Zeebrugee, Belgium: Voorpost Protest Against Illegal Immigration

Saturday, March 19th.

In the coastal Belgian village of Zeebrugee, about 150 members & supporters of the Flemish nationalist group Voorpost held a protest against illegal immigration.

Speaking on the issue, one local was quoted as saying (sorry for the rough translation) “Now immigrant issues have been dragging on for two years. After the Syrians and Iraqis now there are many African problems. They are also aggressive. Girls are harassed and empty buildings are destroyed. And then there was also the big brawl between truckers and migrants.”


The nationalists marched unopposed, as neither the left wing or the immigrants came out to counter protest. The event was thus entirely peaceful, with no violence or arrests taking place.



Belgian councilman hospitalizes Afghan man who groped his daughter


Reposted from http://whitegenocideproject.com/belgian-councilman-gets-payback-on-afghan-man-who-groped-his-daughter/

Siegfried Heylen, a member of Essen city council, in Belgium, punched an Afghani immigrant who sexually assaulted his 13 year old daughter, after police failed to prosecute the criminal.

The facts date back to May 31, 2016, when my daughter wanted to buy some candywrote Heylen.

Here nearby, 50 meters from my house, a night shop is run by an Afghan. That man groped my daughter to her breasts and her vagina.

A few days later, on June 2nd, she tells the counselor at her school. My daughter is less gifted and goes to a special school, which probably made her an easy target.

There is an immediate complaint filed against the aforementioned man, then a week later a video interview was conducted with my daughter.

But apparently without consequences, because that bastard’s still out there!

My son needed Tobacco On Friday, June 24th. Since everywhere else was closed and that was the only shop that was still open I stepped inside.

There stood the attacker of my daughter cheerfully behind the counter. After the tobacco had been purchased, I confronted him. The guy denied everything, calling me ‘friend’ and laughing at me.

That provocation was for me the final straw. I took hold of him and gave some punches. Apparently quite strong, because they called him an ambulance and my hand is broken.

Heylen is now of course, in trouble with the law, but he said: “The worst thing is that the store is only 50 meters from my door and my daughter must walk past the Afghan every day, my daughter does not dare go outside alone. I must walk with my children.

My daughter is only 13 years, if the courts did their job this would not have to happen. I’m just a father protecting his daughter because the government can not.

It is high time that we as Flemish people openly stand in resistance and close our borders!

Things like this keep happening because the morons in charge of the European Union decided that Europe was too White and need more “diversity”.

So they let in all those poor fully-grown male “refugees”, because it was, at first, harder for us to say no to them without feeling guilty.

It’s not “diversity” or “refugee resettlement” or any of that crap. It’s simply White genocide. It’s about getting rid of White areas – that’s why “diversity” is only forced on White areas.