Cyprus Update, January 2017

The National People’s Front – Victory at the ballot box, protests against reunification talks & the Turkish occupation of Cyprus

The National People’s Front (E.L.A.M.), has achieved a great victory at  the administrative  elections in Cyprus, held on the 18th of December.
The Cypriot voters  sent 14 Greek nationalists to the Municipal Councils in five provinces, adding support to the two members of the Golden Dawn affiliated nationalist group already elected to parliament earlier this year.

E.L.A.M.  is the only political movement that can defend the rights of the Hellenes in Cyprus.

E.L.A.M. hold anti-reunification talks protest

Far right Elam in anti-talks protest

Around 100 members of the far-right party Elam staged a protest outside the Greek Embassy in Nicosia on Monday to voice their opposition to the talks in Geneva.

The party said that the protest was aimed at sending the message to President Nicos Anastasiades and the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that “Cyprus is not for sale” and that they would not tolerate any solution leading to a bi-zonal, bicommunal federation.

“The anti-federal struggle is given in the streets, on the side of the people, not in luxury hotels,” the party said on its website.

Elam decided to leave the National Council last month because it said the president was ignoring political parties. It did not send a representative in Geneva. The leaders of all the other parliamentary parties opted to accompany Anastasiades to Switzerland.

Demonstration against the turkish pseudostate of Cyprus

The youth of the  National People’s Front demonstrated yesterday, the 15th of November, in Lefcosia against the anniversary of the proclamation of the turkish pseudostate of Cyprus.

Hundreds of nationalist students had left their schools and universities and marched from the headquarters of E.LA.M., through the main streets of Lefcosia , to Ledra Palace check point.

The Hellenic Nationalist Youth doesn’t forget the continuous turkish occupation of the island and opposes to the so called solution of a federated new state.


Berlin, Germany: Soft Nationalist Alternative fur Deutschland Takes 14% In Local Election


Berlin (AFP) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party suffered a historic loss in Berlin state elections Sunday while the right-wing populist AfD gained fresh support, riding a wave of popular anger over her open-door refugee policy.

The anti-Islam Alternative for Germany party won around 14 percent, according to public broadcasters’ projections, in the capital which has long prided itself on being a hip, anti-white and multicultural city.

The strong AfD result, thanks to support especially in the vast tower block districts in Berlin’s former communist east, meant it has now won seats in ten of Germany’s 16 states, a year ahead of national elections.

Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) won only 17.5 percent — its worst post-war result in the city, before or after the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall — likely spelling the end of its term as junior coalition partner to the Social Democrats (SPD), who won around 22 percent.

Berlin’s SPD Mayor Michael Mueller had dramatically warned before the polls that a strong AfD result would be “seen throughout the world as a sign of the resurgence of the right and of Nazis in Germany”. One can only hope.

– ‘Zero to double-digits’ –

The vote marked another milestone for the upstart AfD, which has campaigned on a nationalist platform, similar to France’s National Front or far-right populists in Austria and the Netherlands.

“From zero to double-digits, that’s a first for Berlin,” cheered the AfD’s top Berlin candidate, Georg Pazderski, predicting that the electorate would next year kick out Merkel’s national right-left grand coalition.

“We’ve arrived in the capital,” said the party’s co-leader Beatrix von Storch, hailing the “huge success”.


Front National affiliated candidate wins mayoral race in southern France

A FRONT National mayor has been elected in a southern French region as the soft nationalist party’s popularity sweeps the nation.

 Marion Le Pen
Jean-Marie Moulin, 46, was elected as the mayor of the French region Saint-Bonnet-du-Gard. Saint-Bonnet-du-Gard is a commune in the Gard department of southern France.

Although she is affiliated with the Front National, she is not officially part of the party.

Jean-Marie Moulin

The rising star of the party and niece of the leader, Marion Le Pen, wrote on Twitter: “Congratulations to Jean-Marie Moulin, the new mayor of Saint Bonnet du Gard.”

The 26-year-old also congratulated the new mayor on Facebook where hundreds of people commented.

Front National MP Dominique Bilde said that this is “one of the little victories before the 2017 big victory”.

The leader, Marine Le Pen, has been promising tighter security, an end to immigration and the closure of France’s borders.

In December of 2015, the Front National won a record share of votes in the first round of regional elections confirming Le Pen as a serious contender in the 2017 presidential race.

The rising party won more than 40 per cent of the vote in certain regions.





Romanian Nationalist Organization “New Right” Elects Three Local Councilors in Arad, Holds Protest Against Gay Adoption


The New Right, a long running Romanian nationalist organization, was registered as a political party last fall.

Following local elections in the region of Arad,  Angel Smith, leader of the New Right in Arad had this to say:”We managed to get two seats in the city of Vladimirescu & one in Zădăreni. It is a very good start for our party I say. I congratulate our teams for their work and results,” He said that the big test of the New Right will be that of the parliamentary elections in autumn.

The March of normality – against gay marriages & adoptions

New Right Party held Saturday, June 25 a march for normality – for marriage between a man and a woman and against same-sex marriage and adoption of children by “couples” of homosexuals.

The march was organized in solidarity with the family Barbu whose children were improperly given up for adoption to a “couple” of British homosexuals, by decision of a court in the UK.

We will continue to fight for justice and for the Barbu family, as well as all Romanians in the country and in exile whose children are in danger. Romanian children do not want to end up in the hands of homosexuals and it’s time for you to join the party New Right – the main promoter of traditional family values!


Cyprus: National People’s Front (ELAM) enters parliament

Winning 3.7% of the vote on the Greek island of Cyprus, the Golden Dawn affiliated National People’s Front enters parliament for the first time with two seats.

3.7% may seem like a paltry number, but ELAM was only formed 8 years ago & already has thousands of members supporting their new parliamentary representatives.

The two most popular parties of Cyprus, the conservatives & the communists, lost a significant number of votes compared to the last election.

Upcoming Events

Serbia goes to the polls

6,7 million Serbs go to the polls on Sunday, April 24.

“Far-right and pro-Russian parties will do well. All in all, the far-right could secure 10%, polls suggest.”

Nordic Resistance Sweden: May Day March in Borlänge

banner 1May-460

Collection The rally point will be at 12:00 am on Maserhallens Parking in Borlänge, the demonstration to depart no later than 13:00. The slogan of the demonstration is“Fight against high finance and traitors” . All kinsmen who sympathize with this message is welcome to participate, whether they are members of the Nordic Council of Resistance or not. For more information on the demonstration route, speakers and more will be posted on the North Front for the demonstration.

Our intention and hope is to conduct a dignified and disciplined demonstration.For this to be achieved, we ask all participants to follow the rules of the day.These rules will also be reviewed at the meeting place:

  • No own flags, banners and signs are allowed, but only that which will be in place by the Resistance is allowed.
  • Silence should prevail in points except at sanctioned slogans. There will be a responsible officer for the kind words, and these will be reviewed at the meeting place.
  • It is not allowed to break their place in the march except for officials and a shield. There must not be any “runs”.
  • Dress neat and without subcultural manifestations.
  • Masking is not permitted and is illegal.
  • Avoid unnecessarily provocative behavior towards police, demonstrators and others
  • No smoking or ingestion of any kind is prohibited during the demonstration time.
  • Respect Resistance officials and heed any directive.

Rock Stone Mountain: Neo-confederates & National Socialists to hold joint events in Rome, Georgia

080215 STONE MOUNTAIN: Travis Conklin, Barnesville, waves a flag from the top of his truck durig a pro-Confederate flag rally at Stone Mountain Park on Saturday, August 1, 2015, in Stone Mountain. Curtis Compton /

“Rock Stone Mountain” is advertising the Southern, white heritage rally on Facebook and other social media outlets. The organizer out of Hapeville said they want to call attention to the “cultural Marxists” who are attempting to erase Confederate Heritage and the white race as a whole.

The National Socialist Movement will hold its annual National Meeting in Georgia this year, accompanied by a public rally to bring our message to the public.

“The time has come for White American’s to reclaim their destiny, bring back American jobs, and reclaim our Nation from the Zionist stranglehold it has fallen under,” states NSM leader Jeff Schoep.