London, United Kingdom: Britain First & English Defence League March Against Islamic Terrorism

April 1st, London, England.

In the wake of the Westminster terror attack, a Britain First/EDL march was held in the nation’s capital drawing about 250 participants.

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Coming out of apparent retirement to attend the protest was former EDL leader Tommy Robinson.

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Coming out to counter protest the event were a similar number of antifa, mostly under the banner of Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

Despite most people from opposing sides being separated by some distance & a large number of police, minor scuffles took place.

No injuries were reported, but 14 arrests were made. All of these seem to be from the counter protesters, as they were trying to fight with police after being unable to reach the anti-terror march.

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After Britain First & the EDL marched around and their leaders gave a series of speeches, the event concluded successfully.


English Defence League: Nottingham Demonstration against Islam

About 160 EDL members & supporters gathered in Nottingham’s Old Market Square to protest against Islam on Saturday, and were met with a counter-demonstration attracting a few hundred, including spectators belonging to neither side.

EDL members march through Nottingham

A smoke bomb, eggs and bottles were thrown by both the English Defence League marchers and the anti-white counter protesters alike.


Nottinghamshire police said five people were arrested in connection with the demonstrations, but there were no reports of injury or assault.

EDL protesters gather at Castle Wharf

The usual singing, chanting & speeches were done by the EDL, focusing on denouncing islam and mocking antifa. Noticeably absent however, were the gay & jewish flags usually flown by the cuck division of the EDL. One can only conclude that these degenerate elements were purged, & the remaining patriots of the English Defence League are better off for it.

Despite the fore mentioned arrests & bottle throwing, the protest ended without further incident.

All in all it was a good day out, with the public being exposed to their message & antifa completely failing to stop the march.


“We’re not Nazis, but fuck antifa & islam” seems to be the message here.


English Defence League counter protests leftist rally in London

Thousands of protesters marched on central London as the English Defence League, Black Lives Matter and Anti-Tory supporters held rallies on the same day.

There was a sea of people chanting and holding placards as they made their way through Piccadilly Circus, Marble Arch and Hyde Park today as throngs of people made their voices heard.

The far-right supporters of the English Defence League (EDL)  mustered a group of around 70 for their counter protest against the anti-white, pro-EU left.

English Defence League supporters are given a guard by the Metropolitan Police as they march through central London today

Thousands of people marched through central London in protest of the Tory Government and in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
The face of the opposition: feminists, foreigners, & foreign feminists.

EDL supporters took a stand against muslim invaders, waving anti-Islamic placards and flags calling for a ban on mosques & exclaiming that England is under attack from a rape jihad.

EDL supporters wave anti-Islamic placards and flags calling for a ban on mosques and exclaiming that England is under attack from a 'rape jihad'

The event, which was advertised on the group’s Facebook and Twitter pages, drew people draped in England flags, wearing masks and  EDL t-shirts.

As they marched through London’s popular tourist destinations they chanted ‘no surrender’ to terrorist groups and repeatedly barked the rallying cry of ‘E-E-EDL.’

After reaching Hyde Park a number of speakers addressed the crowd about their fears regarding Islam, as well as discussing the group’s opposition to immigration.

An EDL supporter holds up a placard with the group's aims as he campaigns near Marble Arch in central London, this afternoon

No fights or arrests were reported from the nationalist side, & the protest was carried out successfully.


Nationalist demonstrators take to streets demanding repatriation of immigrants

During a rally in support of migrants in Newcastle yesterday, supporters of the old National Front displayed a banner declaring: ‘Stop immigration. Start repatriation.’

Far-right demonstrators took to the streets today demanding repatriation of immigrants in the wake of the Brexit vote.

A tense stand-off took place in Newcastle city centre as groups defending the non-white invasion of Britain gathered to oppose the demo arranged by the English Defence League, & attended by the North East Infidels and National Front.

Dozens of nationalists came out despite the rain & conducted a protest lasting three hours.

Police managed to keep the two sides apart & there were no arrests.




EDL stages 100 strong protest against Rotherham rapists

The English Defence League staged a 100 strong protest in Rotherham today, the first time the group had been to the town since a group of men had been jailed for child sexual exploitation offences.

Meanwhile, a counter-demonstration that attracted a couple dozen antifa & kebabs was held across the town by Unite Against Fascism, as they warned people not to allow negativity to divide a town still reeling from the revelations of the Jay Report.

Seven people were arrested for various offences, but police say the day otherwise passed without incident. There is no word on which side they were with.

England:Plans for refugee housing cancelled in Kearsley; EDL holds protest against forced Islamic education in Stanley

‘Intimidation’ fuelled by anonymous letters scuppers plan to house asylum seeker family in Kearsley

“A PLAN to move a family of asylum seekers into a vacant Kearsley property has been scrapped after “as a result of intimidation” in the nearby community.

Hundreds of people packed into Trinity Church in Farnworth for a fiery Kearsley Area Forum meeting on Wednesday.The issue of what the property at 526 Manchester Road would be used for dominated the agenda. Many had turned up after receiving an anonymous letter which urged them to fight the plans. The letter claimed the plans could affect the security of families in the area.”

Parents and EDL campaigners held a protest outside a primary school. Protest was in response to a lesson on Islam by a worker  from the “Islamic Diversity Center” in Newcastle

“Parents and far-right campaigners have protested outside a primary school over a lesson on Islam.

The protest was held just weeks after staff at East Stanley Primary School in Stanley, County Durham, called the police when a group of Muslim men were spotted praying in a nearby car park.

It is understood the incident was in response to a lesson on Islam which included a talk by a visitor from the Islamic Diversity Centre in Newcastle.

The protest took place at lunchtime yesterday and involved  parents and far-right campaigners.”

Parents and far-right campaigners have protested outside a primary school over a lesson on Islam

One flag held by the protesters had the words North East EDL Angels on the front while another protester had Activist Against Child Groomers on the back of their hoodie. Many others wore masks, pictured

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English Defense League hijacks feminist protest, makes it about immigration

Note: Roosh & ROK redpill their audience to certain truths about feminism, immigration, & race, so they are not necessarily against us; however, Roosh is an ethnic Persian, obviously non-white, who travels to Europe for the purpose of having sex with as many white women as possible. He should be opposed on those grounds alone.

Roosh Daryush Valizadeh

“Members of the English Defence League gathered in Newcastle to take part in a protest against a self-described neo-masculinist movement.

The initial counter-protest at Grey’s Monument on Saturday had been organised by opponents of blogger Roosh V’s planned city centre gathering.

However, Roosh V’s meeting was cancelled by the organiser, whose real name is Daryush Valizadeh, after the huge outcry against his plans.

In response, a counter protest was also cancelled, but around 40-50 people chose to gather at Monument nonetheless, to demonstrate their continued opposition to Roosh V’s views, which include extreme misogyny, anti-feminism and arguments in favour of legalising rape on private property.

Around 15 members of the North East branch of far-right political group the English Defence League (EDL) also attended, keeping mostly separate from the other, larger group.

A post on the North East EDL’s facebook page said: “Well done to some of the local NE EDL who went to oppose the disgusting ‘pro-rape’ meeting at a rainy and damp ‘Greys monument’ in Newcastle city centre tonight.”

“At the start they were protesting against rape, but after about 20 or 30 minutes they started shouting about immigration.”