Waldbröl, Germany: Nationalist Posse Hunts Invaders, One Confirmed Kill

A trial has started in Germany of a neo-Nazi lynch mob who beat an immigrant man to death on a night when they went ‘hunting’ for migrant invaders.

Prosecutors at Bonn State Court said the four attackers – ranging in age from 19 to 35 – had all been drinking when they set out to find migrants to rough up.

A court spokesman said: ‘The accusation assumes that their original objective was to go out in the town of Waldbröl to mess with refugees.’

One of the accused later said they wanted to ‘hunt refugees down,’ claiming they knew a girl who had been stalked by a migrant.

On the nigh in question the quartet – armed with a baseball bat and knuckledusters – did get into a brawl with some asylum seekers but they managed to get away.

Then the four men, who had all been drinking heavily earlier in the day, chanced upon a 40-year-old immigrant from Kazakhstan, who they knew. Identified only as Klaus B., they proceeded to beat him close to death.

He was hit with the baseball bat, punched in the head with the knuckledusters and kicked repeatedly.  Finally one of the assailants jumped on his back.

It took father-of-two Klaus nine days to die from his injuries which included a fractured skull, broken ribs and  traumatic brain injuries.

Prosecutors say the youngest of the attackers laid into him with the baseball bat.  Robin Fassbender, spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in Bonn, said; ‘This was a particularly brutal attack.  One of the attackers confirmed they wanted to mess with refugees on this night.’

Klaus B. managed, it is alleged, to get to his feet one last time before his attackers told him to ‘piss off’ and kicked him back down again.

All defendants are known to police because of their right-wing backgrounds.

Four defendants in the courtroom
The four in court, faces covered or blurred

The trial will last until the end of June.  They are charged with grievous bodily harm resulting in death and an attack resulting in death and could be jailed for up to ten years each.



Trieste, Italy: Hundreds Take To The Streets After Non-white Invaders Attack Teenage Girl

A MASSIVE protest erupted on the streets of the Italian port city of Trieste after an 18-year-old girl was attacked by a migrant group.

More than 400 people took to the streets of Trieste

The incident sparked a large scale police response after the young girl said she was approached and held by three migrants near a refugee centre in the city which is situated close to the Slovak border.

According to reports 400 citizens took to the streets after the girl reported the incident to her mother.

And it has been claimed that the mass demonstration turned ugly after migrants began throwing stones at the crowds who assembled to protest at the incident. 

There were no reports of arrests or injuries at the protest.

The mother of the girl who has not been named spoke to the newspaper Gazzettino insisting her child has been left traumatised by her experience after she was cornered coming off a bus.

She said: “It is not right to be afraid for your daughter, I do not know if my daughter will be able to go back to public transport.”

The incident occurred after a migrant centre was set up at the Villa Nazareth di Trieste.

Members of the public took to the streets after an 18-year-old was attacked

However a protest group known as Stop Before Trieste was set up after a number of females were harassed by migrants.

Stop Before Trieste organiser Alessio Edoardo said:

“We have always and will continue to work alongside the police.

“I as the organiser of the event agreed with the Police that we were to protest in an area agreed by the Police.

“However it was not possible to comply with the order because the turnout was remarkable. “

But the Solidarity Consortium which manages migrants said the demonstration was aggressive.

A spokesman said: “Only the strong presence and readiness of police forces prevented very serious consequences in terms of physical violence against foreigners who were only going to the canteen.”

“The climate of racial hatred and related violence are growing rapidly and Trieste, behind a thin layer of normality.”

According to local reports the city spent £9.2m hosting immigrants to the city last year.

However there has been anger because 7,000 people are reported to be unemployed in the city which has a population of 201,000.

Campaigners are reported to be upset over the influx of more than 1,000 Afghans and Pakistani immigrants who they claim are not fleeing war.

They have also reacted to the rise of what they call “shanty towns” of illegal migrants who have set up home in the city according to local news outlet Trieste Prima.


Bautzen, Germany: Local Heroes Fight Off Invading Migrants


A dozen individuals were involved in a fight at the Christmas market in a small German town this weekend, as migrant youths and locals apparently came to blows over anti-social behaviour.

The commotion began on Saturday night at the Bautzen Christmas market — thought to be the oldest market of its kind in Germany — when locals objected to a group of approximately six migrant youths playing loud music from their mobile phones.

Taking place near the town’s historic meat market, a police source said the group of “young asylum seekers” initially were in a “verbal disagreement” with an equally sized group of young locals, reports Lausitzer Rundschau. The source remarked: “After a heated debate, individuals from both groups are said to have shoved each other. Two young men are said to have been hurt.”

The paper reports that as the migrants withdrew from the fight, they damaged a car on their way, causing hundreds of euros of damage. Police arrived after locals called in a report.

Although it is not reported which side the injured parties belonged to, it is more than likely they are migrants, as they retreated in haste from the area.

This has not been the first confrontation between violent migrants and locals in the eastern German town of Bautzen. Police had to intervene in September when migrants attacked locals and pelted bottles at officers. Right-wing anti-mass migrant protesters also got involved and followed the immigrants back to their hostel.


Gorino, Italy: Locals Block Arrival Of Migrant Invaders Into Township

© Alan Fabbri

Protesters raised barricades against the arrival of 20 invaders who were due to be housed in a hostel in Gorino, a small town in central Italy.

The incident took place Monday night. The protesters used wooden pallets and iron bins to create road blocks at three entrances to the town and shouted anti-migrant slogans.

Le barricate di residenti a Gorino (Businesspress)c

“We don’t want them here,” they chanted, according to the local paper La Nuova Ferrara.
Some 200 people took part in the protest, out of a population of around 400-500 people.

One protester we quoted as saying: “Our region is isolated. We have nothing. There was the only place we were developing [the beach], so that the tourists could come to us. And tomorrow we will not have this place, because it is now for migrants!”

The protest was successful in that none of the “migrants” were resettled in the town. They will, however, be resettled somewhere else in Italy.

The regional councilor from the far-right Northern League Party, Alan Fabbi, hailed the protesters as “heroes of the resistance against the tyranny of acceptance.”








Nationalist Protests Sweep Bulgaria: No To Migrants!

In several cities across Bulgaria protests were held against migrants, against the “open door” policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and against the Islamization of Bulgaria.

The protests were organized by the Bulgarian National Resistance & took place in Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Yambol.

The protesters urged the government to take urgent measures and to impose effective control of the border, including the construction of a wall along the entire border with Turkey.

The largest protest by far was in the capital city of Sofia, with many hundreds taking part.

One protester in Varna had this to say: “The border areas are a living horror. Where migrants have passed, there are broken homes, farm roads are now like highways for them, & local people are attacked en masse.”

Protesters in Burgas were firmly against the construction of a new refugee center in their city. 

More than 200 people gathered to protest against refugees in Yambol. Protesters carried banners reading: “We do not want migrants” while waving Bulgarian flags and singing patriotic songs. They expressed fears that the city closest to their village Boyanova would have refugee camp built there. Their other main demands were common to protests across the country – no refugees on the territory of Bulgaria, closure of the already constructed refugee centers, & no to granting financial assistance to the migrants.




Mayor Leads Hundreds of French Villagers In Protest Against The Arrival of Migrants

French villagers are protesting the arrival of migrants who are being dispersed around the country as the government shuts down the slum-like camp in Calais that has become a flashpoint in Europe’s migrant crisis.

Competing anti & pro-migrant rallies were held Saturday in Pierrefeu in southeast France.

They come after Calais officials say they will be starting the process of bulldozing the sprawling camp within nine days.

Residents hold a banner reading: 'City of Pierrefeu says no to the creation of a reception centre for migrants'

Residents hold a banner reading: ‘City of Pierrefeu says no to the creation of a reception centre for migrants’.

Several hundred residents have marched through their town, led by the Mayor, against the plans to house about 60 migrants from the jungle there

Several hundred residents have marched through their town, led by the Mayor, against the plans to house about 60 migrants from the jungle there.

The mayor led several hundred people on a protest against a government proposal to house migrants in an abandoned wing of a psychiatric hospital while they apply for asylum or study other options. 

Anti-white activists held their own, smaller rally to welcome the migrants.

The morning gatherings were peaceful. The far-right National Front has plans for its own anti-migrant protest.

The National Front is urging mayors to resist the Calais relocation plan and is organizing or taking part in protests across the country this month. Resistance to immigration is central to the campaign platform of National Front leader Marine Le Pen in her bid for the French presidency next year.

Video in link.


Drive By Fury: Migrant Reception Centre Sprayed With Bullets In Saint-Brévin, France

A police investigation has been launched after the façade of a future migrant reception centre was found riddled with bullet holes on Wednesday morning.Local authorities believe that the incident, which is thought to have taken place around 8.30pm on Tuesday night, is a violent act of protest against the impending arrival of 70 Calais ‘Jungle’ camp migrants in Saint-Brévin, a coastal town near Nantes, in western France.

According to French newspaper Ouest France, the shots fired at the reception centre damaged the bay windows of two separate buildings belonging to the CCAS, a public sector company and a branch of the French energy giant EDF-GRDF, whose former holiday centre is being turned into a temporary shelter for Calais’s invader population. As the buildings were unoccupied at the time, there were no injuries.

Thursday morning, the French housing minister told radio station Europe 1 that the country’s “humanists and progressives” had to start openly condemning anti-immigrant attacks, which have spread like wildfire across France ever since the Calais ‘Jungle’ relocation plan was announced last month.