!).

Furthermore, the new civic nationalist, anti-immigration party Volia won 4.3 percent of the vote. This party was formed in 2016 by Veselin Mareshki, a businessman who ran on a populist, nationalist, anti-immigration and pro-Russian platform.




Britain First Founder Spearheads Far-Right Bulgarian Militia

  • Jim Dowson is reportedly working with the Shipka Bulgarian National Front
  • They patrol country’s borders hunting down asylum seekers from Turkey
  • British nationalist Dowson says border must be defended from invaders
  • He describes the patrols as a “fight between good and evil, and a fight for Christ” 


Armed and masked members of the far right Bulgarian group who have been patrolling the border with Turkey 

Jim Dowson, from Airdrie, Scotland, the founder of the Britain First movement, has been filmed working alongside the armed Shipka Bulgarian National Movement.

In one clip he stands alongside masked and heavily armed men, who are looking for illegal migrants on the border.

He also says they have to carry out the patrols because Europe’s borders are not being protected by governments.

Meanwhile in another clip he tells the Bulgarian patrol: ‘Remember the forces of Islam once got as far as Vienna. Now they are as far as John O’Groats in Scotland and more and more are coming in.’

Speaking to the camera, he went on: “We are on the Bulgarian Turkish border on patrol and looking for illegals. The dedication these guys have got is very impressive.

The borders of Europe are being protected more by these men than our governments.

Today, the Knights Templar International brought along vests and ballistics and drones and night vision, stuff that these guys desperately need.

A big thank you to supporters in America and the Philippines and other countries who have contributed to this.

These are men and women, mainly ex-forces, doing it in their own free time, facing all sorts of risks and dangers.

“These are good people and they’re very very deserving of your support.”

The movement has been accused of stalking migrants trying to cross the border from Turkey and enter the country illegally

Britain First was founded by Dowson, a former British National Party member in 2011 but he quit the movement in 2014.

It hit the headlines after invading mosques in Glasgow, Bradford, Luton and London with Bibles offered to Muslim worshipers.

The party, which received 20,000 votes in European elections, wants ‘assisted repatriation’, a halt to further immigration, and the deportation of all asylum seekers. It also wants all foreign criminals to be deported without recourse to the courts.



Nationalist Protests Sweep Bulgaria: No To Migrants!

In several cities across Bulgaria protests were held against migrants, against the “open door” policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and against the Islamization of Bulgaria.

The protests were organized by the Bulgarian National Resistance & took place in Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Yambol.

The protesters urged the government to take urgent measures and to impose effective control of the border, including the construction of a wall along the entire border with Turkey.

The largest protest by far was in the capital city of Sofia, with many hundreds taking part.

One protester in Varna had this to say: “The border areas are a living horror. Where migrants have passed, there are broken homes, farm roads are now like highways for them, & local people are attacked en masse.”

Protesters in Burgas were firmly against the construction of a new refugee center in their city. 

More than 200 people gathered to protest against refugees in Yambol. Protesters carried banners reading: “We do not want migrants” while waving Bulgarian flags and singing patriotic songs. They expressed fears that the city closest to their village Boyanova would have refugee camp built there. Their other main demands were common to protests across the country – no refugees on the territory of Bulgaria, closure of the already constructed refugee centers, & no to granting financial assistance to the migrants.




Harmanli, Bulgaria: Anti-refugee Protesters Demonstrate Near Invader Camp

Several hundred people marched against one of the biggest refugee camps in Bulgaria, near the south-eastern town of Harmanli on Sunday. The Bulgarian National Movement lead a protest against the authorities’ planned expansion of the refugee camp.

No counter protest took place, & there were no reports of violence or arrests.

Bulgarian National Movement website: http://www.vmro.bg/