Gera, Germany: Der Dritte Weg May Day March Against Capitalism

On May 1st, some 450 National Socialists held an anti-capitalist march in the eastern German city of Gera.

The theme of the demonstration was “Smash capitalism – for family, home, & tradition” as can be seen on their banners & shirts.

A small number of antifa were present along the parade route, but provided no opposition to the march & their ranks consisted mostly of foreigners.

At the stopping point for the march, a stage was set up for speakers from Der Dritte Weg (The Third Way) to address the crowd.

In addition to German activists, there were also guests from Hungary & Sweden, the latter representing the Nordic Resistance Movement.

The event was carried out without any complications, & there were no arrests or incidents of violence.


National Socialist march against capitalism – May 1st, Plauen, Germany

Strasserite National Socialist group Der Dritte Weg (The Third Way) held a May Day march against capitalism in the Saxon town of Plauen. Numbering about 1,000, they were counter protested by an antifa march of roughly the same size. There appears to be sporadic fighting & police report that both the left- and right-wing wing demos repeatedly attacked their officers with stones and bottles. Five officers were injured in the assaults.

(Note: Second video is made by antifa, so ignore the lies in the captions)