Golden Dawn Demonstration In Memory Of Mikis Mantakas

On Wednesday, March 1st 2017, Golden Dawn paid respect to fallen hero, Mikis Mantakas.
Mikis was a Greek student who studied abroad in Italy, who also helped the struggle of fellow Italian Nationalists in their defence against militant communist militias which terrorised the country in the mid 70s.

Mikis attended a trial against a communist who firebombed the home of an Italian Nationalist who had his 2 children burned alive with the attack. The trial was set up by criminal leftists, who attempted to shut down the proceedings. Brawls erupted outside the court room between Nationalists and Communists, and Mikis was cowardly shot dead by his attacker, who shot the unarmed patriot in the head.

Nationalists in Greece and Italy continue to pay tribute to Mikis every year since February 1975.


Athens, Greece: IMIA 2017

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Every year tens of thousands of Golden Dawn members march to commemorate an act of Turkish aggression on the Imia islets in the Aegean sea in 1996.

Similar to the brazen attack on the Russian jet on the Turkish border in 2016, three Greek officers were killed when their helicopter was shot down by Turkey’s military. Both Turkey and the corrupt Greek plutocracy worked together to conceal this act of war and it went unanswered. Since 1996, Golden Dawn has been the only force in the country remembering the event , as well as the treason that accompanied it, with marches attracting thousands (a high of 50,000 in 2013) every year.

Today Greece is run by a neo-liberal capitalist/cultural Marxist Hillary Clintonesque hybrid party called “SYRIZA,” a coalition of leftist groups that range from Maoists to social-democrats. This government has emboldened “Anti-Fascist” sheep of international money power while putting Golden Dawn under the legal microscope. This year, “Antifa” groups vandalized the tomb of the dead Greek officers.

In his address to the crowd, party General Secretary N. Michaloliakos touched on a wide range of issues, from thuggish intimidation by the highly unpopular ruling government to praise for Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown.  The mass immigration overwhelming Greece at the moment is taking its toll on the country socially and economically, thus increasing the need for an exit from the European Union.

Here is footage from the rally (in Greek) :

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Perama, Greece: Golden Dawn Supporters Disrupt School Meeting To Keep Out “Refugees”

On January 18th, Yiannis Lagos, (who is a member of parliament for the Golden Dawn party) accompanied by a number of supporters, stormed a school meeting in the city of Perama near Athens. This was done to protest plans to offer classes to refugee children.

They yelled and threw punches.  There’s no indication that any children present, or that any arrests were made.

Chios, Greece: Nationalists Storm Refugee Camp, Set It On Fire

Fireworks exploded around the grounds of the Souda refugee camp near Chios, Wednesday, as refugees faced off against far-right groups who had converged at the site. The altercation ended with parts of the camp reportedly being set on fire, the hospitalization of at least four refugees, and the arrest of some 50 people, including two camp volunteers.


Hundreds of Greeks Protest the Construction of Athenian Mosque

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The Greek government, which is currently ignoring the 3+ million Greeks who are on the verge of complete poverty, is busy accommodating the uninvited Islamic invaders who require a new temple in their newly occupied lands.
Using the funds of Greek tax payers, the Syriza Anti-Hellenic Regime is using an old Naval base to become the site of a newly created Mosque, which (for unexplained reasons) will supposedly even help prevent future attempted terrorist attacks. This totally contradicts the fact that European countries with literally hundreds (if not, thousands) of Mosques, such as France & Belgium have seen hundreds of Europeans die in the latest round of terrorist attacks.
Greek Nationalists assembled once again to protest the construction of the mosque, as many of us still remember the brutal Islamic occupation that ruled our land for over 400 years.

Thessaloniki, Greece: Golden Dawn Town Hall Against Immigration

Thessaloniki, Greece.

Hundreds of people packed a town hall meeting on September 20th, with many more waiting outside, in order to hear leaders of the social nationalist Golden Dawn party speak on the subjects of mass immigration & government corruption.

After comrade Artemis Mathaiopoulos made the first speech, an MEP of Golden Dawn, General Georgios Epitideios stepped up to the podium to stat that even though there are those who try to convince us that everything is fine in this country, soon Greeks will revolt in order to take our Homeland back.

Another MEP of Golden Dawn, General Eleftherios Synadinos, commented about the popularity and the nationalistic ambiance of this event in the heart of Macedonia, & recalled the words of Ion Dragoumis: “Salvation will rise from within!”

Other speakers included MEP of Golden Dawn, Lambros Fountoulis (father of the nationalist martyr Giorgos Fountoulis), the MP elected out of Chalcidice, Sotiria Vlahou, the MP from Pella, Giannis Sahinidis, the MP from Kilkis, Christos Chatzisavva, the MP from Piraeus, Giannis Lagos, & finally the Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos.

The Leader of Golden Dawn emphasized on the fact that three years of illegal persecutions hardened the Nationalistic Movement and that following the 1st of November 2013, when Giorgos Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis were cowardly assassinated by the leftists, nothing remains the same.

Calling out George Soros in particular & international finance in general, he railed against the invasion of Greece by hostile, foreign hordes & the traitors in government that purposefully allowed it to happen.

“Greeks need a radical turnaround, and this can only happen with Golden Dawn taking the lead, he said.”

Finally, he made it clear that New Democracy and Syriza, who follow the same orders of the international loan sharks, will be forced to share power with the third largest political force in the country, the genuine voice of National Resistance, Golden Dawn!

The event ended with everyone singing the National Anthem and the Hymn of Golden Dawn.

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Lesvos, Greece: Locals Clash With Aid Workers At 500 Strong Anti-Migrant Protest

Ultra-nationalists reportedly attacked three female students on the island of Lesvos on Monday during a protest rally organized by residents against a migrant & refugee camp on the island.

Local media reported that a group of around 15 people chanting anti-migrant slogans physically assaulted the three women, one of whom is known as a volunteer who works with migrants. Lesvos Mayor Spyros Galinos was also reportedly attacked by ultra-nationalists, who appeared at the rally held by a group calling itself the “Patriotic Movement of Lesvos.”

Galinos was addressing the crowd of  500 protesters when the ultra-nationalists started shouting “throw them in the sea,” in reference to the migrants on the island, before turning their vitriol on the official.

Tension was also high inside the camp, with a group of men lighting fires inside the processing center and in an olive grove just outside the camp in protest at living conditions and delays in processing. (These fires would come to consume over 70% of the camp, forcing an evacuation.)

The events on Lesvos mirror similar violence last week on the island of Chios by ultra-nationalists who gate-crashed a protest rally calling for more action from Athens to manage more than 13,500 refugees and migrants who are stuck on five islands in the eastern Aegean. According to local media, a man claiming to represent the Golden Dawn party on the island hit a journalist and smashed his camera, after verbally abusing another journalist.