Slaughter in Sacramento: 9 antifa hospitalized in epic bloodbath

Yesterday, Sunday June 26th, about 20 members of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party & Golden State Skinheads held a demonstration to “protest against globalization and in defense of the right to free expression”.

They were met by over 200 armed antifa.

The antifa immediately set on them with all variety of weapons; flagpoles, boards, bricks, broken bottles. One nationalist suffered a major slash to his arm. But then the nationalists started fighting back.

In the chaotic melee that followed, the nationalist fighters made short work of the antifa mob; first with fists & boots, then with knives.

Six antifa were hospitalized immediately following their humiliating rout; nine eventually were hospitalized, two of which remain in critical condition. It still remains unclear how many were stabbed.

In the end, police broke up both the fight and the protest, but our men fought against overwhelming odds & emerged not only victorious but triumphant, inflicting 9 to 1 casualties on the enemy despite being outnumbered nearly 10 to 1.

One nationalist had to be taken to the hospital; a fundraiser is being held for his medical bills & for any legal fees that may result from the day’s action. There have been no arrests so far.

From TradYouth:  We all owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.

But we also owe them a real financial debt, as well.

We’re working to get fundraising tools online, though the left has become adept at shutting down and interfering with fundraising efforts on the mainstream online fundraising tools. Our goal is to completely cover all of the medical costs of our injured comrade in addition to the legal costs which will surely come as the leftist thugs apply their “lawfare” against our men.

All of the donations flagged for “Sacramento Spartans” will be carefully tracked and will only go to medical and legal expenses of the men who risked and sacrificed so much today. Everything we receive in the next week will go to Sacramento regardless of flagging. All administrative and secondary expenses will be covered by the Party and/or the Directorship, ensuring that every penny donated here goes exclusively to the heroes who risked everything for your race, your nation, your children, and for you. Please give generously.

As more specific information comes in about the costs, we will be as transparent as possible.

Check, Money Order (or Cash)

Pay to: TradWorker

P.O. Box 606

Benson, NC 27504