Berlin, Germany: Nationalist Demonstration For Free Speech

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About 50 members of the German Identitarian movement stormed the offices of the Justice Ministry in Berlin on Friday in protest against a massive crackdown on freedom of speech in Germany.
The group arrived in a rental truck carrying a 32-foot ladder and tried to climb onto the roof of the ministry, while throwing pyrotechnics, a police spokesman told national daily Die Welt.
“They were driving a truck, with a big ladder on it and wanted to enter the ministry,” an eyewitness told the paper.
Earlier, an unannounced demonstration called for Justice Minister Heiko Maas to step down, and for the borders of the European Union to be strengthened, with some participants wearing uniforms in the style of the former East Germany’s People’s Police.
Police managed to stop the rush, and the leader of the group was arrested.
A few hours later, a group of 20 protesters remained outside the barricaded ministry, erecting a banner criticizing the prohibition of opinion.
On Friday morning Maas introduced a draft law to the Bundestag which requires social media networks to remove any references to the mass nonwhite invasion of Germany, and which forbids the spreading of any news which has not come through channels or journalists which the government has officially endorsed.
Ironically, this is all being done to “protect democracy,” the law’s proponents say, blatantly ignoring the fact that they are in fact suppressing democracy.
The proposed legislation is so outrageous that even the normally pro-establishment liberal party, the Free Democrats (FDP) have rejected it, calling it “a threat to free speech.”
The populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) has announced that it will file a complaint with the Constitutional Court should the draft become law. Both of these parties are likely to be part of the Bundestag after September’s national elections.
A large number of other organizations have also announced their opposition to the law. When the cabinet approved the draft law in April, a number of these groups joined together to issue a “declaration of freedom of speech” rejecting the legislation.
The groups include Wikimedia Germany, journalist organizations such as Reporters without Borders, internet activists like the Chaos Computer Club, and several lawyers who question whether the law would stand up to judicial challenges. Even Facebook Germany announced that it would oppose the law through legal means.

Inside The Austrian Identitarian Movement

A 26 minute documentary from Journeyman Pictures about the Austrian Identitarian movement. Although Identitarians can sometimes be a bit weak, it’s definitely worth a look.

National Socialist Network: White Resistance Inside The Bundeswehr

Two German soldiers and a student have been arrested in connection with the alleged far-right terror plot

From The World Socialist Web Site:

The neo-Nazi terrorist cell in the German army (Bundeswehr) is much larger than previously thought. This conclusion is based on a detailed article in the latest edition of Der Spiegel.

According to the news magazine, investigations are on-going into seven people who were allegedly involved in preparing attacks against high-profile German politicians, including former President Joachim Gauck, Justice Minister Heiko Maas (Social Democratic Party—SPD) and the minister president of Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow (Left Party), as well as Jewish and Muslim organisations.

Along with Franco A, Matthias F and Maximilian T, who are all in custody, the right-wing extremist circle was likely “composed of at least seven people, according to information from investigators,” Der Spiegel wrote. The suspects include “a man who lives in the French city of Strasbourg,” “a lieutenant in the reserves who studies in Vienna,” First Lieutenant Josef R, who, like Franco A, was stationed at the German-French barracks in Illkirch, and First Lieutenant Ralf G.

Ralf G was based at the General Field Marshall Rommel Barracks in North Rhein-Westphalia. The barracks are named after Erwin Rommel, who, as commander of the Africa Corps, was built up by Hitler as a people’s hero. Colleagues had taken note of Ralf G because of his right-wing comments. He allegedly said, “Königsberg was German, is German and will always remain German,” and “if the refugees on the borders at least had weapons, we could shoot at them.”

There is much to suggest that Ralf G is part of a more widespread neo-Nazi network, which, like the Freikorps in the Reichswehr during the Weimar Republic, is preparing to murder politicians and suppress revolutionary unrest. According to information from Der Spiegel, Ralf G was allegedly known to Maximilian T, the suspected author of the death list. Ralf G had boasted to Maximilian T: “In Illkirch, there is a group of officers prepared to commit acts of violence who are gathering weapons and munitions to be ready to fight on the right side if a civil war breaks out.”

It is clear that the neo-Nazi network is present in several barracks and has been built up over many years. According to a soldier stationed in Illkirch between 2010 and 2013, a “right-wing extremist network” already existed shortly after the establishment of the German-French unit in Illkirch, Donaueschingen and Hammelburg. He said that “no secret was made of their right-wing ideas” among officers and soldiers. They openly chanted right-wing slogans.

The dangerous developments in Germany confirm the warnings made by the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei (SGP) and the World Socialist Web Site. The return of German militarism and the systematic restructuring of the army into an interventionist force capable of waging war to uphold the interests of German imperialism around the world require the revival of the old fascistic traditions and structures. The same right-wing extremist circles that described as “intellectual terrorism” criticism of statements such as “Hitler was not vicious” (Humboldt University Professor Jörg Baberowski) are now agitating along the same lines against criticism of neo-Nazi tendencies in the army.

It is also suspected that National Socialists in the military are affiliated with the Identitarian movement.

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Anti-immigration Protesters March Through Paris

Over 300 anti-migrant protesters marched through the streets of Paris on Saturday in a ‘Paris Pride’ (as in pride in being Parisian) demonstration organized by Generation Identitaire, a far-right youth group, and the Association of Paris Pride. The protesters carried flares and images of Paris’ patron saint, Saint Genevieve, as well as a banner reading ‘Defend Paris.’ The march has been held annually since 2005.

Berlin, Germany: Protests Erupt Outside Chancellor’s Office

PROTESTS have erupted outside Angela Merkel’s office by campaigners saying the German Chancellor “has blood on her hands”.

 Crowds wave German flags as they call for Angela Merkel to step down

Crowds have gathered outside the Chancellory in Berlin just two days after the  as a series of protests, counter-demonstrations and vigils are held across the city.

Supporters of the Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party are demonstrating outside ’s office.

Placards reading “Merkel must go” were waved in the crowd as supporters carried the German flag and lit candles for the dead.

Other placards read “protect borders” and “On Merkel’s hands is the blood of her people”.

People were also seen holding placards with the logo of the far right Identitarian movement (Identitaere Bewegung) reading “It’s enough” and “How many times again”.

A small counter-demonstration also broke out in front of the Chancellory in Berlin as protests erupted elsewhere in the city.

It comes two days after 12 people were killed in the German capital when a truck ploughed into a busy Christmas market.

Protests have erupted outside Angela Merkel's office in Berlin

A man's sign reads

ISIS later claimed responsibility for the atrocity as right-wing critics attempted to link the attack with Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policy.

Dutch politican  one day after the attack.


A man's jacket reads
AfD supporters carry banners and flags at the vigil

Many are believed to belong to hard-right groups such as the NPD.

It comes as AfD party leader Franke Petry said Mrs Merkel is finished in the wake of the terror attack.

She said the the country was no longer safe and “radical Islamic terrorism has struck in the heart of Germany” as ISIS claimed responsibility for the massacre.

Ms Petry told the Telegraph: “This is a terrible day, but it is not completely unexpected given the warnings from the security authorities, including about the prospect of an attack on Berlin.

“We cannot go on denying there is a link between Merkel’s migration policy and these attacks, or we will prepare that ground for more of these attacks.”

The anti-migrant party has seen support surge in local elections as the German Chancellor fights to take office for a fourth term.

Placards are displayed outside Angela Merkel's office

Supporters of the Alternative for Deutschland lead the demonstration

Members of the crowd light candles during the protest

'Merkel must go', protesters gather outside the German Chancellery

People are also holding placards with the logo of the far right Identitarian movement


Lyon, France: North African Thief Captured By Members Of Generation Identity

This Tuesday evening in old Lyon, three scum have cowardly attacked a young native Frenchmen in order to steal his cell phone. Bad luck for them: these cowards committed their attack in front of the Generation Identity base.
Alerted by the commotion, the G.I. members immediately left the house to help their fellow countryman, and managed to immobilize one of the attackers. Under guard, the young maghrebi was in tears & tried several times to negotiate his release, while still claiming his innocence to his mother by phone. It was obviously easier for him to be brave when it was three against one.

He was then handed over to the national police who congratulated the militants of Generation Identity for their actions and their determination, & then collected the statement of the young college kid assaulted.

In the face of the scum, there is solidarity between Frenchmen!

Merkel Must Go: 600 Nationalists March In Berlin

A demonstrator wears a jacket with the writing "Patriot Deutschland" (lt. Germany Patriot) during the fourth demonstration of the right-wing populist alliance 'Wir fuer Deutschland' in Berlin, Germany, Saturday,  Nov. 5, 2016.

November 6th, Berlin, Germany.

600 hardcore nationalists marched through the streets to protest against Angela Merkel’s refugee policy, & mass immigration in general.

Gone were the middle age bourgeoisie that had been making up the bulk of the anti-Merkel opposition as of late. These were almost all fighting age men & women, mostly from the working class areas of Berlin & east Germany. Representatives from many different groups were among them; Pegida supporters, football hooligans, Generation Identity, skinheads & “Reich Citizens”(German equivalent of Sovereign Citizens in America) were present, among others.

Participants of the "Merkel must go" demo in front of the main station in Berlin.

Also a few Reichsbürger of the "federal state Schwarzburg" are among the right-wing demonstrators at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

Berlin antifa organized a counter demonstration of similar size. Unable to directly confront the patriots, they settled for attempting a breakthrough of police lines. They failed, and 43 of them ended up being arrested in the process.

The protest concluded after nightfall, with no arrests or injuries on the nationalist side.