Paris, France: GUD March In Honour Of Slain Nationalist Sébastien Deyzieu


On Tuesday, May 9, in Paris, nationalists including members of the GUD marched to pay tribute to Sébastien Deyzieu as well as to all of the Europeans who fell victim to the anti-white system. More than a hundred people demonstrated, starting from Port-Royal & marching to Rue des Chartreux, where Sébastien fell to his death after the police pursued him to the roof of a building following a protest of the GUD and the JNR against American imperialism. Speeches were made, a moment of silence held in his honour, & a wreath was laid at the site of his death.

Lyon, France: Nationalists Protest Against Anti-French Play

February 2nd, 2017.


About fifty nationalists organized by Lyon avec Jeanne (Lyon with Joan), including members of GUD Lyon, held a protest outside of a performance of “Jeanne au pûcher”, an anti-French play mocking Joan of Arc.


After assembling in front of the theater, local police attacked the protesters with batons, tear gas & mace. There were appeared to be no injuries or reports of arrests, & the demonstration continued despite the attempts of the police.



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National Rebirth of Poland (NOP) 35th Anniversary Meeting

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On the 8th of September 2016 our friends in the National Rebirth of Poland celebrated their 35th year of fighting for race and nation against the oncoming storm of multiculturalism and growing globalization.

Our very own Kevin Layzell of London National Front was in attendance delivering a speech on behalf of our party on nationalist cooperation. The congress included speeches and delegates from many groups and countries including Steven Bissuel from GUD Lyon (radical French Nationalist street movement), Jez Turner from the London Forum and Stratos Karanikolaou of the National Popular Front (brother movement of Golden Dawn based in Cyprus).

The event was concluded with a deliverance of awards to the hardest working NOP activists.

We look forward to working with our European comrades in the future as we fight to break the chains that enslave us as a people.



Lyon, France: G.U.D. Hold Demonstration in Memory of Slain Priest

The Lyon division of Groupe Union Defense, a militant nationalist organization, held a demonstration today in front of the palace of justice in Lyon.


Following the assassination of Father Jacques Hamel and other recent attacks, this demonstration was held in order to place responsibility on the ultra lax justice system who allow terrorists to roam free. Chants of ” Justice, red as blood!” and “The solution? It’s repatriation!” resounded.


Pictures of the blood-stained priest were laid on the steps. More than ever, the system and its tools in the judiciary are accomplices of the Islamists!


This demonstration follows the G.U.D. patrolling the area around several local churches in case anymore attacks occur. (See photos below.)




Groupe Union Défense Paris holds memorial march for fallen comrade

Groupe Union Défense Paris held a memorial march for a fallen comrade killed by police.

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On 7 May 1994, the GUD and the JNR organized a demonstration against American imperialism.

Sébastien Deyzieu, a young militant nationalist-Revolutionary, was killed after being chased by the police to the roof of a nearby building. The case was never solved.
Today, and like every year, we pay tribute to our fallen comrade.

Sebastian isn’t dead. He is present in every militant aware that the fight is tough but necessary, & he inspires every European aware of who he is.

We call for a real revolution, at all levels, and it is for this that Sebastian was fighting.
Life has left our comrade but the torch of his soul is still burning in our hearts.
For Europe, for France, for Sebastian.
The future belongs to us!



Anti-white rap concert shut down by French nationalists

PARIS (AP) – A French mayor has canceled a rap concert marking 100 years since the World War I Battle of Verdun after objections from the country’s increasingly influential far right.

French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are taking part in a ceremony May 29 to honor those killed in one of the war’s bloodiest battles. Separately, the town of Verdun planned a commemoration concert by rapper Black M.

But far-right National Front party members (as well as members of the G.U.D. & others) objected to the singer this week, citing a pro-Islamist song by his group Sexion d’Assaut referring to France as a country of “infidels.”

Verdun’s Socialist Mayor Samuel Hazard says Friday that city hall feared violence during the event because of “hate and racism” generated by the debate so he cancelled the concert.

The singer hasn’t commented.

Groupe Union Défense vs antifa: Total Victory in Lyon


March 31st, Lyon, France. 200 antifa run riot through the streets, vandalizing businesses. They start heading in the direction of the University of Lyon. As they round the corner, they come face to face with the only thing stopping them so far: about one dozen members of the ultra-nationalist Groupe Union Défense, clad in motorcycle helmets & wielding fighting sticks.

In the ensuing chaos, makeshift projectiles were thrown by both sides in an attempt to gain advantage over the other. Thanks to the superior arms, armor, & discipline of the G.U.D.  they were able to prevent a much larger force of antifa from advancing further, & chased them from the university grounds.

There are reports of multiple injuries from the “students” of the rioting antifa. Without a doubt, the GUD carried the day in the streets of Lyon, even collecting an enemy flag as a trophy (pictured top). Hail to the heroes!