Stockholm, Sweden: Nordic Youth Counter-Demonstrates Open Borders Rally

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The Nordic Youth showed up and triggered the living daylights out of bleeding heart social workers, fashionable urbanites and their Diversity pets.

We’re all a bit bummed out about Le Pen’s loss. Electoral politics on the continent seem to a wash for nationalists…

But our street politics game is getting much stronger.

The Nordic Youth went out to an open borders rally on Sunday in Stockholm and made a stand.

Nordic Youth showed the gathering of rich Boomers (40-talisters in Sweden) and their Diversity pets what they thought of their open borders cucking. Seriously, look at the video. Who is in the free march rally? Do you see that massive age gap? I’ll tell you what my lying eyes tell me. Geriatric spinsters whose maternal instincts have been triggered by poor Afghan boy toys hammering at the gate getting up in the faces of the young men from Nordic Youth and trying to give them a scolding.

They are joined by frumpy virtue-signaling urban SWPLs (with a net worth probably in the millions) also getting up in the face of Nordic Youth. And yes, there was Vibrant Diversity that tried to get in Nordic Youth’s way. There was a look of fear in their mud-colored eyes as they got pushed back like rag dolls.

The demonstration was led by social workers (ie post-wall cat ladies) from Botkyrka plan in central Stockholm, next to the Parliament. They called their demonstration the “No One is Illegal” march. Minor scuffles started almost immediately as Nordic Youth arrived on the scene. The police showed up 5-10 minutes after Nordic Youth started its counter-protest. No expense is spared as 4 cop cars are sent out, as well as a helicopter to keep an eye on Nordic Youth.

After an hour of counter-demonstrating, Nordic Youth peeled off (and was followed by the helicopter all the way to the outskirts of town). Overall, it was a good showing. /Ourguys/ are getting bigger, getting stronger and getting tougher everywhere around the world.


Stockholm, Sweden: Nordisk Ungdom crash gay pride parade

Approximately 30 members of the Swedish nationalist group Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth) crashed a gay pride parade that was held in central Stockholm this weekend.

Immediately after the start of the “Defense of the Nuclear Family” demonstration against public faggotry, they were harassed by queers & police alike. (Many of the police, it should be noted, were not even Swedish.)

Following a short scuffle that turned into a police chase, 15 nationalists were arrested for public disturbance offenses, though none were charged with a crime.

Fredrik Hagberg, spokesman for the Nordic Youth had this to say about the day’s actions: “Even through everything that happened during the day I’m proud of the members who stood against a decadent mob and are classed as heroes of the nuclear family.”


Swedish Roundup: Nordic Resistance & Nordic Youth take to the streets

On 18 July, it was the international “holiday” to honor Nelson Mandela. Nordic Resistance chose this day to bring attention to the situation of the Nordic peoples in South Africa today.

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pan-Mandela maturity

A special flyer and  a poster were developed for the purpose of the day’s activism. The end result was almost 30 different activities, including 7 of them public, which were conducted in Sweden, Norway and Finland between Saturday, July 16 and Monday July 18th. Here is a short report from some of them.

In Stromstad activists from both Sweden and Norway were in the public square for several hours, and in addition to handing out flyers there were also two speeches, one in Norwegian and one in Swedish. There tends to be a lot of both Norwegians and Swedes in the streets of this western Swedish city.


In Stockholm,  a small but spirited protest was held outside the South African embassy. In Skåne leaflets were given out to the public in Trelleborg, Kristianstad and Ängelholm simultaneously. Even in Kalix and in Gävle there were activists in the streets to spread the message to the public.

In Avesta, Hedemora and Finnish Tampere banners were hung & flyers handed out as well as pasted up on walls.  Similar actions were carried out in several other Scandinavian cities, including the following: in Norway, Kristiansund, Asker and Bergen; in Finland, Jyväskylä, Pori and Oulu; and in Sweden, Sundsvall and Örnsköldsvik Nybro.


More information about Nelson Mandela can be found here and the flyer that was distributed can be found (& printed) here .

Flash Demo by Nordic Youth

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Yesterday, a few of the Nordic Youth activists held a spontaneous protest against mass immigration and the islamist terror, combined with flyer-passing in central Stockholm.

A short speech was made and a flyer with information on the consequences of migration was handed out on the street.
Despite a very good response we managed to upset a lot of people, but we’re not afraid to offend anyone! We tell the truth regardless of whether they want to hear it or not!