“Give Rome Back To The Romans!” Italian Nationalists Protest Against The European Union

Rome, March 25th.

In a massive show of force, over 5,000 Italian nationalists took to the streets of Rome in a protest against the European Union.

The crowd of activists & citizens waving banners that read “F**k EU” protested “tyranny in Brussels,” blaming eurocrats for inflicting poverty, austerity and uncontrollable migration upon Italians as Rome marks the 60th anniversary of a landmark European treaty.

Organized by the hard line nationalist party Forza Nuova, the rally saw huge participation from the local community as well as the openly fascist Casa Pound.

‘Give Rome back to Romans’: Far-right rally blasts EU ‘tyranny’ ahead of union celebrations (VIDEO)

Although they marched separately, they were united in their message of opposition to the European Union & the need for the restoration of Italian sovereignty.

As far as can be determined, the protest was carried out completely unopposed. There were no incidents of violence or arrests.





Rome, Italy: Casa Pound Protests Opening Of Refugee Center

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Rome, March 23rd.

Casa Pound led a protest of Roman citizens in front of the proposed site for a “refugee” center in the Monte Arsiccio neighborhood, near a school.

“There will be no shelter in via Monte Arsiccio. Our victory is the victory of all Roman citizens who have chosen CasaPound! “- said Andrea Antonini, addressing the crowd.


The days’ event was organized by the Committee of Monte Arsiccio in conjunction with Casa Pound, after the owner of the building to be used as a refugee center said that he did not support the government’s decision to allocate the building for the accommodation of immigrants and alleged refugees.

The protest drew a large, supportive crowd from the local community.


The event was a huge success, with no arrests or counter protest taking place.



Italian Update, February 2017


Italian Schoolgirl Jiu-Jitsu Champ Fights Off Three Migrant Muggers

A schoolgirl in Italy’s Lombardy region fought off an attack by three North African immigrants using her jiu-jitsu skills, Il Giorno reported.

Three men of North African appearance who tried to rob a 16-year-old Italian schoolgirl ended up running away in fright and learning a humiliating lesson: never pick on a black belt in jiu-jitsu, even if she’s just a schoolgirl.

The incident happened on Friday in the town of Trescore Balneario, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy.

The girl was walking home from school at around 2pm when she was accosted by a group of North Africans who appeared to be about 20 years old.

They surrounded the girl and one of them tried to steal her mobile phone by putting his hand in her jacket pocket.


However, he didn’t count on the schoolgirl’s reaction, as she grabbed his arm and used her jiu-jitsu to immobilize him.In shock, the man’s two accomplices quickly fled the scene. After the girl released her grip, the would-be robber ran after them, “without saying a word,” Il Giorno reported.

The girl reported the incident to a family member when she arrived home, who took her to a police station.

Local police, who are investigating a wave of similar incidents, are currently trying to identify the three suspects, who are thought to be immigrants from North Africa.


Naples, Italy: CasaPound holds memorial for Ukrainian nationalist Dmytro Yakovets

Yesterday, February 5, at the Ukrainian consulate in Naples, Casapound Italia commemorated Dmytro Yakovets, a young Ukrainian and, one could say, pan-European nationalist, activist of a scout “Plast” oganization, who fell victim of a tragic train accident in his hometown L’viv at the age of 22 while putting up a banner in solidarity with repressed activists of Casapound Italia in Naples.

“Being a warrior means living forever.
Dmytro is always with us!”


CasaPound poster campaign sweeps entire nation

THOUSANDS of anti-migration posters have been plastered across Italy, sparking international acclaim.

anti-migrant poster

More than 10 different different propaganda posters branding immigrants as cowards who “do not deserve respect” were put up in hundreds of towns – including Milan, Rome and Venice by the openly fascist group CasaPound.

One poster read: “Those who flee war, abandoning wives, parents and children along the way, do not deserve respect.”

anit-migrant poster casapound

A CasaPound spokesperson said: “Our message may come as a shock to some people.

“But if you are not a hypocrite and are willing to face the truth, then you will know that those who abandon their homelands and their families to save their own lives do not deserve the same respect as those who choose to fight for their country.”

With more than 6,000 members nationwide, the Italian fascist group is growing rapidly.

Its members have formed a close alliance with Italy’s anti-immigrant, anti-EU Northern League, a party led by Matteo Salvini, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump.





Defend Milan! Lega Nord & Casa Pound Protest Opening Of Refugee Center

Hundreds of nationalist protesters marched to Milan’s Montello barracks on Monday, to protest the barrack’s transformation into a refugee center. Supporters of regionalist political party Lega Nord and radical fascist group Casa Pound turned out to protest. The protesters chanted anti-refugee chants while marching with flares, numerous Italian and Casa Pound flags, and banners such as “Italians first”; “Defend Milan”.


It is always an encouraging sight to see increased cooperation between nationalist groups in Italy, and one can only hope this will increase in the future.


Casa Pound Update: Actions In Rome, Sassari, & Parma

September 29th, Rome

The militants of Casa Pound, lead by Simone di Stefano, went to the home of two Italian families who were living under threat of eviction in order to protest their treatment at the hands of the Italian government.

Having symbolically barricaded themselves inside of the house, di Stefano and 15 militants were no less symbolically pouring water and throwing flour at the police. The leader of the activists was accused of resistance to law enforcement and illegal occupation of the building. The hypocrisy of these charges is especially obvious given that the city administration headed by Daniel Frongia, Deputy Mayor of Rome & member of the 5 Stars movement, didn’t even show up to sort out the issue in spite of their initial promises.

All militants were arrested, but later released under house arrest after the detainment. Simone di Stefano, Vice President of Casapound Italia and the mayoral candidate in the latest Capitoline elections, has made it clear that he was arrested for nothing but defending Italians facing economic difficulties.

“We did not come to steal; we came to prove that Italians do not give up in the face of injustice,” he explained. “Neither will we abandon them in the future.”



October 15th, Sassari, Sardinia

Holding aloft their trademark turtle flag & a banner reading “Defend your land, Defend Sassari,”activists of Casa Pound held a demonstration against immigration into Sardinia & Italy as whole.

The organizer of the days’ action spoke to the protesters & the crowd that had gathered, saying:

“We just denounce the nefarious management of immigration in our country, especially in light of recent events in Monte Rosello, with 160 immigrants housed in a dilapidated building in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the city, that have brought strong tensions with the residents. ”

” In Sardinia there is a paradoxical situation – with about 6,000 young Sardinians who migrate every year in search of work and as many illegal immigrants who are welcomed, at our expense, on our territory. ”

” Add to this that our province is plagued by a severe economic crisis and that in Sassari there are only 1200 families in emergency housing and then these immigrants are welcomed in territories that do not have the resources to give them a future, nor any kind of economic and social integration.”

” We demand the immediate repatriation of those entitled to “reception”, and the use of all regional and municipal funds allocated to immigrants for the support of Italian families in emergency housing and extreme poverty “.

The protest was carried out without arrests or opposition.


September 24th, Parma

The militants of Casa Pound payed a visit to Via Verona Park in order to clean up the area, which has been the center of controversy for weeks due to being taken over by drug dealers.
“We know the situation of Verona park” – says Luca Furlotti, head of the local branch of Casa Pound – “we have been participating in initiatives together with the residents of San Leonardo & we have often encountered the poor condition of that area.”

“So we decided to intervene, cleaning up the park from all kinds of waste and chasing away the drug dealers in the area, who after seeing the militants of Casa Pound, disappeared.”
“While the authorities say that nothing can be done and institutional policy answers only to the media, there is our movement, who for years has been pursuing initiatives against this degradation, always fighting alongside the citizens, because where the state fails, there are citizens who act.”



Azov On Tour: Building Alliances Across Europe

AZOV drops by the Milan branch of Casapound Italia

CPI’s social policies, especially the economic initiative on providing every Italian family with a house (the program of interest-free social mortgage), youth engagement, particularly the activities of “Blocco Studentesco” and, last but not least, the functional of the “Pound’s House,” the 6-floor “squat” that opened the history of Casapound Italia have always been of keen interest for the AZOV movement.

The Kozatsky (Cossack) House in Kyiv, which you may see in the photos, is being designed right now namely after the “Pound’s House” in Rome. The Black Corps (Чорний Корпус) banners on the outside building wall are a hommage to the “little black men,” later the AZOV regiment, who have resided in this house as a training and mobilization center before their depature to the war-torn Donbas region. The faces of those who didn’t come back from the war you may also see in the pictures.


Thus Nazar Kravchenko, Head of Staff of the AZOV Civil Corps, eagerly seized an opportunity to visit the Milan branch of Casapound Italia, ask questions to its leader Massimo Trefiletti, talk with activists and set plans for the further exchange of experience. He didn’t return to Kyiv empty-handed: magazines, books on the history of the movement and leaflets found their place in the Kyiv headquarters of the AZOV Civil Corps and are carefully studied now by its members.

AZOV paіd a visit to Munich

As reported by German “Der III Weg” (The Third Way) party, a month ago the German wing of Reconquista, the international network in support of the Great European Reconquest launched by the metapolitical circles of the AZOV movement, visited Stepan Bandera’s grave in Munich to pay tribute to this prominent Ukrainian figure at the intersection of both frontlines and visions of the European future and send the message of European peoples’ unity facing similar challenges of the present.

The reconciling framework of the event was indeed highly important given that Ukrainian nationalists currently put a lot of effort into building bridges with Polish nationalists (mostly considering Bandera was ultimately anti-Polish), for the sake of common future in the new geopolitical block of Eastern and, at the second stage, Central European nations. Renaissance of terror-struck Europe led by the irresponsible euro-socialists is likely to start with Eastern Europe. Thus all supporters of European Reconquista are welcome to join common information resistance to both Western and especially Kremlin propagandists trying to prevent the Intermarium’s coming to life. Representatives of the German branch of Reconquista have already expressed their readiness to contribute to this cause.

Stepan Bandera, the leader of the OUN-UPA (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and Ukrainian Insurgent Army), has become known as the very embodiment of Ukrainian struggle for an independent state. According to the report, “On 06.12.2016 representatives of the Ukrainian AZOV movement accepted the invitation of activists from Bavaria. Visiting the tomb of Stepan Bandera, after having a good meal and a lively exchange on the current events in Ukraine, was on the agenda of that eventful day. The evaluation of Bandera’s work and personality is very controversial in the today’s world. In the EU, but also in Poland, Russia and Israel, he is primarily considered a Nazi collaborator and is denounced as a war criminal. In Ukraine itself, he is, however, revered by many as a national hero.

After the German-Slavic friendship strengthened again and was delivered a short speech at the gravesite, the activists held together a minute of silence. As a Ukrainian nationalist, Bandera joined the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) quite early and soon became one of its senior executives. During World War II he fought due to disagreements initially for an independent Ukraine and against the German Wehrmacht. He was imprisoned by the German side for it, and in 1944 was released again to finally lead the Ukrainian opposition to the advance of the Red Army. Throughout his life he stayed committed to the anti-communist struggle, that’s why he has remained in the memory of many Ukrainians as a national hero. For his resistance he was murdered by the KGB agent on October 15, 1959 while in exile in Munich.

At the end of the day the activists got many new impressions and the understanding that international cooperation needs to be strengthened.”

Original: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=499040226973313&id=269180729959265

Furthermore, as reported by the organizers, the speech at Bandera’s gravesite contained the following words: “…In life and in death, he was a tragic figure in history. We have to accept our fate and the challenge like he did. Life is a constant struggle between the light and the shadow. Let us finally unite the    Europeans and make Europe resist.”

It is in that spirit that we held our musical evening under the slogan “Culture, Community and European Solidarity.” They are important aspects of a peaceful coexistence of peoples and cornerstones of the AZOV movement. The band Zeitnah and singer Maik prepared for the audience a great evening.“

The vast majority of European peoples had bloody conflicts in the past or were brought together at the front on either of sides in two subsequent world wars. Today we should not only let the bygones be bygones or learn from the past; we should forge the common future, respect the best aspirations of our national heroes and find new modern symbols of united Europe.


Casa Pound protests against immigration & “refugees” in Coccau and Legnano

A group of Casapound  militants yesterday has carried out a protest against the uncontrolled flow of migrants into Italy. “The protest – said the movement in a statement – was held symbolically in Coccau, on the border between Italy and Austria. Our militants have carried a symbolic closure of the border by showing a banner bearing the phrase “Refugees not welcome”.

“This action – continues the statement released yesterday – aims to highlight how the F Italy can no longer support a growing influx of immigrants, the vast majority are refugees only in name and are in fact just illegal immigrants, many of whom were rejected by Austria and diverted in our region. ”

The action, was also intended as a response to recent statements by the Regional Gianni Torrents cooperation, which has raised the possibility of a new increase in the number of “migrants”  in Italy.


‪In the city of Legnano on July 7th, there was a ‬ protest by Casapound‬ against the arrival of ‪‎refugees‬.
“for the immigrant there is always room at Legnano, but everyone forgets the Italians”: This is what it says on the banner displayed by militants of Casapound Italia during the protest against the arrival of refugees in the city, which was held in the early afternoon.
The protesters released a statement to the press saying ” It is no longer tolerable – you can still read it in a note of icc – that the alleged refugees continue to be accommodated at the expense of the people while they multiply the cases of Italians who can’t make it to the end of the month, or even no longer with no roof above their head “.
“We are in front of a real business – continues the press release – where the only ones to gain are cooperatives and associations that, behind the mask of solidarity, are profiteering on this mass immigration”.