Anti-refugee Unity Demo in Rochdale, United Kingdom

A group of at least 50 protesters gathered outside The White Lion pub before marching in a protest against refugees & mass immigration in general.

The protest was organized by the North West Infidels, and attended by members of Right Wing Resistance, Combat 18, National Action, and Pie & Mash Squad. Antifa counter protesters did not seem to attend.

Large numbers of officers could be seen throughout the town while the rally took place between 1pm to 3pm.

The group could be seen wearing black t-shirts with the North West Infidels logo and some covered their faces with scarves or balaclavas.

After liaising with police, members of the group marched along the high street chanting ‘no more refugees.’

There were three arrests, though no injuries reported. One man was arrested for assaulting a police officer, one for breach of peace and another man for being drunk in charge of a vehicle. It is not yet known if those arrested were a part of the protest, or merely present in the area.

After marching unopposed to the rally point, speeches were made with no objections from the locals.




British nationalists protest immigrant invaders in Edinburgh

About 50 nationalists & national socialists joined a protest against immigration & “refugees” held by the Scottish Defense League on March 20th. Members of various groups were in attendance, including but not limited to National Action & Combat 18.

Antifa were on scene to counter protest, but the police unfortunately kept the two groups apart.

After several speeches made by members of the nationalist cadre, the protest dispersed without incident.



The battle of Liverpool

Liverpool city center erupted into violence today as the North West Infidels, National Action, Polish hooligans (not NOP), South East Alliance & Pie & Mash Squad clashed with anti-white protesters outside St. George’s Hall.

Although police tried to keep the two groups apart, the patriots were heavily outnumbered and on at least two occasions a number of them broke through the police cordon and fought with anti-fascists.

A number of smoke bombs were hurled by the Polish, leading to loud bangs resounding around St George’s plateau.

Missiles – including bottles and cobblestones – were also thrown at the nationalist group, who threw them back into the crowd.

It led to a number of anti white protesters being struck by objects as they flew through the air, including a police officer who suffered concussion.

A source within the NWI says four enemy combatants were sent to the hospital. There was one injury, a minor stab wound, suffered by the nationalist side.

Finally, after a tense stand-off lasting nearly three hours, police managed to escort the far-right group back in the direction of Lime Street station. Nearby streets were cordoned off by riot vans and police with riot shields to separate the patriot group from anti-white protesters.