“Give Rome Back To The Romans!” Italian Nationalists Protest Against The European Union

Rome, March 25th.

In a massive show of force, over 5,000 Italian nationalists took to the streets of Rome in a protest against the European Union.

The crowd of activists & citizens waving banners that read “F**k EU” protested “tyranny in Brussels,” blaming eurocrats for inflicting poverty, austerity and uncontrollable migration upon Italians as Rome marks the 60th anniversary of a landmark European treaty.

Organized by the hard line nationalist party Forza Nuova, the rally saw huge participation from the local community as well as the openly fascist Casa Pound.

‘Give Rome back to Romans’: Far-right rally blasts EU ‘tyranny’ ahead of union celebrations (VIDEO)

Although they marched separately, they were united in their message of opposition to the European Union & the need for the restoration of Italian sovereignty.

As far as can be determined, the protest was carried out completely unopposed. There were no incidents of violence or arrests.




Zeebrugee, Belgium: Voorpost Protest Against Illegal Immigration

Saturday, March 19th.

In the coastal Belgian village of Zeebrugee, about 150 members & supporters of the Flemish nationalist group Voorpost held a protest against illegal immigration.

Speaking on the issue, one local was quoted as saying (sorry for the rough translation) “Now immigrant issues have been dragging on for two years. After the Syrians and Iraqis now there are many African problems. They are also aggressive. Girls are harassed and empty buildings are destroyed. And then there was also the big brawl between truckers and migrants.”


The nationalists marched unopposed, as neither the left wing or the immigrants came out to counter protest. The event was thus entirely peaceful, with no violence or arrests taking place.


Cologne, Germany: NPD Marches Against Merkel & Foreign Invaders

Deutschland Knapp 100 Rechte demonstrieren in Köln (picture alliance/dpa/C. Seidel)

Scores of nationalists marched through the streets of Cologne on Saturday,  January 14th, to denounce the German government’s refugee and asylum policies.

The protest was organised by the local branch of the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD).

Counter-protesters attempted to disrupt the rally shouting “Nazis out!.” A large police presence was deployed to prevent possible clashes. Several protesters were detained during the rally; no injures were reported.

Rome, Italy: Protest Against Immigration & The European Union

Organized by the Lega Nord (Northern League) thousands of Romans took to the streets to demand a halt to the country’s out of control immigration and an exit from the eurozone in order to return to a national, Italian currency.

SOT Francesco Di Palma, demonstrator (Italian): “We, the people, we are upset because it’s unfair to have a Government that is not legitimate to represent us. They don’t represent the interests of the people. We came here at our expense because we want Italy to change. We want to vote, now!”

SOT, Matteo Salvini, Northern League party leader, (Italian): “A nation that has no control over its own currency is a slave country. We must go back to having our own national currency, an Italian currency for young Italians and for Italian entrepreneurs, there are no half-ways. Who is in Brussels defending the Euro, Merkel, and the EU of Banks and immigration, they will never be our allies, that’s out of the question.”

Anti-immigration Protesters March Through Paris

Over 300 anti-migrant protesters marched through the streets of Paris on Saturday in a ‘Paris Pride’ (as in pride in being Parisian) demonstration organized by Generation Identitaire, a far-right youth group, and the Association of Paris Pride. The protesters carried flares and images of Paris’ patron saint, Saint Genevieve, as well as a banner reading ‘Defend Paris.’ The march has been held annually since 2005.

Berlin, Germany: Protests Erupt Outside Chancellor’s Office

PROTESTS have erupted outside Angela Merkel’s office by campaigners saying the German Chancellor “has blood on her hands”.

 Crowds wave German flags as they call for Angela Merkel to step down

Crowds have gathered outside the Chancellory in Berlin just two days after the  as a series of protests, counter-demonstrations and vigils are held across the city.

Supporters of the Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party are demonstrating outside ’s office.

Placards reading “Merkel must go” were waved in the crowd as supporters carried the German flag and lit candles for the dead.

Other placards read “protect borders” and “On Merkel’s hands is the blood of her people”.

People were also seen holding placards with the logo of the far right Identitarian movement (Identitaere Bewegung) reading “It’s enough” and “How many times again”.

A small counter-demonstration also broke out in front of the Chancellory in Berlin as protests erupted elsewhere in the city.

It comes two days after 12 people were killed in the German capital when a truck ploughed into a busy Christmas market.

Protests have erupted outside Angela Merkel's office in Berlin

A man's sign reads

ISIS later claimed responsibility for the atrocity as right-wing critics attempted to link the attack with Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policy.

Dutch politican  one day after the attack.


A man's jacket reads
AfD supporters carry banners and flags at the vigil

Many are believed to belong to hard-right groups such as the NPD.

It comes as AfD party leader Franke Petry said Mrs Merkel is finished in the wake of the terror attack.

She said the the country was no longer safe and “radical Islamic terrorism has struck in the heart of Germany” as ISIS claimed responsibility for the massacre.

Ms Petry told the Telegraph: “This is a terrible day, but it is not completely unexpected given the warnings from the security authorities, including about the prospect of an attack on Berlin.

“We cannot go on denying there is a link between Merkel’s migration policy and these attacks, or we will prepare that ground for more of these attacks.”

The anti-migrant party has seen support surge in local elections as the German Chancellor fights to take office for a fourth term.

Placards are displayed outside Angela Merkel's office

Supporters of the Alternative for Deutschland lead the demonstration

Members of the crowd light candles during the protest

'Merkel must go', protesters gather outside the German Chancellery

People are also holding placards with the logo of the far right Identitarian movement



Lisbon, Portugal: Nationalists Protest Against Immigration & Communism

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Portuguese nationalists from the anti-invasion National Renovator Party (Partido Nacional Renovador, PNR) surprised protesting invaders and their communist supporters this weekend when they carried out a highly successful counterdemonstration.

The demonstration resulted in big publicity for the PNR when its vice president was arrested after trying to break through a police line to get closer to the invaders.


According to a statement released by the PNR, its protest against the “immigrant invasion” of their country was brought about because the invaders were demanding rights for themselves which are denied to Portuguese nationals.

The PNR said that the invader demonstration “was organized by several pro-immigrant associations, paid for with taxpayer money, and supported explicitly by the extreme Left.”

They claimed that all people are “citizens of the world, that no one is illegal, and are against all borders and flags,” the statement continued.


The initial demonstration was held at the Marim Moniz Square in Lisbon, at which the invaders demanded an amendment to the Immigration Act to give residence to the estimated 30,000 illegal aliens living in Portugal without a residence permit.

The PNR counterdemonstration was organized under the slogan: “Against the immigrant invasion, and for social justice for Portuguese.”

After the arrival of the PNR, police quickly formed a cordon around the invaders and their communist supporters, and when the nationalist vice president João Pais do Amaral attempted to break through the cordon, he was arrested.

In a statement issued to a local newspaper, PNR president José Pinto-Coelho said that his party were the only ones who “protested against these irresponsible policies, suicide, and worse, the traitors [of the other parties]. This is an invasion of people who have nothing to do with us, and who are from completely different cultures. Islam does not belong here.”

In their official statement issued later, the PNR said that it was the only party which stood against the “Betrayal of the nation, and which sought the restoration of border control, the reversal of migration flows, and changing the Nationality Law.”


“During the protest, which brought together several dozen people with courage to fight instead of staying at home waiting for others to do so, our Vice President was arrested for having disobeyed police orders to stay behind the police cordon.”

The PNR said that the arrest had resulted in great publicity for their actions, which otherwise would not have garnered any coverage from the controlled media.

The arrested party official was released an hour later without any charges being put to him.

Later the same day, other PNR activists attempted to attend a Green-Communist meeting organized to discuss what they called the “fight against Trumpismo.”

About 20 PNR members were barred from the public meeting by the terrified organizers, who called the police as the nationalists arrived.

PNR president José Pinto Coelho said they had just wanted to attend the public meeting to take part in the discussions, so that they could express ideas “favorable to Trump.”

According to the Portuguese newspaper Sabado, Coelho added that the Trump election meant “panic for the system and hope for us, because we are delighted with the election of Trump. Just as we were ecstatic with Brexit, and will be beaming when Marine Le Pen wins the elections [in France] in six months’ time.”