Paris, France: GUD March In Honour Of Slain Nationalist Sébastien Deyzieu


On Tuesday, May 9, in Paris, nationalists including members of the GUD marched to pay tribute to Sébastien Deyzieu as well as to all of the Europeans who fell victim to the anti-white system. More than a hundred people demonstrated, starting from Port-Royal & marching to Rue des Chartreux, where Sébastien fell to his death after the police pursued him to the roof of a building following a protest of the GUD and the JNR against American imperialism. Speeches were made, a moment of silence held in his honour, & a wreath was laid at the site of his death.

Golden Dawn Demonstration In Memory Of Mikis Mantakas

On Wednesday, March 1st 2017, Golden Dawn paid respect to fallen hero, Mikis Mantakas.
Mikis was a Greek student who studied abroad in Italy, who also helped the struggle of fellow Italian Nationalists in their defence against militant communist militias which terrorised the country in the mid 70s.

Mikis attended a trial against a communist who firebombed the home of an Italian Nationalist who had his 2 children burned alive with the attack. The trial was set up by criminal leftists, who attempted to shut down the proceedings. Brawls erupted outside the court room between Nationalists and Communists, and Mikis was cowardly shot dead by his attacker, who shot the unarmed patriot in the head.

Nationalists in Greece and Italy continue to pay tribute to Mikis every year since February 1975.

Heroic Italian farmer kills African invader

July 5th 2016.

Emmanuel Chidi Namdi, African invader, 36, reportedly protested when an Italian man named Amedeo Mancini called his wife “an African monkey” on a street in Fermo, in the Marche region of central Italy, on Tuesday. During a scuffle with the man, Chidi Namdi fell or was punched and received a head injury. He was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage and died Wednesday.

Mancini has been arrested on charges of murder. He has said he was attacked by the Nigerian man and fought back in self-defense. He is described by Italian media as a far right supporter of a local soccer team who had been banned from games for violent behavior. I simply describe him as a hero, and a martyr for his race and nation.

As an added bonus, from February to May, four home-made bombs were planted outside Fermo churches that work with migrants. No one was charged in these incidents.


Casa Pound stages week long series of marches to honour the victims of communist genocide

CasaPound Italy remembers the 20 thousand martyrs of the genocide implemented by Tito’s Yugoslavian partisans in the years of World War II, organizing initiatives throughout Italy to honour their memory.

In the week from Saturday 6 to Saturday, February 13 dozens of parades and torchlight processions were carried out in large cities and small towns from north to south.
“They were guilty of being Italian. And for that murdered and then forgotten, ignored, erased from history: these are the martyrs – emphasizes CasaPound – For this, between 6 and February 13, tricolor in hand, we will be a large number in the squares and streets throughout Italy, to remember the victims of that genocide.”
Full list of events:

Aosta – Presidio Doors Praetoriane, February 13 at 18.00
Novara – Procession Village Dalmatia, 6 February at 18.00
Turin – Procession Course Cincinnatus, 7 February at 17.30
Udine – Parade Square Venerio, 6 February at 20.00
Bolzano – Corteo Piazzetta M.Casagrande, February 10 at 20.00
Trento – Commemoration Largo Pigarelli, February 9 at 20:30
Riva del Garda (TN) – Largo Martyrs Commemoration of sinkholes, February 9 18:30
Padova – Corteo Palazzo Moroni, Feb. 10 10:00 am
Portogruaro (VE) – Commemoration Municipal Garden, Feb. 10 10:45 am
Milan – Piazza Sempione / Arco della Pace, Feb. 6 15:00 music and themed readings, 18.00 torchlight
La Spezia – Procession Via del Popolo, 11 February at 18.00
Bologna – Presidio Via Beroaldo, February 13 at 18.00
Parma – Via Corteo Martyrs Foibe, February 6 15.30
San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) – Procession Palazzina Azzurra, February 13 at 19:30
Grosseto – Corteo Piazza San Francesco, 10 February at 16.00
Montecatini Terme (PT) – Commemoration Corso Matteotti, 13 February at 16.00
Perugia – Procession Via Vecchi, 7 February at 17.30
Rome (Ostia) – Procession Piazza Duca di Genova, Feb. 6 17:00
Viterbo – Corteo Piazza Verdi, 10 February at 18.00
L’Aquila – Corteo Fontana Luminosa, Feb. 6 18:00
Sorrento (NA) – Procession, February 15 17:00
Lamezia Terme (CZ) – Presidio Course Numistrano, February 10 at 18.00
Surbo (LE) – Via Corteo Pisanelli, February 13 at 18.00
Fertilia (SS) – Presidio Piazza San Marco, 21 February at 18.00
Syracuse – Presidio Piazza Cappuccini, 12 February at 18.00