Galway, Ireland: Muslims “left terrified” After Rocks Thrown Through Mosque Windows During Prayers

Imam Ibrahim Ahmad Noonan Tweeted pictures of broken windows at the Galway mosque. Photograph: Imam Ibrahim Ahmad Noonan/Twitter

Imam Ibrahim Ahmad Noonan of the Masjid Maryam mosque in Galway told The Irish Times that up to 100 members of the Galway mosque were left “terrified” when rocks smashed through the windows during the attack on Monday evening.

He said the the attack in Galway took place at approximately 11.20 pm on Monday evening. “Last night, during the time of prayer and actually as we prayed, rocks smashed through the windows”.

“I was leading the prayers when we heard an extremely loud bang and obviously we were in the middle of the prayers so continued on but there were one or two people who left the prayers to see what the bang was”.



La Spezia, Italy: Nationalist Street Fighters Carry Out Attacks On Invaders


Italian police have dismantled a National Socialist resistance organization which targeted refugees and charities which were helping them in a series of arson attacks.

Six people, all in their early 20s, were arrested in the northern city of La Spezia on suspicion of carrying out nighttime raids targeting migrants over the last two years .

Investigators with the Carabinieri – the country’s national police force – discovered instructions for creating explosives, knives and other bladed weapons in a trailer belonging to the group when during the raid earlier this week.

They also found a large stash of NS paraphernalia, including two swastika flags.

The group, who have not been named, are suspected to have been behind two arson attacks on containers owned by the Catholic charity Caritas which were used to collect second-hand clothes to be given to the refugees.

They are also believed to have been involved with other acts of vandalism including damage to plaques commemorating Italian partisans and the daubing of swastikas on the walls of a local political party’s office.

Police say the extremists used a WhatsApp messaging group to attract new recruits to their organisation and boasted about acts of violence against migrants which have so far gone unreported.

They are now all facing investigation for arson, criminal damage and racial violence.


Ex-Serviceman Arrested For Racially Motivated Killing In NYC

A fame-seeking white supremacist came to New York to kill black people in the “media capital of the world” — and killed  a 66-year-old black vagrant, police said Wednesday.

Army veteran James Harris Jackson, 28, took a Bolt Bus from Maryland on Friday to “target male blacks” in the city, said Assistant Chief William Aubry of Manhattan South Detectives.

He particularly didn’t like black men who were romantically involved with white women, sources said.

“The reason why he picked New York is because it is the media capital of the world,” Aubry said. “He wanted to make a statement.”

Jackson, who served in the Army for four years, reportedly identifies as a white supremacist and told police he penned a manifesto about his views, the police sources said.

That screed, Jackson told police, contains information about an imminent attack on blacks in New York.

He said it is saved on a computer seized by the NYPD, but cops need a search warrant to look at it, the sources said.

Jackson used a 26-inch reproduction of a Roman gladius to repeatedly stab Timothy Caughman in the chest and back as he was digging through the trash near the corner of Ninth Avenue and West 36th Street at about 11:30 p.m. Monday, according to Aubry.



A witness told police of hearing Caughman yell, “What are you doing? Get off me!” and saw Jackson on top of him.

After the stabbing, Caughman stumbled into the Midtown South station house for help while Jackson cleaned the blood off himself in a ­restaurant restroom, sources said.

Caughman died at a hospital.

The attack was “random” and “clearly racially motivated,” Aubry said.

The well-dressed suspect turned himself in at an NYPD substation in Times Square shortly after midnight Wednesday — telling cops there he did so to avoid killing again, sources said.

Jackson, who was staying at The Hotel at Times Square on West 46th Street near Sixth Avenue, allegedly said he was set off by a black and white couple he had seen on the street.

“I’m the man you’re looking for,” Jackson told cops, adding he had knives in his pocket, ­according to Aubry.

The accused killer also told police he ditched a weapon in Washington Square Park, sources said.

Jackson was charged with murder Wednesday.

He said nothing as he was hauled out of the station house in handcuffs and a white Tyvek protective suit.

Earlier on Monday, the Jackson was caught on surveillance video “stalking” another black man near the location of the attack, walking closely behind the person but not acting out, the sources said.

“In the hours leading up to this, he was just wandering around, contemplating, trying to work up the nerve to attack someone,” the source said.

Jackson had been deployed to Afghanistan and Germany during his career as a private in the Army, according to sources. He was honorably discharged in 2012.

Kent, Washington: East Indian Invader Shot After Being Told “Go Back To Your Own Country”

Sikh American

Police are searching for a gunman who allegedly shot and injured a 39-year-old Sikh man in Kent, Washington, on Friday (3 March).

The victim, identified as Deep Rai, was working on his car in his driveway at around 8pm local time (1am GMT on Saturday) when he was approached by a 6ft tall white male who had covered his face and started arguing with Deep. Soon the man allegedly pulled out a gun and shot the victim in his arm, before saying “go back to your own country”, according to Seattle Times.

Police in Kent said that they have consulted with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies with regard to the incident.

Chicago, Illinois: Synagogue Vandalized With Swastikas

Note: this may fall under the “Hey Rabbi, whatcha doin’?” catagory, but it will remain up unless proven a hoax.

Authorities investigate after the Chicago Loop Synagogue was vandalized early Saturday.

A hate crime investigation is underway after the front window of the Chicago Loop Synagogue was smashed by a vandal who affixed swastikas to its front entrance early Saturday.

Officers responded at 12:20 a.m. to a call of “criminal damage in progress” at the temple at 16 S. Clark St., according to Chicago Police.

Surveillance video shows someone getting out of a dark-colored SUV, possibly a Toyota Highlander, and placing two swastika stickers on the front doors, police said. Then he takes out a metal object and smashes a plate glass window.

The suspect is described as a white male wearing dark clothing and a dark face mask, police said.

Community activist Raul Montes Jr. on Sunday announced a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the vandal.

The American Jewish Committee’s Chicago office condemned the attack, saying the incident comes amid a rise in incidents of anti-Semitism across the country.

“The Chicago Jewish community will not be intimidated by anti-Semitic attacks on a house of worship,” AJC Chicago Director Amy Stoken said. “The right of all religious groups to practice their faith without fear is a fundamental American value. Chicagoans must speak together clearly that the hatred behind this destructive behavior will never be accepted.”

No one was in custody Saturday night as Area Central detectives investigated the vandalism as a hate crime.

Vandals smashed a window of the Chicago Loop Synagogue and affived two swastikas to the front entrance early Saturday. | Network Video Productions

An evidence technician removes two swatiskas stuck to the front door of the Chicago Loop Synagogue early Saturday. | Network Video Productions

Ry, Denmark: Four Danish Teens Tried To Burn Afghan Teen Alive

Image result for man throwing molotov cocktail

Four Danish boys have been arrested and charged with attempted homicide for trying to burn a 16-year-old Afghan boy alive, South Jutland Police said.
The four boys are aged 15 and 16 and are ethnic Danes, police said.
According to police, the boys threw a burning bottle filled with petrol at the Afghan boy, who suffered serious burns and is in serious condition.
The incident occurred in the small town of Ry, south of Skanderborg, at around 7pm on Monday.
The four suspects made a preliminary court appearance in Horsens on Tuesday morning but the proceedings were held behind closed doors.
The incident is not being treated as a hate crime, but the exact motive is not clear.

London, United Kingdom: Anarchist Squat Attacked By Nationalist Black Bloc


Thanks to Aryan Street for bringing this to my attention.

Throwing bricks and bottles, a group of people making Nazi salutes attacked a £15 million home in London’s exclusive Belgravia neighbourhood that had been turned into a homeless shelter by squatters.

The property in Eaton Square is owned by the billionaire Russian banker, Andrey Goncharenko, but it was taken over by members of a group calling itself the Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians, or ANAL.

They gained entry through an open window on 23 January and had used the five-storey, grade II-listed mansion to shelter up to 20 “homeless” people.

But before they were evicted earlier this week, the squatters were attacked by a group black-hooded clothing outside.

Video (shown in link below) shows a window smashed at the front of the property.

Bricks, bottles and poles were thrown at the building while anarchists inside the property took cover.

“Members of the right-wing came down”, said Jed Miller, 25, an organiser of the squat. He added that they “started threatening us, putting bricks and holes through the windows.”

Mr Miller said they called London’s Metropolitan Police and received protection from officers even though they did not own the property.

He said an inspector had called them to make sure we were safe,” said Miller. During the attack, the group also posted SOS messages on Twitter asking for reinforcements.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said they had been called out “to reports of a disturbance involving a group outside a non-residential property”.

They added: “The suspects made off before officers arrived. Officers have conducted local searches and are patrolling the local area. There have been no arrests. Inquiries continue.”