Operation Whitefish: New List of Collaborators with Jew Racketeers – TAKE ACTION

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“Hello, Jews. Yes, this is the Daily Stormer calling. It’d like to file a complaint.”

We’re wining big in Whitefish, in our battle against the sickening Jew racket running the town.

For anyone who doesn’t know what’s going down, I wrote a big article on it Wednesday, and did a podcast. You’d better catchup quickly, and join this MEGA TROLLSTORM.

Today, the governor canceled his planned press conference to address the Daily Stormer, presumably because he found out just want kind of twisted skulduggery these vicious Jews are up to.

There is total radio silence from Tanya Gersh, according to Haaretz. She has shut down her social media sites and has turned off her phone. She is not even communicating with the Jew media itself. Most importantly, the realty company she is employed by has removed her profile from the site, suggesting that they fear an incoming lawsuit.

As the old gambler’s adage goes: never quit while you’re ahead.

We are continuing our barrage against the criminal Jews of Whitefish and their racketeering cartel.

Now, we contact associated business connections and ask them to withdraw support.

You want to be polite here. Simply tell them that you are disgusted by the racketeering and will be boycotting any business that supports the criminals involved, which includes Tanya Gersh and the members of the terror group Love Lives Here.

You may also tell them that the governor canceled his press conference in support of Gersh and LLH, indicating that they may soon face criminal charges for their racketeering scam, and people want to be aware that they may suffer for these connections to a known criminal gang.

Today’s List

We’re going to start today with a solid list. We’ll be releasing more numbers/contact information on Monday.

All our international callers need to add 001 or +1 before dialing these numbers. And we do need our international support.

Tanya Gersh’s Employers

As I said, Gersh may have already been fired. But we still need to put pressure on her (potentially former) employer.

When you call/write, urge them to make a public statement distancing themselves from the Gersh extortion racket.

Purewest Real Estate

Main office phone: (406) 751-5600

Whitefish office phone: (406) 862-4900

Email: info@purewestmt.com

You can also use this list to randomly call other realtors and ask what it is they are doing about the Gersh situation.

Christie’s International Real Estate (Purewest’s parent company)

New York, New York
Tel: +1 212 468 7182
Email: northeastregion@christiesrealestate.com

London, England
Tel: +44 (0)20 7389 2551
Email: europe@christiesrealestate.com

Beverly Hills, California
Tel: +1 310 385 2600
Email: westernregion@christiesrealestate.com

Chicago, Illinois
Tel: +1 312 618 3325
Email: centralregion@christiesrealestate.com

You can send out a single email to all those addressed, complaining about the Gersh racketeering/extortion situation, and ask them what they’re doing to solve it.

Twitter: @ChristiesHomes

Associations Purewest Belongs To

Tell these people about the unethical behavior Purewest is engaged in, which includes – but is to limited to – racketeering and extortion.

Billings Association of REALTORS: (406) 248-7145

Gallatin Association of REALTORS, Steve Candler CEO (406) 585-0033, (406) 587-8824 (fax), steve@gallatinrealtors.com

Missoula Organization of REALTORS: (406) 728-0560, file ethics complaint here,

Northwest Montana Association of Realtors (406) 752-4313

Associated Terror Groups

Montana Human Rights Network

This is the parent organization of Love Lives Here. We have already contacted LLH, but we need to reach out to these people as well, and ask them why they are threatening protests against the mothers of political dissidents, and voice our disapproval.

Phone: (406) 442-5506

Email: network@mhrn.org, media@mhrn.org

Twitter: @MTHumanRights

Terror-Supporting Businesses

Tree Hugger Soap

This business has been aggressively assisting the Jewish extortion racket in Whitefish, offering them moral and perhaps even material support. Make it clear that this is intolerable.

Email: treehuggersoapco@gmail.com

Twitter: @treehuggersoap

Facebook (Report for supporting terrorism)


The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery

Run by Michelle Saurey and her husband Peter Edland, this frame shop has been providing support for the terror group Love Lives Here since before all of this began, and we need to make it known that this is sickening.

Address: 305 Baker Avenue
Whitefish, MT 59937

Phone number: 406-863-2787

Email: thewalkingman@cyberport.net



Google reviews

DO NOT target The Buffalo Cafe, as they appear to be innocent in all of this and have been getting calls. The owner is apparently a non-Jew, and has not voiced support for Jewish terrorism.

Husband’s Business Associates

Tanya Gersh’s Jew husband is certainly responsible for providing material support to the terroristic actions of his wife. As such, it is important to make it clear to his business associates that we are outraged.

We are looking into the dirty dealings of VISCOMI & GERSH, but if you’ve had a bad experience with them, feel free to write a review.

Google Reviews


Jonah Gersh Clients

Call these people and demand they cut ties to Jonah Gersh, due to his wife’s terrorist activities.

The Lodge at Whitefish

Address: 1380 Wisconsin Avenue, Whitefish, MT 59937

Phone number: (406) 863-4000

Toll Free: (877) 887-4026

Fax: (406) 863-2750

Email: info@lodgeatwhitefishlake.com

Google reviews

The Firebrand Hotel

Phone: (406) 863-1900

Toll Free: (844) 863-1900

Email: guestservices@firebrandhotel.com, concierge@firebrandhotel.com

Google reviews

Government Officials

Contact these people and demand that they denounce the terroristic extortion racket of Tanya Gersh.

Whitefish Chamber of Commerce

Contact these people and report the dirty dealings of Tanya Gersh and Love Lives Here, as well as the business associations.

Address: 307 Spokane Ave, Ste 103
PO Box 1120
Whitefish, MT 59937

Phone number: (406) 862-3501

Fax number: (406) 862-9494

email: visit@whitefishchamber.org

State Officials

Ask them to denounce the Whitefish extortion racket.

Governor Steve Bullock

Bullock canceled his press conference defending Gersh and LLH, but he did write a vague op-ed saying he’s against hate, and thereby apparently supporting Gersh.

Phone number: (406) 422-0115, (406) 444-3111

Email: bullock@stevebullock.com

Twitter: @GovernorBullock

Senator Steve Daines

Phone number: (202) 224-2651

Contact form

Twitter: @SteveDaines

Senator Jon Tester

Phone number: (202) 224-2644

Contact form

Twitter: @SenatorTester


If you are a true warrior for the cause, you will make time to contact all of these people.

I’m serious.

We are all busy. Trust me, I know about busy. But this is so, so important. We have to stand up to these people, and we have to force an apology from Tanya Gersh and Love Lives Here. This will be an absolutely massive victory for our cause. We have never done this before.

There has never been a more important call to action on this site.

This is the revolution.

When we win this, every single one of these Jews will think twice before coming after us and our families. We are setting a precedent here. I simply cannot stress the importance of this action.

So, if you don’t have time: make time. Call and email all of these people. Do it right now.


Next Step

For the next phase of our plan against Jew Gersh and Jew Love Lives Here, we are planning an armed protest in Whitefish.

Montana has extremely liberal open carry laws, so my lawyer is telling me we can easily march through the center of the town carrying high-powered rifles.

I myself am planning on being there to lead the protest, which has been dubbed “March on Whitefish.”

Currently, my guys say we are going to be able to put together about 200 people to participate in the march, which will be against Jews, Jewish businesses and everyone who supports either. We will be busing in skinheads from the Bay Area.

I have already worked out most of the details with the leaders of the local groups. Several of our top supporters from Silicon Valley have offered to provide significant support for the march, but we may need to solicit donations to pay for gas/food for the skinheads. I will keep you informed on that.

We’re shooting for the second week of January – just before the inauguration.

Stay tuned.

Hail Victory.


Whitefish, Montana: The Front Line Of The Alt-Right Struggle

First, a brief summary of the situation. All text & information taken from The Daily Stormer, from articles by Andrew Anglin & Eric Striker.

Here’s the timeline so far:

  • Richard Spencer gave a speech in Washington, DC which got widespread media coverage because some people threw up straight-armed salutes at the end of it.
  • The Jew realtor Tanya Gersh, working with the Jewish terror group “Love Lives Here” contacted Richard Spencer’s mother in Whitefish and told her if she didn’t sell her commericial building in the center of Whitefish, they would bring 200 protesters to the building and drive down property value. She also demanded that after selling the building, Mrs. Spencer give a portion of the proceeds to Love Lives Here. She went so far as to offer to be the realtor dealing with the sale.
  • The Jew Gersh threatened tenants in Madam Spencer’s building, telling them their businesses would be boycotted because they are renting from a racist (Richard’s mother has said repeatedly that she does not agree with Richard’s beliefs, but Jews don’t care).
  • Mrs. Spencer published a piece on Medium, explaining her side of the story, and published her email exchanges with Gersh, which contained threats and demands she apologize for the beliefs of her son.
  • The Daily Stormer posted a protest article, pointing out that this is blatant, open extortion against a man’s mother because of his political beliefs, and urging readers to contact the Jews involved and let them know that they see their Jew behavior and they do not approve. Contact information was posted, including social media contacts, email addresses, phone numbers and business addresses (no home addresses were posted, despite the initial claims of the lying kike media – they have now stopped saying that).
  • A media storm ensued, with the Jew-run media claiming that the Jews of Whitefish were victims, and I was “targeting them for harassment” and “threatening” them for no reason.
  • World Jewry rallied to defend the Jews of Montana.
  • The Jew Gersh took down all her social media accounts, turned off her phone and contacted the police.

Jews Targeting Richard Spencer’s Mother for Harassment and Extortion – TAKE ACTION!


This is the Jews for you, people.

They are a vicious, evil race of hate-filled psychopaths.

When you do something they don’t like, they will use the power of the media to come down on you, assassinate your character. They will call you names and accuse you of all sorts of things. They will go after your money.

If all of that fails, they will attack your mother.

This is a people without shame.

Daily Mail:

The mother of white supremacist Richard Spencer claims she is suffering financially due to the backlash against her son’s controversial views.

Sherry Spencer, who lives in Whitefish, Montana, said she is being forced to sell a building she owns in the small town because residents are rebelling against her son.

Richard Spencer shot to prominence last month when footage emerged of him delivering a ‘hateful speech’ at a white nationalist meeting held to celebrate Donald Trump’s election win.

A video by The Atlantic taken inside the Ronald Reagan building showed Spencer, leader of the National Policy Institute, shouting, ‘Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!’ as some of the people in attendance lifted their hands in a Nazi salute.

The speech drew intense criticism from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, which said in a statement Spencer made: ‘several direct and indirect references to Jews and other minorities, often alluding to Nazism.’

And according to Sherry Spencer, the criticism has been echoed by people in her hometown – where he son also has a business registered and visits regularly.

Sherry Spencer told KTMF she is selling a building she owns at 22 Lupfer Avenue, which she currently sublets. It houses a beauty salon and vacation rentals. She also runs a real estate business from the building.

‘As painful as this is, I am exploring a potential sale of the building,’ she said.

She also took aim at a local human rights group, Love Lives Here, and accused it of damaging her family.

‘We are stunned by the actions of Love Lives Here, an organization claiming to advocate tolerance and equal treatment of all citizens, yet coursing financial harm to many innocent parties,’ she said.

One of the strongest opponents to Sherry is local real estate agent Tanya Gersh, who said Spencer has backed her son and allowed him to spread his views.

‘She is profiting off of the people of the local community, all the while having facilitated Richard’s work spreading hate by letting him live and use her home address for his organization,’ Gersh told the network.

Love Lives Here also responded to Sherry’s remarks, saying it ‘did not know what she (was) talking about’.

‘We don’t cause financial harm to anybody,’ co-founder Ina Albert said, before going on to say the group does not have a specific problem with the Spencers.

‘I don’t know what (Richard) does when he comes here. But that is not our problem with Richard Spencer.

‘It is the National Policy Institute and what that stands for and our town being smeared by his philosophy.’

The National Policy Institute was established in 2005 by Spencer, and it is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as ‘hate group’.

Gersh went on to call for Sherry to sell the building immediately, and then use the money to help human rights causes.

‘(She) Could address this by selling the building, making a donation to human rights efforts, and making a statement in opposition to white supremacist ideas spread by Richard,’ Gersh said.

A donation, they say.

This is what they do. It is clear and obvious extortion. They are saying “give us money, or we are going to continue this campaign of terror against you and your family.” It couldn’t be any more clear. All of these Jew organizations engage in this transparent extortion racket with impunity.

This is Tanya Gersh:

Tanya Gersh, vice president of Bet Harim, the main Jewish organization in the area, says that the community was “super excited” at the news that Barnett and his friends were coming to celebrate Purim with them. “We don’t have a rabbi and we don’t have a synagogue, but we do have a kosher Torah and we try to get together for all the Jewish holidays,” Gersh says. “We feel that he (Barnett) is a product of this community,” she says. “We’re extremely proud.”

She also posts slut pics on the internet.

Tanya Gersh


The Jew hate group Love Lives Here is led by Francine Green Roston, a confirmed super-Jew. She is a female Rabbi and a “community activist.”

Francine Roston

The organization’s co-founder, Ina Albert, is also an extreme Jew, married to a rabbi.

Ina Albert

As the Forward tells us in their report on the attacks on Spencer’s mom:

“We certainly don’t want his ideology considered part of the Whitefish community,” said Ina Albert, an 81-year-old activist who describes herself as “very Jewish.” She was raised in Philadelphia and moved to Montana with her husband, the retired rabbi. “This is one of the most beautiful places on earth.”

There are only 6,000 Jews in the entire state of Montana, yet they’re 100% of the people trying to trying to silence Richard Spencer by harassing his mother.

So Then – Let’s Hit Em Up

Are y’all ready for an old fashioned Troll Storm?

Because AYO – it’s that time, fam.


Just make your opinions known. Tell them you are sickened by their Jew agenda to attack and harm the mother of someone whom they disagree with.

First things first: the Jew terrorist group Love Lives Here.

Please call them

Phone: 406-309-5678 (international callers add 001 to the beginning)

They also have a form you can fill with your complaints.

Ina Albert has an Amazon page.

Twitter: @inaalbert

Email: InaAlbert@me.com

Phone: 406-863-2333 (international callers add 001 to the beginning)

We also have some contact information for her husband, Rabbi Allen Secher – who goes by Pizzagatey handle “The Naked Rabbi.”

Email: sech1818@gmail.com

Twitter: @thenakedrabbi

Next: Tanya Gersh

Please call her and tell her what you think. And hey – if you’re in the area, maybe you should stop by and tell her in person what you think of her actions,.

Address: 121 Wisconsin Ave, Whitefish, MT 59937

Phone: (406) 261-4830 (international callers add 001 to the beginning)

You can also leave a review of her business on Google, and perhaps note that it is front for an extortion racket.

Her Jew husband, Judah Gersh, is a kike attorney.


You can give him a call or stop by his office and let him know what you think of his wife’s behavior, advise him to get a leash on that hoe.


121 Wisconsin Avenue
Whitefish, MT 59937

Phone: 406-862-7800 (international callers add 001 to the beginning)
Fax: 406-862-7820 (international faxers add 001 to the beginning)

You can also send him an email: mail@bigskyattorneys.com

He is on Google.

So – get to it!

Let these people know what you think!

Again – as always – don’t make any threats of violence and certainly don’t do anything violent. Don’t ever do anything illegal, ever. It is well within your rights to tell these people what you think of their actions, trying to extort Richard Spencer’s family.

This is very important. Calling these people up and/or sending them a quick message is very easy. It is very important that we make them feel the kind of pressure they are making us feel.

There hasn’t ever been a more important campaign than this.

So do it!


And now…

As we reported earlier today, the sickening Jew filth is attempting to send the FBI after me for telling people to send messages of protest to the Jews!

Well Jews – sorry! I don’t ever do anything illegal! I don’t even do cocaine or drive past the speed limit, let alone threaten to murder people on the internet!

What happened was the local police told the Jews that I had done nothing wrong, and the Jews kept on pushing the issue, to the point that it was referred to the FBI.

The New York Times has admitted that there were no death threats:

Lt. Bridger Kelch of the Police Department in the town in northwestern Montana said that the force was taking the measures after the website, The Daily Stormer, on Friday published phone numbers, work locations, email addresses, and photographs of six Flathead County residents.

The matter has been the topic of national news media articles after a local report in The Missoulian drew widespread attention on social media.

Reached by telephone, Lt. Kelch said Tuesday morning that the department was reviewing social media posts and emails directed at the six people, but that none had risen to death threats. He said the department was conducting patrols, but there had been no reported confrontations in person or by telephone. “We have been looking at any communications,” he said.

He added that some of the material had been shared with the F.B.I.

Sandra Barker, the spokeswoman for the agency’s Salt Lake City office, whose jurisdiction includes Montana, said in an emailed statement on Tuesday: “The F.B.I. is aware of the issue and is reviewing to determine if there is a violation of federal law.”

What federal law could be violated?

Is there a federal law against emailing the Jews????

Not yet!

Anyway, the whole media was reporting that there were “death threats” – even while none were presented. Of course, even if there were death threats, I wouldn’t be responsible for that – whoever sent them would be. But you all understand that we don’t want to give these people any ground to stand on, and they get that if there are actual death threats.

The Jews have now demanded that the police drive around their neighborhoods 24 hours a day, making sure that there are no Nazis waiting in the bushes, ready to pop out and turn them into lampshades.

Basically, the Jews are shocked that goyim such as we are legally allowed to disagree with them. They apparently just assume it is illegal.

Here is what Richard Spencer has to say about the situation.

International Jewry is rallying around the Jews of Montana.

A very telling article by the mousy New York Jewess Phoebe Maltz Bovy (Twitter: @tweetertation, email: maltzp@gmail.com) was published in the Jewish Daily Forward.

Bovy writes that it is unethical to target a man’s mother because of his beliefs, but that it doesn’t matter, because Jews suffer more than whites. She references Mrs. Spencer’s Medium article, where she talks about how this has affected her life, and says she just isn’t showing enough sympathy for the plight of Jews.

I think we, the outside observers, need to be careful not to conflate the financial setback his mother says she’s experiencing with the horror it would be right now to be a Jew in Whitefish, Montana, at a time when neo-Nazis are threatening the town’s few Jews, including children. She’s in a bad spot, yes, but not quite at the level of the young child being referred to (this is from the cached link in the Tablet post) as both “a creepy little faggot” and a “scamming little kike.”

Let me be clear: The chance fact of having an adult child who’s a white nationalist leader doesn’t make Sherry Spencer (or Rand, whose building it isn’t, and who therefore seems to be a bit less wrapped up in this) obligated to become White Gentile Ally of the Year, or otherwise engage in anti-racist activism. But she’d be let’s say a more likable protagonist if she spent a little less time holding forth on how attentively she’d decorated her “mixed-use building” and devoted, I don’t know, a sentence to acknowledging why her son has marginalized people, Jews especially in this case, so riled up. Or if she seemed even remotely aware of the comments from unabashed anti-Semites who have come out in her defense. “The apartments even include my original artwork, and the rooftop garden features my ceramic mural, which celebrates the Whitefish Winter Carnival,” writes Sherry Spencer on Medium, as if this were the issue.

Does Sherry Spencer’s apparent (that is, in these public statements) indifference to bigotry, apart from how it inconveniences her personally that her son is a high-profile bigot, make her, too, A Bigot, despite protests to the contrary? No. I think that’s the wrong way to look at it. Her public reaction is both understandable and emblematic of how racism and anti-Semitism operate.

And it’s not the end of the world if would-be white supremacists restrain themselves upon realizing that it would bring shame on their families if they did so. Yes, in a perfect world, shame would not extend to the relatives of the terrible, and we should strive to live in that world, and aim protests at white supremacists, not those who share their DNA. But we do not live in that world; let the silver lining of this be an “alt-right” sort or two thinking of his family and stopping before he gets in too deep.

This is a truly incredible look into the mind of the kike.

The Forward is, of course, a Jew publication meant for Jew consumption, so she’s able to be more frank.

But just look at what she’s saying:

  • Mrs. Spencer is obligated to show sympathy for the Jews attacking her, because people are angry that the Jews attacked her.
  • The Jews who attacked her are necessarily bigger victims than she, who was attacked, because people responded to their attacks with words of protest.
  • It is unethical that she’s being attacked for her son’s political beliefs, but actually it’s good because it will make others who share these beliefs scared to go public for fear that their families will be targeted by Jews.

This is pure “we are the chosen ones, we simply matter more than you goyim.”

It’s difficult to wrap your head around.

We would not be having this conversation if the Jews of Whitefish had not organized to extort Mrs. Spencer as revenge for the political beliefs of her son.

Another very interesting Jew response comes from the other coast – Berkeley rabbi Menacham Creditor (Twitter: @rabbicreditor, email: office@netivotshalom.org).

He posted this to his Facebook page:

Good morning friends –

A brief update about the responses to the cyber-hate attacks on members of the Jewish community and the community at large in Whitefish, MT (see: https://thinkprogress.org/white-nationalists-target-jews-in…). The families there are deeply appreciative of the support from around the country. There will be an update for the local Jewish community whose members and leadership have been most specifically under attack. There will be a need for fundraising and other ongoing support for them and because of the threats they have the greatest challenges right now. As channels are identified to offer them support without further exposing them those will be shared and everyone is asked to please be ready to put out an appeal at that time, so if you are thinking of next steps, that will be coming in the next 24-48 hours from 12/20.

There are two local organizations who have now had the time to come together and begin to identify their most specific needs and ways to support their community right now.

1. Love Lives Here : This is a local organization who has worked tirelessly in the Flathead Valley and is, as their website states, “committed to co-creating a caring, open, accepting and diverse community, free from discrimination and dedicated to equal treatment for all our citizens.”

You can find their materials on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LoveLivesHereFlathead/

Here are specific actions they suggest:

• Write a postcard with a positive, loving message and send it to Love Lives Here at P.O. Box 204, Whitefish, MT 59937. We will deliver these messages in person.
• Buy or borrow a copy of “The Christmas Menorahs” and host a story hour for your neighborhood kids. Share the story of what happened in Billings, MT in the ’90s when they rallied around a Jewish family in their community.
• Get a Menorah for your window (window cling or candle holder) to show solidarity with your Jewish brothers and sisters during the Hanukkah holiday (Dec 24th – Jan 1st).
• print off a pdf of the Love Lives Here logo and post it in your car or home or business.
• Email info@loveliveshereflathead.org if you can go door to door and ask your neighbors to put up Love Lives Here flyers and The Proclamation in local businesses.
• Write a Letter to the Editor supporting Love Lives Here and send it to ALL of the local papers. Please keep letters to about 100 words, max 250 and keep your responses brief and to the point

2. Montana Human Rights Network – MHRN: They have historically focused on combatting bigotry in MT. Their website states that they work, “To promote democratic values such as pluralism, equality and justice; challenge bigotry and intolerance; and organize communities to speak out in support of democratic principles and institutions.”

You can find their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/MTHumanRights/…

Their website: http://www.mhrn.org/index.html

Here are specific actions they suggest:

Here’s 5 ways you can help right now:

1) Use #lovetheresisters when posting about this situation
2) Write a post about standing with the people of Whitefish and the Flathead Valley who are facing serious harassment and threats.
3)Tag Love Lives Here in the Flathead Valley.
4) Write a short letter to your local paper and the Daily Interlake dissolving these tactics, white supremacy & supporting Love Lives Here and the Jewish Community.
5) Make the connection with opposition to the anti-Semitic leafleting that continues in Missoula and make this picture your profile picture and print and hang in your work/home window during Hanukkah Dec 24-Jan 1st. (go to https://www.facebook.com/MTHumanRights/… for the photo)

So again: the Jews who viciously attacked and attempted to extort Mrs. Spencer are the victims. They need you to give them money, and help them to fight the goyim through various other means.

Well, I’m calling on my people to do things as well.

  1. Love Lives Here:
  • Write a postcard with a negative, hateful message and send it to Love Lives Here at P.O. Box 204, Whitefish, MT 59937. [The mailman will deliver these]
  • Buy or borrow a copy of “Mein Kampf” and host a story hour for your neighborhood kids. Share the story of what happened in Billings, MT in the ’90s when they rallied around a Jewish family to harass goyim.
  • Get a Nazi flag for your window (window cling or candle holder) to show solidarity with your Aryan brothers and sisters during the Hanukkah holiday (Dec 24th – Jan 1st).
  • print off a pdf of the Nazi swastika logo and post it in your car or home or business.
  • Email info@loveliveshereflathead.org and tell them you’re well aware of their plans to kike the goyim.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor condemning Love Lives Here and send it to ALL of the local papers. Please keep letters to about 100 words, max 250 and keep your responses brief and to the point

2. The Montana Human Rights Network

  1. Use #lovetheresisters when posting about this situation
  2. Write a post about standing with the white people of Whitefish and the Flathead Valley who are facing serious harassment and threats [from the Jews].
  3. Tag Daily Stormer in the Flathead Valley.
  4. Write a short letter to your local paper and the Daily Interlake dissolving these tactics, Jewish supremacy & supporting Daily Stormer and the Spencer family.
  5. Make the connection with support for the anti-Semitic leafleting that continues in Missoula and make this picture your profile picture and print and hang in your work/home window during Hanukkah Dec 24-Jan 1st. (go to http://www.dailystormer.com/… for the photo)

In short: we need to do everything they are doing to us, exactly how they do it to us.

And that is what we are doing, which is what is making these Jews so enraged. They just can’t imagine that we would use their same tactics of protest – that they have used against us for decades – against them. They assume it is illegal. They are trying to get us up on federal charges for… complaining about their behavior.

Well, tomorrow we’re kicking it up a notch – so get ready.

I am going to post an entire list of business associates for the Gershs and others associated with Love Lives Here for you to contact and demand they cut their business ties with these individuals due to their unethical practices of threats, harassment and extortion of family members of people they disagree with.

Be ready to be very professional. We want results here, so nasty speech or name-calling is a big no-no. We simply want to make it clear to those who associate with this criminal Jewish racket that we are aware of their associations, and we think they should cut these ties.

So be prepared for that.

Daily Stormer Exposes Montana Jew Racketeers – Jew Criminals Claim They’re the Victims and Call the Feds

The Daily Stormer has recently embarked on a campaign to call attention to a Jewish racketeering operation targeting the family of Richard Spencer – the FBI has responded by “investigating” outraged citizens instead.

The Jewish paramilitary organization “Love Lives Here” has been working with real estate speculator (((Tanya Gersh))) in a direct push to use mafia-style intimidation tactics to get Spencer’s mother to sell her lucrative Whitefish, Montana property as a payoff to call off the piranhas in the payots.

As noted previously, the Daily Stormer went the extra mile to keep our report well-within the confines of the law, but this current commotion based on nothing shows just how the Talmud has become the law of the land.

New York Times:

The police in Whitefish, Mont., said Tuesday that they have stepped up patrols and are working with the F.B.I. after a neo-Nazi and white supremacist website listed the names and contacts of local Jews, calling on readers to “take action” against them.

Lt. Bridger Kelch of the Police Department in the town in northwestern Montana said that the force was taking the measures after the website, The Daily Stormer, on Friday published phone numbers, work locations, email addresses, and photographs of six Flathead County residents. Several of those targeted were from Whitefish where Sherry Spencer, the mother of the white nationalist leader Richard B. Spencer, lives and owns a building that has been the subject of protests.

Reached by telephone, Lt. Kelch said Tuesday morning that the department was reviewing social media posts and emails directed at the six people, but that none had risen to death threats. He said the department was conducting patrols, but there had been no reported confrontations in person or by telephone. “We have been looking at any communications,” he said.

The FBI and the Whitefish Donut Club are teaming up to do what exactly? Shield Jewish underworld parasites from criticism and exposure? Their presence has no legal grounds to it, the only thing they can do (for now) is use their presence to try and scare people who are critical of Jews.

Our civil liberties are mangled and the respect for the right to free speech is under perpetual assault, but they can’t lock people for defending ourselves from outlandish acts of aggression from the Jewish community, its press, and its proxies…yet.

Apparently Spencer’s family has let these terrorists win, and are selling their property out of fear for their safety and the safety of the businesses inside from the circling Zionist jackals outside. As with all terrorism, whenever you pay the ransom, they keep doing it, the only thing that will stop this madness is through direct (and fully within the confines of the law) confrontation.

We’re going to keep doing this no matter what, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but it also exposes who really runs America to the world. If you put your arms up to shield your head during a Jewish hate-attack and the Jew attacker breaks his nail in the process, suddenly you are featured in every single major publication as an accomplice to a Holocaust, and the FBI is ordered to come down to look all professional, even as the agents laugh among themselves at yet another false alarm.

Yet, when people threaten Trump with assassination, openly call for the murder of foreign diplomats, or Montana Jewish organizations coming together to terrorize a Gentile family into selling them their property – the police and FBI are nowhere in sight.

Behold what happens when the Jew barrages you, and you simply cry “STOP!”

Judenpresse? Ain’t no such thing! Just a conspiracy theory, goy.

Montana State University Employee Scott Kelley Ernest Using School Resources to Attack Protected Speech!

Okay, so I’m going to be a day late on the new list of targets in Whitefish. I’ll have it in the morning, so get your phone and your talking voice ready.

But until then – why not hit this guy up?

We’ve been getting a whole lot of harassment since we started the campaign against Tanya Gersh and the Jewish terrorist network called “Love Lives Here” in Whitefish, Montana.

Our web host recently received this notice from a Mr. Scott Kelley Ernest:

Mr. Ernest is using school resources to hunt down people people whose politics he disagrees with and have their freedoms shut down.

Harassing private individuals using school resources is a big no-no.

You should contact his office.

His numbers are:

(863) 529-8904

(406) 212-0346

His email is


More importantly – contact his boss and ask them if they are okay with employees using school resources to shut down people’s protected free speech.

He’s at the College of Education, Health and Human Development.

Main phone numbers:

Tel: (406) 994-4133
Fax: (406) 994-1854

Dean/Assistant Dean Emails:

Dr. Alison Harmon
Dean (Interim) of the College:

Kayte Kaminski
Assistant Dean/
Director of Student Success:

Ask that he be fired for using school resources to try and end freedom.

Who is Scott Kelley Ernest?

Well, he seems to be a real sick son of a bitch.

Have you seen this picture of him?

Believe it or not (you’re about to believe it) he looks even more like a child predator without the beard.

Maybe instead of harassing people on the internet, he needs to get some exercise?

Or at least read a book about food?

Scott Kelley Ernest claims on a Medium post to be a “former white nationalist.”

Looking at his disqus profile, he’s also a homosexual, a libertarian and a reader of the SPLC blog “Hatewatch.”

He appears to have found out about us on an article on LQBTQnation.com, where he commented.

Nah, scratch that. He commented on an article on us on the SPLC’s site back in November.

Here’s some more information about him and ways to contact him from his Facebook page:

Heathen – Treehugger – Nutrition & Community Health Student – Artisan – Gamer – Headbanger

Sole Proprietorship at Montana Sasquatch

Former DSL Tech Support at Convergys

Former Travel Agent at 800 Travel Systems

Former CSR at TeleTech

Former ER Registration/Admitting at Winter Haven Hospital

Former Security Supervisor at Security Alliance

Studies Community Health at Montana State University

Studied General Studies at Flathead Valley Community College

Studied Health Information Management at Polk State College

Studied Blackjack at Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending

Went to Cabrillo Senior High

Lives in Bozeman, Montana

From Flint, Michigan

Kik: WaesHael.

Snapchat: WaesHael.

Steam: WaesHael.

Gamertag: WaesHael

These are his other names:

Mjodr Gregorisson



Blood and Mead

Blood and Honey




He appears to have left white nationalism by getting into paganism, which led him to gay sex, libertarianism and obesity.

I’m Just Going to Start Doing This

You know, I’ve always gotten these complaints. Not really ever done anything with it because hey, who cares right?

But from now on, I’m going to start publishing it.

Not all of the offenders are as goofy as this kook – an actual obese homosexual neo-pagan SPLC supporter gamer using a school account to harass us – but I’m going all out on all these people.

We’re doing a Tanya Gersh on anyone who comes at us from now on.

Here, I just got this email:

Eric Johnson (ericjohnsen14@gmail.com) threatening my family because I protested a Jewish racketeering operation.

This is ridiculous. I get this stuff every day, all day long.

Anyway, I won’t be publishing all the hate mail I get. That was just an example, because I just now saw it.

But anyone who comes at us like this fat pervert did – we’re going to war.

We need to make it clear to all of these people that there are consequences for messing with us. We are not a bunch of babies to be kicked around. We will take revenge. And we will do it now.

Later – later comes something much, much worse.

But that comes later.

Right now, you’re getting fired, losing your businesses and so on.

We have to do this.

It’s bigger than one individual.

It will make these people back off.

We are also going to push for the Trump administration to audit and investigate the SPLC and ADL. This is going to be one of my own prime agendas for the Trump administration. Once those particular kikes are out of our way, we’ve entered a whole new world, because we’re then going to have money.

Hail Victory.

Original articles: http://www.dailystormer.com/montana-state-university-employee-scott-kelley-ernest-using-school-resources-to-attack-protected-speech/