Kiev, Ukraine: Nationalists Factions Unite To Demonstrate Against Government

Feb. 22, 2017.

On the third anniversary of the victory in the Maidan revolution, gained at the cost of the blood of the “Heavenly Hundred,” the biggest nationalist movements (and political parties) of Ukraine, Azov National Corps, Svoboda and Right Sector, issued the joint ultimatum to current Ukrainian authorities in the course of the many thousands-strong “March of the National Dignity” in Kyiv.



It must be noted that separate requirements of the ultimatum were previously raised by this or that political force on its own – for instance, the rally in support of the all-Ukrainian referendum on no-confidence motion against the authorities organized by Right Sector, back then under Dmytro Yarosh’s leadership, a rally against the adoption of the amendment to the Constitution of Ukraine on elections and granting “the special status” to temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions which was organized by Svoboda, a 10-thousand strong march on the same occasion held by Azov National Corps at the end of last spring, as well as a series of subsequent social actions against economic policies of the government.

However, these protest actions were mostly considered a show of power by the rivaling political parties; nobody expected that nationalists would finally form a single movement. Preliminary talks on joining efforts of the Ukrainian nationalist organizations in order to increase the strength of certain manifestations (e.g. support for political prisoners, marches, protests against the illegal construction) have been conducted since summer, and now they yielded this result.

The gathering place of the March, the space around the Stella of Independence at the Independence Square, was too small to host all the event participants. After the huge procession finally lined up, it started moving towards Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) across the governmental quarter where the presidential administration is situated. The column was headed by the organizations’ leaders: Andriy Biletsky (National Corps), Oleg Tiahnybok (Svoboda), Andriy Tarasenko (Right Sector).



Afterwards the marching column reached its destination, the Parliament of Ukraine. When the leaders of the movements finished their speeches on a stage, a group of MPs headed by Andriy Biletsky entered the Parliament. At the parliamentary session he recited the ultimatum to the current authorities, which was broadcast on a large screen outside in between the speeches by prominent Ukrainian public figures like Levko Lukyanenko, Vasyl Shkliar and Roman Koval.



The ultimatum says:

“We speak on behalf of working and belligerent Ukraine. The former you destroy, the latter betray.

Today a handful of millionaires and billionaires usurped all power in the country. The president, the government and the vast majority of Parliament belong to the same clique. On the international arena, you claim to represent people who did not entitle you to exercise anything.

You are accountable for:

– The privatization and sale of the country;

– Extermination of Ukrainians by hunger, unemployment rates and tariffs;

– Humiliation, submission and surrender of the lands to the Kremlin.

We, Ukrainian nationalists, unite our efforts to counter giving up the country to the armed invaders from the East and the financial extortionists from the West, and most importantly – to destroy the thieves’ clique called today “the authorities.”


As statists, we demand a new political course based on the priority of the national interests:

1. We will not allow the privatization of strategic enterprises;

2. We will not allow agricultural land sale;

3. We will not allow the quarterly rising prices for utilities;

4. We will not allow the destruction of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and revision of the taxation system;

5. We will not allow raising the retirement age;

6. We demand the so-called special areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions (controlled by terrorists) be recognized as the occupied territories;

7. We demand termination of all diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation;

8. We demand a real efficient mechanism of the president’s impeachment.

We, Ukrainian nationalists, are united and determined as never before. We assure you that if you try to ignore of our demands, we will have enough strength and courage to ensure the dissolution of the Parliament.

We begin the struggle to alter the selling authorities to the Ukrainian!

Glory to Ukraine!“



January 1st, 2017: Ukrainian Nationalists Hold Marches To Commemorate The 108th Birthday Of Stepan Bandera

Ukrainian nationalists hold torchlit march in Kiev to mark anniversary of Nazi collaborator Bandera

Organized primarily by Svoboda & Right Sector, thousands of Ukrainian Nationalists held demonstrations in celebration of the 108th birthday of Stepan Bandera, national hero of the Ukraine.

Stepan Bandera was a WWII leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, famous for working with National Socialist Germany to defeat the Soviets before turning on them later in the war. The OUN & it’s splinter groups would continue fighting communist forces in Ukraine until the mid 1950s.

The largest of these celebratory marches was held in the nation’s capitol of Kiev, in which thousands marched under nationalist banners.

A smaller demonstration was held at the same time in Ternopil, organized by the local branch of Right Sector.

Earlier in the day, an event was held in Stepan Bandera’s home town of Uhryniv, again organized by Right Sector & Svoboda, and attended by members of the clergy.

Several days prior, Right Sector members assembled in the mountains outside Ivano-Frankivsk to commemorate soldiers of the OUN who fell in battle there against the NKVD in 1952.

All events were held successfully without arrests or violence.







Azov Update, December 2016 *Updated December 16th*

Thousands of Azov nationalists hold torch-lit march in Kharkiv

Oleg Shiryaev on “the Ukrainian Order” in Kharkiv

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On Dec. 11, in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv there was held a meeting with leader of the AZOV movement Andriy Biletsky & the staff of the AZOV Civil Corps in Kharkiv and its head Oleg Shiryaev, also known as the leader of Eastern Corps.

He summarized the purpose of the meeting in his welcome speech.

“Dear comrades!

Today’s event was held under the slogan of “Ukrainian Order.”

Why the Ukrainian order? Because everything that surrounds us – chaos, destruction, decomposition of a society – all of this is anything but order.

Against the background of the society’s moral impoverishment and a lack of the solid national strategy, the AZOV movement is the force that has to undertake the functions of a state.

By this moment we have created:

1. The best volunteer military movement. Our military forces are involved in the ATO: they reconquered Mariupol, the most important region in the South-East of Ukraine.

2. Once we realized that the society is inert and hesitant, we have created a social movement – the AZOV Civil Corps.

Our NGO, for the first time in all 25 years of Ukraine’s independence, has managed to launch without any government assistance the following initiatives:

– create a program of a military-patriotic education for the youth which is successfully used by schools, vocational schools and universities in the region;
– open a gym network in Kharkiv and its region;
– establish a permanent assistance to orphanages;
– form territorial defense units in the region;
– organize a children camp in Valky;
– solving the ecological problems in the region;
– actively combating social plagues (destruction of drug dens and termination of an illegal alcohol and gambling business).

Our activities are systematic, clear and transparent. Thus our struggle logically continued at the political level in the ranks of the party “National Corps.”

I urge all of you to occupy an active life and citizen’s position.
Let’s build up Ukraine together!
The future belongs to us!“ said Oleg.


December 18 in Kiev! Top Black Metal divisions from France, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.


“Pact of Steel”  “Asgardsrei V” pre-festival conference

“PACT OF STEEL” (between East and West) – a symbolic name of the event to be held under the auspices of the “RECONQUISTA” project that will gather in Kyiv the novel “conquistadors” from across all Western and Eastern Europe.

This Saturday, Dec. 17, all guests of the Asgardsrei V festival will have a unique opportunity to have an open talk with PESTE NOIRE and M8L8TH, get exclusive merch, take autographs and listen to a number of festival-relevant speeches by the invited lecturers.

The conference begins at 16.00 in the big hall of “The House of the Architect” at Borysa Grinchenko Str., 7 (3 minutes walking distance from the famous Maidan Square). Admission is free for all ticket holders for the Asgardsrei V festival. If you have not purchased tickets yet, they will be available at the conference. If you paid your ticket online, you can come to the conference and pick it up at the entrance.

The conference is given with English translation. It will last approximately 3 hours and will be divided into three parts:

Part 1: An open talk with PESTE NOIRE and M8L8TH in the question / answer format. The general procedure is as follows: line up, ask a question and get an answer from the scene. Communication with KPN will be carried out with the help of translators. Please ask only thoughtful and relevant questions. The first part is scheduled for one hour; the duration will depend on the audience.

The audience will have the opportunity not only to look behind the scenes of the creative cuisine of the bands, but also to look through their eyes at the cultural and political situation in France and Putin’s Russia.



Part 2: Speeches by guest lectures on the following topics:

– Igor Garkavenko (revolutionary, publicist): “The Revolution of Europe.”
– Sviatoslav Vyshynsky (philosopher, author of “Metaphysica Nova”): “Dark Music in the Dark Times.”
– Olena Semenyaka (philosopher, scholar of Conservative Revolution): “The Aristocracy of the Spirit and the Great European Reconquista.”
– Ivan Mikheev (publicist, political emigrant): ” Horizons of Neo-paganism.“
+ Others. Approximate duration of the second part is a little more than an hour.

Listeners will be able to acquire printed products of the “RECONQUISTA”

Part 3: An autograph-session and coffee. All participants will be able to purchase print products of the “RECONQUISTA” project.

IMPORTANT: the entire range of products from all the bands taking part in the festival – Nokturnal Mortum, Peste Noire, M8L8TH, Kroda, Wehrwolf (Kamaedzitsa) will be available at the conference. Some products are limited in number, so if you want to be sure to get your merch, come on Saturday: at the same time, you will get autographs on posters, СDs, and so on.

This conference is a great opportunity for all the foreign guests to get in touch with each other and have some nice time together on the day prior to the festival. Don’t miss it! Saturday, December 17, at 16.00 – Borysa Grinchenko Str., 7.


Ukraine: Former Deputy Commander Of The Azov Battalion Named As New Head Of National Police Force

Image result for Vadym Troyan

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov named Vadym Troyan as head of the national police force on Monday after his predecessor Khatiya Dekanoidze resigned over MPs’ interference in her efforts to clean up corruption.

Mr Troyan was appointed Kiev’s chief of police in November 2014.

Before that, he was was deputy commander of the hardline nationalist Azov Battalion and an active member of the nationalist organization Patriots of Ukraine.

Image result for Vadym Troyan

Several websites reported this year that Mr Troyan had organised surveillance of journalist Pavel Sheremet before his assassination in a car bombing on July 20.

Police later announced that an internal investigation had cleared Mr Troyan.



March of The Nation: Over 10,000 Nationalists March In Kiev

Over 10,000 patriots marched across the Kyiv city center bearing torches, flags & banners on Oct. 14, 2016 to mark the Day of Ukraine’s Defender (similar to the American Memorial Day) which is the traditional warrior holiday in the Ukrainian culture. Organized by the AZOV movement, the March of the Nation was supported by Right Sector, C14 and other nationalist organizations, as well as numerous city residents. It has become the bright symbolic conclusion of the party congress of National Corps – a newly established electoral wing of the AZOV movement.


The march, accompanied by the songs of famous patriotic Ukrainian performers, lasted for 3 hours. It started from the Motherland Monument and proceeded through the historical city center of Ukraine to St. Sophia Square and the monument to Bohdan Khmelnytsky. The longest stop was made on Grushevskogo street where more than two years ago, in winter of 2014, were killed Heroes of Heavenly Hundred. (Those who were killed by police during the Maidan Revolution.) The leaders of movements and organizers of the march laid flowers at the memorial to the fallen to honor their memory and the memory of Ukrainian soldiers killed in the current war. “Peace – only after victory!“ was written on one of the banners.

As soon as the march reached its destination, the participants listened to the speeches by the leaders of organizations. They emphasized two main ideas. First, they sent a clear message to the Ukrainian government: “We entered the streets to show the authorities that we won’t give up and are prepared to take decisive actions when they try to betray Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.” Second was the idea of solidarity of nationalist organizations that joined forces at the march and are ready to form a common political front. “The strength is in unity,” stressed Andriy Biletsky, the leader if National Corps and the entire AZOV movement.

The march ended with a collective reciting of the prayer of Ukrainian Nationalist – a traditional rite of the AZOV movement.

Kiev, Ukraine: Local Residents & AZOV vs. Capitalism & the State

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AZOV struggles against the illegal construction. On the detainment of Sergiy Filimonov (UPD)

Prehistory of the conflict

Since February 2016 the residents of the house #3 on Sviatoshynsky lane in Kyiv have been fighting against the illegal construction of the skyscraper in front of their home. This space is reserved for a children’s playground and parking, moreover, there was a landslide, which means that any kinds of construction, normally forbidden in the yards of the dwelling houses, become a crime. It’s only one of numerous cases of illegal construction across the city, often at the expense of destroying the historical face of Kyiv. It’s no wonder that many citizens approve of the moratorium on the further construction of the houses, both legal and illegal.

September 5 happened the annual protest action of the residents against the “building mafia” which was violently dispersed by anonymous hired thugs – the so-called “titushki” named after their iconic leader Titushko and widely known for an infamous role they played during the Maidan revolution. When the shocked citizens showed their smashed heads to the “Azovians” who support the residents’ demands, the AZOV Civil Corps couldn’t help coming to their rescue.

Stone Age-2. Epic yet risky battles of AZOV with the “building mafia”

September 8, activists of the AZOV Civil Corps participated in the next picket against the illegal construction in the area of Sviatoshynsky lane in Kyiv. The thugs started burning tires and throwing stones at the protesters. The latter, in turn, were storming the fence delimiting the field of illegal construction. They had to overcome 3 (!) lines of defense fortified with the barbed wire. In the end, over 30 activists were injured. One of them required 25 stitches for the head injury. Besides, “titushki” were shooting lead bullets with a traumatic pistol. Newly created police for some reason did nothing to stop them. However, in the end of the day the victory was on the protesters’ side. The AZOV Civil Corps ruined the fence and fortifications of the thugs, but understood: so far they won the battle, not the war, and it was only the beginning of the struggle.






Police disrupts the civil blockade of the “Kyivmiskbud” company

The next day, Sep. 9, the AZOV Civil Corps in the symbolic amount of 20-30 people brought physical proofs of the violence inflicted upon the activists during yesterday’s clashes to the building of “Kyivmiskbud” (“Kyivan urban construction”), having blocked all the entrances to the building. By preventing the workers from doing their job, AZOV substantiated the demand to get a list with the names of thugs who were hired by the company to beat the residents and their supporters. To the latter’s surprise, over 40 policemen dispersed the protesters, having beaten them and detained the ones within their reach.




In particular, one of policemen wearing the civilian clothes attacked the head of the Kyiv branch of the AZOV Civil Corps, Sergiy Filimonov, provoked the fight with him and got hit in response. Predictably, “Filya” is currently accused of assaulting a policemen, although the police brutality against him was filmed in the video.




Furthermore, the journalist protesting against illegal actions of the presumably reformed after the revolution and “civilised” law enforcement, got his nose broken by one of its employees. Finally, one of them shouted “We were killing you in the Maidan and will keep killing you!” The reforms are striking, aren’t they?..


The AZOV Civil Corps rallies in front of the police department

The AZOV Civil Corps did not give up and announced mobilization of all available activists and sympathizers in front of the Pechersk district police department. The rally lasted for several hours and was widely covered by the journalists. “One for all and all for one!” chanted Nazar Kravchenko, the head of staff of the AZOV Civil Corps, and its members repeated after him the classic slogan. Representatives of Right Sector, Svoboda and C14 also came to support the protesters. Andriy Biletsky, the leader of the AZOV movement and Oleg Petrenko, its longtime member and defender of political prisoners, as MPs of Ukraine, entered the department to release the detainees. As a result, all of them were freed except for Filya whose release is expected Sep. 10, after another solidarity rally in front of the court’s building.




“Kyivmiskbud” vows to suspend construction in the city

The reaction of “Kyivmiskbud” was immediate: the company threatened to suspend all construction works across the city due to the fact that AZOV does not let them do their duties (meaning the blockade of illegal construction on Sviatoshynsky lane, 3). Given that “Kyivmiskbud” is a privatized after the fall of Soviet Union state enterprise that receives billions of money, the AZOV Civil Corps must have spoiled quite a profitable for them corruption scheme. During the presidential cadence of Yanukovych, director of  “Kyivmiskbud” Igor Kushnir was a deputy of Defense Minister Mykhailo Yezhel, who has fled the country after the revolution and is currently accused of destroying the Ukrainian army’s logistical support and selling out the armament. No doubt, one may only welcome the suspension of their activities thanks to a single protest action against the illegal construction by AZOV. Residents of the house #3 on Sviatoshynsky lane definitely share this opinion and gladly give all kinds of assistance to the activists of the AZOV Civil Corps who opened another centre of Public Reception of Andriy Biletsky at the place of liquidated illegal construction.




Rally in support of Sergiy Filimonov at Pechersky District Court

Sep. 10 at Pechersky District Court in Kyiv began the trial in the case of Sergiy Filimonov. Activists of the AZOV Civil Corps showed massive support to their comrade at the walls of the building. Andriy Biletsky and Oleg Petrenko, as MPs, appealed to the fact that the policeman was dressed in civilian clothes and thus has no right to charge Sergiy with violence against the police officer. They requested to bail Filya out of prison. The request was fulfilled: currently, Sergiy is free!

But the struggle with the “building mafia” goes on…






Upcoming Event: Asgardsrei V, Kiev, Ukraine 18 DECEMBER 2016

The fifth edition of the legendary Asgardsrei festival is coming to Kiev this winter! Top Black Metal...


The fifth edition of the legendary Asgardsrei festival is coming to Kiev this winter! Top Black Metal divisions from France, Ukraine and Russia are uniting forces to unleash the Wild Hunt. Final line-up:

NOKTURNAL MORTUM – Titans of Ukrainian Black Metal present a great program, performing the old hymns along with the new songs from the upcoming album “The Truth”

PESTE NOIRE – Black Metal Kommando of the French brawlers under the leadership of Famine – «l’enfant terrible» of the dark scene, will play their first overseas concert after years of reclusion.

M8L8TH – Militant Black Metal Stormtroopers get ready a whole clip of fresh ammunition for “The Wild Hunt”.

KRODA – after many years legends of the HelCarpathian Black Metal return to Kiev, bringing dark spirits of misty mountains.

SVARGA from Kiev will present new material at the concert, in the same spirit of aggressive heathen Black Metal.

Asgardsrei V festival is going to take place at the Sentrum Club – one of the largest concert halls in Kiev city-center, located at the following address: Shota Rustaveli street, 11.