Scottish Dawn – Alloa Demonstration – March 2017

This happened back in March, but escaped my attention until now. This is a demonstration by a new nationalist group, Scottish Dawn. It’s very important as it marks a resurgence in UK nationalist activity following the outlawing of National Action.

Taken from the Scottish Dawn website:

Scottish Dawn is a patriotic society for the defence of our race and nation active across Scotland. The monopoly on Scottish nationalism by a corrupt internationalist liberal elite has undermined our identity and done nothing to relieve the trauma of post-industrial poverty brought on by the global economic system they represent. Those standing for the preservation of our people and who struggle against the problems brought by multiculturalism are met with resistance. We seek to oppose this arrogant system and give our people a voice through direct action, organisation, demonstrations, and philanthropic acts. If this is something you wish to be part of then join us.


“The People Of Sunderland Have Had Enough!”

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I thought I’d make just a quick post on a demonstration which took place in Sunderland in the North East of England last weekend.

The reason for the demonstration was that a local woman, Chelsey Wright, was drugged and gang raped by Muslim immigrants:

‘A brave mum from Sunderland has spoken out giving up her right to anonymity following alleged kidnap, gang rape, and brutal attack by six immigrants from Syria and Iraq. She simply does not want incidents like this to be pushed under the carpet.

Since we reported this The Six men arrested within this case have been released without charge. Due to this there are a number of details within the article we cannot reveal.

Following the event the people of Sunderland came together and supported Chelsey Wright following the attack in which she says she was spiked and then attacked by six men.

Chelsey has spoken out following her shock that the six people who attacked her are not on remand and free to walk the streets.

She reported to police that she was kidnapped, gang raped, and beaten in the early hours of 4th September 2016.

Sunderland come out in support following the attack on Chelsey who is a mum of three boys. Today she has taken to social media to set the record straight and tell people what she believes happened to her.

It’s a depressingly familiar story, however, the people of Sunderland have organised two demonstrations against their local (Labour) councillors, the police and the immigrants themselves, In other words, they’re having non of it!

This is the video of the second demo which took place last weekend which I found to be simply wonderful.

I’ve spent the last few days pondering over why a speech and gathering of ordinary folk from Sunderland made such an impression on me and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because there’s no ideology on display here. There are no banners or flags, except their ‘Justice For Chelsey’ placards, there’s no symbols, it’s just the common man speaking common sense, and it’s extraordinarily effective.

A couple of years back I attended a PEGIDA event which was the polar opposite, the Counter Jihad crew were on hand shilling for Zion with Israeli flags, there was Churchill and Union Jacks and Spitfires. The problem is when you invoke the icons and symbolism of a political camp, whatever that camp happens to be, you then have to go about selling that ideological dogma to the general public.

But to be of the general public, to genuinely be the ‘every-man’ is dynamite, there are no flags with skulls and lightning needed, no bomber jackets and bulldogs. It is of course true that an event such as in Sunderland could be attacked by Anti-Fa goons, but to what end? their reputation is dire enough, usually it’s a contest between two rival ideological factions, Left-Right, but if Anti-Fa thugs showed up at the Sunderland demo and began throwing rocks and bricks at the general public? it’s untenable.

From the perspective of the establishment, standing in a city centre and demanding to know why immigrant rapists are being flooded into your town is a highly political act, nigh on revolutionary!. But at the same time it’s simply common sense, the speaker does not need ideology, his ideology is truth and honesty, as the old saying has it: Speak the truth and shame the devil.

London, United Kingdom: Britain First & English Defence League March Against Islamic Terrorism

April 1st, London, England.

In the wake of the Westminster terror attack, a Britain First/EDL march was held in the nation’s capital drawing about 250 participants.

Image result for edl britain first london

Coming out of apparent retirement to attend the protest was former EDL leader Tommy Robinson.

Image result for edl britain first london

Coming out to counter protest the event were a similar number of antifa, mostly under the banner of Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

Despite most people from opposing sides being separated by some distance & a large number of police, minor scuffles took place.

No injuries were reported, but 14 arrests were made. All of these seem to be from the counter protesters, as they were trying to fight with police after being unable to reach the anti-terror march.

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After Britain First & the EDL marched around and their leaders gave a series of speeches, the event concluded successfully.

Telford, UK – Three Arrested As Britain First Supporters Clash With Antifa

Britain first march

THREE men have been arrested after Britain First members clashed with anti-white protesters during a march through Telford.

 The counter jihad group’s leader Paul Golding and his deputy Jayda Fransen joined protesters, including one supporter wearing a Donald Trump mask, as they met in Telford, Shropshire on Saturday afternoon.

Supporters marched from the town’s train station to a nearby council building where they held a rally with anti-Muslim speeches.The group said they were in Telford to expose ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ which have been covered up by the authorities.

Britain First members
Supporters, including one man who was wearing a Donald Trump mask, waved Union Jack flags and sang ‘Rule Britannia’ during the march.

There was a heavy police presence in Telford as a counter protest by Unite Against Fascism was organised close to the scene of the Britain First rally.

West Mercia Police confirmed three men who belonged to the counter protest had been arrested.

A 27-year-old man from Gloucester was arrested on suspicion of affray after a woman in her 50s was injured by a missile.

A police spokesperson said: “She received medical treatment at the scene and has since been discharged.”

The force confirmed a 29 year-old man from Selly Oak, Birmingham, was arrested on suspicion of a breach of Section 14 of the Public Order Act.

A 64-year-old man from Telford was also arrested on suspicion of breach of the peace.

Italy: Generation Identity Disrupt Moslem Propaganda Event, Forza Nuova Protest Against Refugees

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In Italy there has been a propaganda campaign called “I am Italy too” in which various Muslims and brownskins claim to be Italian. Yesterday Muslims were holding one of these propaganda events in the city of Borgosesia.

Their plans were disrupted by Generation Identity, as seen below. I actually didn’t know Generation Identity was active in Italy. The video was obviously posted by a Muslim, so ignore the text at the end.
Forza Nuova were also demonstrating on January 13th in Milan.
I like the graphical style of these old posters. The Alt Right should try and revive that.

Update From Poland: Two Protests Against Islam, Muslim Owned Businesses Attacked

Katowice, Poland: Nationalists protest against the proposed taxpayer funding of a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

Elk, Poland: On New Years Eve, a man tossed a firecracker in the general direction of a Kabab shop. Four Muslims exited the shop and stabbed the Polish man to death.

Over 250 people came to the scene of the crime to protest, which quickly turned into a riot as two muslim owned businesses were attacked & vandalized. Protesters also attacked the police, who were trying to protect the businesses, with molotov cocktails & rocks. Over a dozed people have been arrested.


Culemborg, Netherlands: Islamic Centre Burnt Down In Suspected Arson Attack

AN ISLAMIC centre has been torched to the ground by a suspected arsonist as emergency services desperately try to save anyone who may have been trapped inside.


Fire crews and police are desperately trying to extinguish the blaze, which has engulfed the entire building.

Police reported that the fire appears to have been started deliberately by an arsonist and it has spread across two buildings, both of which are known to contain asbestos.

The site, formerly a public swimming baths, was bought earlier this year by the Association of Islamic Communities in Culemborg, which had submitted plans to turn the building into a mosque.

Mosque fire Culemborg Holland Nederlands

There is an existing islamic prayer room at the rear of the building and it is not clear whether anyone was using that at the time of the suspected attack.

It is not clear if anyone has been injured in the blaze or if any arrests have been made.

The fire was said to have spread to two other buildings stocked with heat resistant abstestos.

The building was damaged significantly and part of it collapsed following the blaze.

It is not yet known if someone was inside the building at the time of the fire.

No arrest has been made so far, but the authorities have launched a probe into an alleged hate crime.

Flames outside the Islamic Centre

The exact cause of the fire is still unknown, but arson is highly suspected and the police are investigating it.

On Wednesday night, five cars went up in flames in the Twerweijde neighbourhood in the city.

The police do not believe that the fire spread from one car to another.

Fire in Islamic Prayer Hall

The police are investigating if there is a link between the car fire and the swimming pool fire.

Earlier in December, a man shot and injured three people when he burst into a Muslim prayer hall in the Swiss city of Zurich.