Forza Nuova Holds May Day March In Massa, Fights Anarchists In Milan


The parade in the center of Massa

An image of the event ...

About 150 members of Forza Nuova’s youth movement “Lotta Studentesca” held a march in the city of Massa, Italy, on May 1st.

With chants of  “We are the legions of Mussolini!” the demonstration was carried out without confrontation, despite a counter protest of anarchists taking place at the same time.

Due to the anti-white left staying far away from the Forza Nuova march, there were no arrests or incidents of violence.

Forza Nuova  Battles Anti-fascist Forces In Milan


On the morning of April 30th, around 12 antifa tried to prevent Forza Nuova activists from hanging a banner for their office in the Stradera district of Milan. Police officers intervened to separate the Nationalist patriots from the Zionist antifa scum.

Apparently no one was (seriously) hurt.


“Give Rome Back To The Romans!” Italian Nationalists Protest Against The European Union

Rome, March 25th.

In a massive show of force, over 5,000 Italian nationalists took to the streets of Rome in a protest against the European Union.

The crowd of activists & citizens waving banners that read “F**k EU” protested “tyranny in Brussels,” blaming eurocrats for inflicting poverty, austerity and uncontrollable migration upon Italians as Rome marks the 60th anniversary of a landmark European treaty.

Organized by the hard line nationalist party Forza Nuova, the rally saw huge participation from the local community as well as the openly fascist Casa Pound.

‘Give Rome back to Romans’: Far-right rally blasts EU ‘tyranny’ ahead of union celebrations (VIDEO)

Although they marched separately, they were united in their message of opposition to the European Union & the need for the restoration of Italian sovereignty.

As far as can be determined, the protest was carried out completely unopposed. There were no incidents of violence or arrests.


Stop Operation Soros—Anti-Globalists Meet In Budapest

Written by Daniel Friberg, originally published at

On Saturday, March 19th, The Identitarian Student Union (Identitárius Egyetemisták Szövetsége, Identitesz) organized a conference together with Knights Templar International, about the subversive globalist George Soros. was obviously there.

I was personally invited to deliver a speech at this conference a while back, given that I have written and commented extensively on Soros’ subversive activities in the past, as well as previously given a lecture for the Identitarian Student Union. Regretfully I was forced to decline the offer due to lack of time. I did however make sure to attend and to write a report about it for

When my friends and I arrived the first thing that struck us was how disciplined and well-organized the conference was. Everyone was impeccably dressed and, at the entrance, two Identitesz members were posted on each side of the door, holding up their organization’s flag with military-like discipline. Another thing that struck me was the beautiful historical building housing the event.

After entering the conference hall, I made three main observations. The first being the tight security provided by the Hungarian Self-Defense League (Magyar Önvédelmi Mozgalom) which came in the form of a bunch of well-built, uniformed men that you would not want to mess with. The second being the popularity of the conference, as the place was packed with at least 100-150 attendants. Thirdly, I also noticed the significant media presence, consisting of almost every leftist-liberal media outlet in Hungary, as well representatives from the German TV channel Deutsche Welle, the British ”anti-racist” fake news blog ”Hope not Hate”, as well as an independent German production company apparently working on a documentary about the alternative right.

The conference lasted four to five hours and was divided in three blocks of speakers, with breaks between each to allow for socializing and refreshments.

The roster of speakers was impressive, and although, for obvious reasons, the majority were Hungarians, there was also an international presence, with speakers from the UK, Italy and Macedonia.

First to take the podium was former BNP chairman and former MEP Nick Griffin, from The Alliance for Peace & Freedom, who delivered an excellent introductory speech and an overview of George Soros and his activities.

After that, the charismatic Identitesz chairman and founder, Balázs László, took the stage to deliver a passionate speech about the need to defend our civilization from hostile globalists such as Soros.

The third and final speaker of the first block was Béla Incze, the Budapest leader of The Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM, Hatvannégy Vármegye Ifjúsági Mozgalom) which is an identitarian organization advocating the unification of all ethnic Hungarians who live outside of Hungary, and the revision of the Treaty of Trianon from 1920 which led to the redefining of the borders of the Hungarian state to their current form.

Ljupcho Zlatev from the Macedonian chapter of Stop Operation Soros talked about the pre-revolutionary stage Soros had created in Macedonia through his NGOs in order to undermine the Macedonian government and national identity. One striking example given was Soros’ success in persuading the previous government to even replace the Macedonian flag in exchange for financial contributions.

Szabolcs Nyiri from Identitesz was next up, and he talked about the future results of the goals of the world elites. Primarily, he detailed our current postmodern situation where multiculturalism, feminism, equality, gender studies etc. pose a problem and form part of the great displacement affecting Europe.

Imre Téglásy from the Hungarian pro-life organization Alfa Szövetség talked about Planned Parenthood and Soros’ funding of various ”pro-choice” initiatives in the US as well as in Europe. He made some solid points in his well-argued speech, and to illustrate them, he displayed tools used during late-term abortions, calling them ”the weapons of modern warfare against our civilization”, and pointed out Soros’ involvement in supporting late-term abortions. Imre is an obviously skilled orator and his speech was one of my favorites.

Angelo Baletta from Italian nationalist party Forza Nuova delivered an excellent, and one of the most popular speeches judging from reactions afterwards, about Soros’ destructive activities in his country, consisting of mainly three things: 1) funding the gay lobby, 2) funding ”refugees welcome” organizations and working to get Italy to take in the massive amount of migrants crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa, and 3) promoting abortion through funding various pro-choice organizations across Italy.

Barnabás Ábrahám from Identitesz delivered the final speech, which focused on the cultural aspects of Soros’ subversion, for example the resulting gender-confusion caused by the promotion of feminism and other subversive ideologies to the younger generations.

After this, the conference concluded, with the female presenter taking the stage to thank everyone for attending. Thereafter, everyone relocated to a nearby nationalist restaurant rented out for the occasion, where food and wine was served for the rest of the evening.

On a side-note, since I was not scheduled as a speaker I was hoping to maintain a low profile at the event and just relax. Obviously that was wishful thinking on my part, since I was approached by no less than four different journalists asking for interviews with me in the coming days. In the end, I was happy they made the requests, and I agreed to all of them since I can’t care less about what fake news media writes about me anyway, and I’m happy to put myself out there and use these opportunities to promote our various projects, especially and Arktos.

I therefore got one of the interviews out of the way immediately after the conference. In this case, I was faced with a thoroughly unintelligent reporter from the leftist ”very fake news” blog ”Hope not Hate” (hit piece incoming, I’m sure), which caused me to arrive a bit late to the dinner, together with my friends. The organizers were polite enough to wait for us before starting to serve the dinner, and the rest of the evening was filled with good food, drinks, and most importantly of all, interesting conversations and the opportunity to make new acquaintances.

To conclude, this was a well-organized conference on a timely and crucial topic, and I was impressed with the quality of the people attending, in particular the young student activists from Identitesz, an organization for which I see a bright future, and I was also pleased to see the collaboration taking place between them and my good friends in Knights Templar International. I am already looking forward to attending their next, bigger event.

Globalism is a disease, and conferences like these are part of a much-needed remedy.

Italy: Generation Identity Disrupt Moslem Propaganda Event, Forza Nuova Protest Against Refugees

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In Italy there has been a propaganda campaign called “I am Italy too” in which various Muslims and brownskins claim to be Italian. Yesterday Muslims were holding one of these propaganda events in the city of Borgosesia.

Their plans were disrupted by Generation Identity, as seen below. I actually didn’t know Generation Identity was active in Italy. The video was obviously posted by a Muslim, so ignore the text at the end.
Forza Nuova were also demonstrating on January 13th in Milan.
I like the graphical style of these old posters. The Alt Right should try and revive that.

Rome, Italy: Forza Nuova protest against illegal immigrant “tent city”


Rome, 13 July –
“This morning we symbolically occupied the former hospital Forlanini in Monteverde, in protest against the tent city that the Red Cross has set up a short distance away to temporarily accommodate illegal immigrants,” says Alessio Costantini, Roman Forza Nuova responsible.
“The Forlanini, a flagship of the Roman time health facilities, has been closed for lack of funds and now is an emergency shelter for drug addicts and drifters. Funds, however, are always available for the immigrant reception business. We want the tent city to be removed, to reopen this important and historic Capitoline health post.
Close the borders, reopen the hospitals. ”

Forza Nuova Roma
Press Office

Local elections in Italy see Forza Nuova gain seven representatives


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I express, first of all, my thanks to all members who, despite the outcome, worked hard in the weeks leading up to this election, for the good of the Movement and of Italy.

There are many councilors who were elected in this round in civic lists under the FN symbol.

Small centers give the greatest satisfaction: In the province of Varese in Cadegliano Viconago, FN reached 17% and shall elect, along with Portobuffolè (TV) three elected councilors. One director is elected, respectively, in Sant’Angelo Lodigiano (LO) , Collebeato (BS), Oltressenda Alta (BG) and Petruro Irpino (AV).

Of note, in the largest municipalities,  good results in San Severino Marche (MC) with 4% and Suno (NO) with 6%, good percentages, however, no seats were obtained.

In the big cities where we were present, Turin and Rome (under another symbol in the latter case), the results are negative and show a still insufficient grounding.

The situation is different for some medium-sized cities such as Crotone and Rimini where candidates for mayor of FN David Pirillo and Mirco Ottaviani significantly increased the consents for the Movement and reached respectively 1.7 and 1.4%.
Angelo Tripodi in Latina, where they do not yet have definitive results, exceeds 4% and should be elected.
In Trieste, however, the beautiful countryside of Rosolen did not exceed 2.8%.

It is still important percentages, well surpassing the zero-point of the previous rounds, even without elected councilors, placing Forza Nuova as a stable force for these cities policy.

Of course, the wind of ‘east in Italy does not blow again and the protest remains blocked by 5 Stars (Grillo is right …), but Forza Nuova can count on a strong and widespread militant presence and on a substance of methods, mainly Solidarity National and Walks for Security.

A slogan from a few years ago, the Revolution can not be blocked.

National Secretary of  Forza Nuova

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Germans & Italians unite in Bolzano, Italy to protest mass immigration


Several hundred nationalists from Forza Nuova, along with German comrades of the NPD, staged a protest in Bolzano, Italy against mass immigration & the building of a “tent city” to house refugees.

“We simply cannot allow Italy to become a mongrelized- Islamic nation.” Michelle Olivotto, the coordinator of Forza Nuova in Trentino, points out that the leftists demand we be replaced by all the brown races of the world, yet they give no concrete solutions to the Middle East’s and Africa’s problems.

He continues “The tragedy in Brussels, to which only the young Belgian nationalists have shown their ability to respond to the streets, it is the logical consequence of the attitude supine dream of integration of the European Left and liberal parties: no solution to the problems of Africa or the East and the import of these problems at home. Against this perspective nightmare we are fighting for the future of our children and the peoples of Europe “.