Cyprus Update, January 2017

The National People’s Front – Victory at the ballot box, protests against reunification talks & the Turkish occupation of Cyprus

The National People’s Front (E.L.A.M.), has achieved a great victory at  the administrative  elections in Cyprus, held on the 18th of December.
The Cypriot voters  sent 14 Greek nationalists to the Municipal Councils in five provinces, adding support to the two members of the Golden Dawn affiliated nationalist group already elected to parliament earlier this year.

E.L.A.M.  is the only political movement that can defend the rights of the Hellenes in Cyprus.

E.L.A.M. hold anti-reunification talks protest

Far right Elam in anti-talks protest

Around 100 members of the far-right party Elam staged a protest outside the Greek Embassy in Nicosia on Monday to voice their opposition to the talks in Geneva.

The party said that the protest was aimed at sending the message to President Nicos Anastasiades and the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that “Cyprus is not for sale” and that they would not tolerate any solution leading to a bi-zonal, bicommunal federation.

“The anti-federal struggle is given in the streets, on the side of the people, not in luxury hotels,” the party said on its website.

Elam decided to leave the National Council last month because it said the president was ignoring political parties. It did not send a representative in Geneva. The leaders of all the other parliamentary parties opted to accompany Anastasiades to Switzerland.

Demonstration against the turkish pseudostate of Cyprus

The youth of the  National People’s Front demonstrated yesterday, the 15th of November, in Lefcosia against the anniversary of the proclamation of the turkish pseudostate of Cyprus.

Hundreds of nationalist students had left their schools and universities and marched from the headquarters of E.LA.M., through the main streets of Lefcosia , to Ledra Palace check point.

The Hellenic Nationalist Youth doesn’t forget the continuous turkish occupation of the island and opposes to the so called solution of a federated new state.