Golden Dawn Demonstration In Memory Of Mikis Mantakas

On Wednesday, March 1st 2017, Golden Dawn paid respect to fallen hero, Mikis Mantakas.
Mikis was a Greek student who studied abroad in Italy, who also helped the struggle of fellow Italian Nationalists in their defence against militant communist militias which terrorised the country in the mid 70s.

Mikis attended a trial against a communist who firebombed the home of an Italian Nationalist who had his 2 children burned alive with the attack. The trial was set up by criminal leftists, who attempted to shut down the proceedings. Brawls erupted outside the court room between Nationalists and Communists, and Mikis was cowardly shot dead by his attacker, who shot the unarmed patriot in the head.

Nationalists in Greece and Italy continue to pay tribute to Mikis every year since February 1975.


Athens, Greece: IMIA 2017

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Every year tens of thousands of Golden Dawn members march to commemorate an act of Turkish aggression on the Imia islets in the Aegean sea in 1996.

Similar to the brazen attack on the Russian jet on the Turkish border in 2016, three Greek officers were killed when their helicopter was shot down by Turkey’s military. Both Turkey and the corrupt Greek plutocracy worked together to conceal this act of war and it went unanswered. Since 1996, Golden Dawn has been the only force in the country remembering the event , as well as the treason that accompanied it, with marches attracting thousands (a high of 50,000 in 2013) every year.

Today Greece is run by a neo-liberal capitalist/cultural Marxist Hillary Clintonesque hybrid party called “SYRIZA,” a coalition of leftist groups that range from Maoists to social-democrats. This government has emboldened “Anti-Fascist” sheep of international money power while putting Golden Dawn under the legal microscope. This year, “Antifa” groups vandalized the tomb of the dead Greek officers.

In his address to the crowd, party General Secretary N. Michaloliakos touched on a wide range of issues, from thuggish intimidation by the highly unpopular ruling government to praise for Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown.  The mass immigration overwhelming Greece at the moment is taking its toll on the country socially and economically, thus increasing the need for an exit from the European Union.

Here is footage from the rally (in Greek) :

Support them in whatever way you can:

Perama, Greece: Golden Dawn Supporters Disrupt School Meeting To Keep Out “Refugees”

On January 18th, Yiannis Lagos, (who is a member of parliament for the Golden Dawn party) accompanied by a number of supporters, stormed a school meeting in the city of Perama near Athens. This was done to protest plans to offer classes to refugee children.

They yelled and threw punches.  There’s no indication that any children present, or that any arrests were made.

Golden Dawn Australia Annual Conference 2016

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Over 150 Golden Dawn supporters celebrated our National Holiday on the 28th of October, 2016, in Sydney Australia.

The event was hosted by our official state recognised association – The Hellenic Nationalists of Australia, who officially represent Golden Dawn in this country. The evening was attended by members and their families, as well as the heads of our interstate branches, and other fellow Nationalists based in Australia.

In memory of OXI Day, all proceeds from the event went to our fund raising efforts to support the Golden Dawn in Greece, specifically with food appeals to help those who will be suffering this coming Christmas. With the amount of money raised through tickets & our auction, we will literally have tonnes of food to share with Greeks who have been hit hardest by the economic crisis.

Greece has one of the worst rates of suicide in Europe since the austerity measures took place (thanks to our treacherous government), and we look to provide hope to the many thousands of people who are looking towards a way out.

Knowing that someone across the other side of the globe, who you’ve never even met in your life, may be willing to sacrifice their time and efforts to stand in solidarity with you as a Hellene, is certainly an inspiration that can change spirits. If we can save just 1 life, we know our efforts will be worth it.

This annual conference is only the first of many to come, and all Hellenic Nationalist members are welcome to join us for future events.

The Event

Our first National event commenced with the singing of our National anthem, as General Secretary Ignatius Gavrilidis took to the stage with each of our State Representatives.

First on stage, was the head of New South Wales, Elias Vamiakis. Elia thanked all our guests for attending our event in his city of Sydney, and called our fallen brothers names, Manoli Kapelonis & Giorgos Fountoulis. The crowd yelled parrom (present) during our role call of the dead.

Our second representative to be introduced was Nikolaos Mitsakis, state representative for Tasmania. Nikos reminded the crowd that where ever Greeks may reside, Nationalism will follow. Thousands of miles away, on the other side of the globe, from a tiny community of just 5,000, the Tasmanian Greeks stand with Golden Dawn.

Next, was Queensland representative, Peter Poulos, known to his thousands of Youtube followers for been an uncompromising supporter of Greek Nationalism. Peter spoke on the true meaning of OXI Day, the message of which has been purposely corrupted by the treacherous establishment, but will not be forgotten by Greek Nationalists.

From the city of Adelaide, Christos Cakouros, representing his state of South Australia, spoke on the need for remembrance & unity among Hellenes. Greeks destroy themselves when fighting with our own brothers, but when united, we defeat all odds, and such is why we remember the sacrifices made on OXI Day.
Lastly, we had Christina Tsimtsirids, who stood on behalf of Sofia Krokos, our state representative for Victoria. Christina spoke of her home town Melbourne, which after Athens and Thessaloniki, boasts the third largest Greek speaking community in the world. Despite the comforts of life in what is often considered the world’s most livable city, Greeks, sometimes many generation removed from their homeland, still have their hearts bleed for Hellas.
Nationalists then stood in prayer with our guest, Father Raphael, a Greek priest who gave blessings on behalf of our Orthodox faith. The open prayer was also observed by our Serbian Chetnik & Russian Cossack guests.
The Event then continued with the introduction of our fellow Nationalists outside the Greek community, starting first with the head of the Russian Cossack Association of Australia, Simeon Boikov. Simeon took to the stage, and spoke of the historical alliance between the Russians & Greeks. Simeon worked up the crowd while reciting a famous saying in our language (Simeon learnt a little Greek while mingling with our members prior to the official event) ‘Russia, Serbia, Hellas, together in solidarity!’, the audience chanted loudly 3 times with the Coassacks.
Simeon recognised Greek Nationalist efforts during the wars in Yugoslavia & Ukraine, who fought and supported our Orthodox brothers throughout the ages, despite our corrupt government’s (present) alliance with NATO. The Russian Cossacks of Australia presented Golden Dawn with the resistance flag of Novo-Russia, to which we shared a Greek flag with the Russians, a flag from our head office in Greece, which had survived many protests against the globalist filth (and their enablers) on the Streets of Athens.
Simeon was also awarded with a plaque to recognise our official friendship and alliance with Russian nationalists, and a promise that Golden Dawn holds true to its word that should (or when) we take power, to align the Greek state against the Zionists of Washington, and towards our comrades in Moscow.
For the local movement, special guest and speaker Dr. Jim Saleam took to the stage on behalf of Australian Nationalists, representing the Australia First Party. Dr. Saleam was given a lengthy prelude by Ignatius, who spoke of the importance for Greeks to love Australia as much as we love Greece, and a pledge of respect and commitment by Golden Dawn supporters to the local nationalist struggle in our new home of Australia.
The Australia First is the only registered party in Australia that shares a common Nationalist ideology with Golden Dawn. Jim’s message was received warmly by the crowd when he spoke of Australia First’s activism in defense of Golden Dawn’s illegal imprisonment back in 2014, even at the expense of their own party members safety. This act of bravery was reciprocated by Golden Dawn, who recognised the Australian Nationalist spirit which stands in solidarity with the struggle of Hellenes. It is for this reason we are proud to be an associate of the United Nationalists of Australia, and welcome Australia First’s association to the European Alliance for Peace of Freedom, of which Golden Dawn is also a key member.
Together, Australians, be they Hellenes or Anglo-Celts, stand in solidarity against globalism & marxism, and in defense of our common European heritage. Dr Saleam was awarded a plaque to recognise our friendship, as well as their efforts in defending Golden Dawn’s honor.
Our opening panel soon after rejoined the stage, and took the opportunity to speak freely with our special guests, and to thank them personally for their solidarity.
This certainly wouldn’t be a Greek event without the festivities, and soon after the formalities, the Greeks took to the dance floor, while our band & live singer performed traditional songs for our folk.
The crowd then returned to their seats, as the camera crew organised a brief screening of Golden Dawn’s charitable community work, providing food, medical support and assistance to Greeks hit by the deterioration and exploitation of our fatherland. The video, images and clips showed how unlike other political parties, Golden Dawn is about action, not just words. Which other political party gave their own personal parliamentary salaries to support the poor and disenfranchised? Only the Nationalists put their people first.
The images and clips also displayed the assistance the Greek diaspora provided to Golden Dawn, namely from New York, Montreal & Australia, as well as other Greeks from around the world who have helped Golden Dawn.
Golden Dawn party members in Greece then streamed in on the big screen to personally address Greek Nationalists in Australia.
General Secretary of Golden Dawn Nikos Michaloliakos thanked all Greeks in Australia for their efforts in supporting Golden Dawn, and spoke of the true Nationalist meaning of Oxi Day, and why it’s important to Greeks. The Nationalist struggle did not end on the 28th of October, as we still have more enemies to deny our homeland, and more challenges to overcome as a people.
Next, Alexandros Gerontas, who survived bullets after being shot at by para-state thugs, inspired hope and the need for resilient struggle to overcome our challenges as Nationalists. While warmly reminding everyone of the passing of our brothers Manos & Giorgos, Alexandros was thankful to be here with us tonight, and his message was that when we fight together, we always prevail.
Lastly, Elias Kasidiaris addressed the crowd in how Golden Dawn was unlike other parties, such as PASOK and New Democracy. We are not rootless opportunists, and in contrast to the establishment, we are willing to sacrifice even our lives for our devotion to Hellenic Nationalism. This is something the other parties don’t understand, as they live as devotees to their perspective parties only for material gain, while we live not for a party or politics, but for the future of the Greek people & Hellenism itself.
After the inspiring talks from our party leaders, Ignatius then kicked off the nights auction & raffles. Among the prizes where 2 large and professionally framed flags from Greece, signed books from Kasidiaris & Michaloliakos, ‘his’ & ‘hers’ gift baskets with designer goods, brand name kitchen sets, rare ancient Greek coins, 24 carat gold plates, gift cards, and other fine food & wine hampers, all donated by our members and sponsors.
Also, attention was given to our stall, with all proceeds from the Golden Dawn Australia support gear & clothing going directly to our fund raiser.
To conclude the night, our state representatives where once again honored by our guests, this time with fine Russian beverages, before cutting the cake & wishing our guests & their families a safe journey home.
While the event provided a great deal of revenue that will go directly to sharing with our fellow countryman in Greece over the festive season, the team building & brotherhood also generated a great deal of enthusiasm to further strengthen our efforts in Australia.
Given the great success of the night, we promised to hold another similar event in the very near future.

Hundreds of Greeks Protest the Construction of Athenian Mosque

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The Greek government, which is currently ignoring the 3+ million Greeks who are on the verge of complete poverty, is busy accommodating the uninvited Islamic invaders who require a new temple in their newly occupied lands.
Using the funds of Greek tax payers, the Syriza Anti-Hellenic Regime is using an old Naval base to become the site of a newly created Mosque, which (for unexplained reasons) will supposedly even help prevent future attempted terrorist attacks. This totally contradicts the fact that European countries with literally hundreds (if not, thousands) of Mosques, such as France & Belgium have seen hundreds of Europeans die in the latest round of terrorist attacks.
Greek Nationalists assembled once again to protest the construction of the mosque, as many of us still remember the brutal Islamic occupation that ruled our land for over 400 years.

Russian, Greek & Serbian Nationalists Network In Australia

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(Note: opinions on Putin are those of Golden Dawn Australia only, & do not represent those of YesPasaran.)

Golden Dawn Australia had the honour to attend a Russian Community Festival in Sydney, organised by the Australian Russian Representative Council.

The invitation was extended by Mr Simeon Boikov, President of the Russian Cossacks of Australia. This was also an opportunity to meet & exchange thoughts with Mr Sergey Shipilov, the Russian Consular of Sydney.

The Community event was a celebration of Russian culture, and was also attended by Serbian nationalists who hold close relations with the Russians.

Hellenic Nationalists have for centuries maintained close relations with our Orthodox Brothers, and Golden Dawn’s foreign policy and trade platform EXPLICITLY states that strong ties and geo-political alliances are to be forged with Moscow, and not the Zionist Occupational Government of Washington.

This was an important event for Russian & Greek Nationalists in Australia to build strong ties among ourselves, as we stand by the traditionalist order of Orthodox Russia against the Globalist tyranny of the Atlantic powers.

As we find our governments purposely replacing us with the 3rd world, growing Russian power has thus been received warmly by the working class of the West. Examples of this have been seen as Germans chant for Putin to take Berlin, Russian support for populist/nationalist movements in the EU,  and the latest Trump-Putin phenomenon in the US, where the working class clearly doesn’t support Hillary’s plan to start WW3 with Russia.

Putin represents a new hope for Europe, and it is the job of nationalists in the West to discourage Zionist aggression against Moscow, as it benefits only the Neocon establishment against our community interests.

Thessaloniki, Greece: Golden Dawn Town Hall Against Immigration

Thessaloniki, Greece.

Hundreds of people packed a town hall meeting on September 20th, with many more waiting outside, in order to hear leaders of the social nationalist Golden Dawn party speak on the subjects of mass immigration & government corruption.

After comrade Artemis Mathaiopoulos made the first speech, an MEP of Golden Dawn, General Georgios Epitideios stepped up to the podium to stat that even though there are those who try to convince us that everything is fine in this country, soon Greeks will revolt in order to take our Homeland back.

Another MEP of Golden Dawn, General Eleftherios Synadinos, commented about the popularity and the nationalistic ambiance of this event in the heart of Macedonia, & recalled the words of Ion Dragoumis: “Salvation will rise from within!”

Other speakers included MEP of Golden Dawn, Lambros Fountoulis (father of the nationalist martyr Giorgos Fountoulis), the MP elected out of Chalcidice, Sotiria Vlahou, the MP from Pella, Giannis Sahinidis, the MP from Kilkis, Christos Chatzisavva, the MP from Piraeus, Giannis Lagos, & finally the Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos.

The Leader of Golden Dawn emphasized on the fact that three years of illegal persecutions hardened the Nationalistic Movement and that following the 1st of November 2013, when Giorgos Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis were cowardly assassinated by the leftists, nothing remains the same.

Calling out George Soros in particular & international finance in general, he railed against the invasion of Greece by hostile, foreign hordes & the traitors in government that purposefully allowed it to happen.

“Greeks need a radical turnaround, and this can only happen with Golden Dawn taking the lead, he said.”

Finally, he made it clear that New Democracy and Syriza, who follow the same orders of the international loan sharks, will be forced to share power with the third largest political force in the country, the genuine voice of National Resistance, Golden Dawn!

The event ended with everyone singing the National Anthem and the Hymn of Golden Dawn.

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