Galway, Ireland: Muslims “left terrified” After Rocks Thrown Through Mosque Windows During Prayers

Imam Ibrahim Ahmad Noonan Tweeted pictures of broken windows at the Galway mosque. Photograph: Imam Ibrahim Ahmad Noonan/Twitter

Imam Ibrahim Ahmad Noonan of the Masjid Maryam mosque in Galway told The Irish Times that up to 100 members of the Galway mosque were left “terrified” when rocks smashed through the windows during the attack on Monday evening.

He said the the attack in Galway took place at approximately 11.20 pm on Monday evening. “Last night, during the time of prayer and actually as we prayed, rocks smashed through the windows”.

“I was leading the prayers when we heard an extremely loud bang and obviously we were in the middle of the prayers so continued on but there were one or two people who left the prayers to see what the bang was”.



Cumberland, United Kingdom: Mosque Spray Painted With Hilarious Graffiti

Racist graffiti

Anti-Islamic graffiti has been sprayed on a mosque in North Lanarkshire.

The words “Saracen Go Home” and the term “Deus Vult”, translated from Latin as “God Wills It”, were painted on two walls of the mosque in Cumbernauld.

The attack, being treated as a hate crime, happened sometime between 21:00 on Friday and 07:30 on Saturday.

Mosque leaders described the incident as “unusual” and said people were “very worried” by it. The graffiti has been reported to police.

Azhar Din, a trustee of The Islamic Education Trust Cumbernauld, which runs the mosque, said, “The graffiti wasn’t there when people left after late prayers at the mosque around nine o’clock last night.”

Cumbernauld mosque

“It was discovered when the first people arrived for morning prayers at about half past seven this morning.

“It has been reported to the police. This is very unusual to have this kind of thing in Cumbernauld and people are very worried by it.”

The mosque, which is situated at Craighalbert Way, is run by the Islamic Education Trust of Cumbernauld, who say they are dedicated to providing “essential Islamic services” and to promoting community cohesion.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “We can confirm that an investigation is under way following an act of vandalism at the Islamic Education Trust (mosque) in Cumbernauld and inquiries are continuing.

“This matter is being treated as a hate crime.”


Bolton, United Kingdom: No More Mosques!

November 26th, 2016.

Over 100 British nationalists held a demonstration in Victoria Square in Bolton primarily against the construction of mosques in the area. Organizer Brayn Morgan had this to say about the protest: “Today was about highlighting the corruption of the council, the Islamification of the town, the Mosque building programme.”

Among the groups attending the protest organized by the local organization “Stop The Mosque” were the North West Infidels, Pie & Mash Squad, and a sizable contingent from National Action.

Some of the protesters were carrying a flag in support of the president elect of the United States, reading “Drain that swamp Mr. Trump”.

Unite Against Fascism organized a counter protest of roughly equal size, the pictures of which speak volumes: heavily non-white & low energy.

As both protests were separated by barricades & police forces, there were no incidents of violence or arrests.

Hundreds of Greeks Protest the Construction of Athenian Mosque

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The Greek government, which is currently ignoring the 3+ million Greeks who are on the verge of complete poverty, is busy accommodating the uninvited Islamic invaders who require a new temple in their newly occupied lands.
Using the funds of Greek tax payers, the Syriza Anti-Hellenic Regime is using an old Naval base to become the site of a newly created Mosque, which (for unexplained reasons) will supposedly even help prevent future attempted terrorist attacks. This totally contradicts the fact that European countries with literally hundreds (if not, thousands) of Mosques, such as France & Belgium have seen hundreds of Europeans die in the latest round of terrorist attacks.
Greek Nationalists assembled once again to protest the construction of the mosque, as many of us still remember the brutal Islamic occupation that ruled our land for over 400 years.

Dresden, Germany: Mosque & International Congress Hall Bombed

Germany is on high alert after two bombs were detonated in the eastern city of Dresden last night.

One went off outside the entrance to a local mosque, the other outside the International Congress Hall.  In both cases police spoke of “hate crimes.”

The explosions were triggered around 10pm last night.  No one was hurt in the blasts.

Police have for long warned that neo-Nazis in Germany have been forming themselves into well armed paramilitary cells; the fear now is that this may be the precursor of more Right Wing Death Squads.

“Although so far noone has claimed responsibility, we believe a xenophobic motive lies behind these crimes,” said Dresden police chief  Horst Kretzschmar.

Kretzschmar also announced during a press-conference on Tuesday that police in Dresden boosted security at Muslim sites. This includes three mosques, a house of prayer, and a cultural center.

Michael Opperskalski, journalist and expert on international affairs, told RT he also sees a xenophobic background to the attacks in Dresden, noting that the nationalist sentiment gradually gaining popularity in Germany is a political threat to the country.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom: Mosque Hit With Firebomb

Police in Edinburgh treating a firebomb attack on Edinburgh central mosque as a racist hate crime.

The incident happened around 2.10 am today at the Central Mosque in the city’s Potterrow.

Police said an object was thrown at the building, which caused ‘fire damage to the door and a small bush within the garden area.’

Officers also released a description of a suspect as they appealed to the public for information.

The individual is described as a white male believed to be in his early thirties with very short hair, a short-sleeved black top with a white emblem on the front and dark trousers.

A police spokesperson said: “Prior to the offence, it is believed the male spoke with a group of females in George Square, near to the junction with the Meadows and these witnesses are urged to come forward and assist officers with their investigation.

Chief Inspector Mark Rennie, local area commander for South East Edinburgh said: “This was a despicable and reckless act, which we are treating as a hate crime.

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United Kingdom: Vandals target Newcastle building where Islamic school is due to open

The former Bishop's Palace buildings, now part of the Bahr Academy

The setting of TV hit Byker Grove, which is due to become an Islamic school, has been targeted by vandals.

The windows in the former Bishop’s Palace buildings, now part of the Bahr Academy, were smashed between Thursday night and Friday morning.

When Dipu Ahad, Elswick ward councillor, went to pray at the Benwell building at midday, he found that all the windows had been put out.

The former Bishop's Palace buildings, now part of the Bahr Academy

Coun Ahad said although no one is sure why the building was targeted, he suspects it was an Islamophobic attack.

“All the windows are smashed, causing considerable damage to a room used for Friday prayers. Nobody could pray,” he said.

“It’s a sad situation, it looks like it is Islamophobic. There’s been a rise in hate crime, especially after Brexit, and people from minority communities are on edge.

“It’s not the first time the building’s been attacked, someone once put a pig’s head inside.”


Police officers were called to the scene but a Northumbria Police spokesperson was unable to confirm if the incident was being treated as a hate crime.