Nordic Resistance Activism Summary, March 2017

Note: This is not a complete list of activism, only the highlights. For every action covered here, there are three more that are not.

The Nordic Resistance Movement Shuts Down the Lying Press After Smear Campaign

Haakon Forwald
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2017

As a reaction to a week long smear campaign against the Nordic Resistance Movement by the state owned Norwegian media, NRK, the organization retaliated with a week long campaign of activism against the lying media.

Armed with banners, posters, leaflets and barricade tape, activists all over Norway bombarded the media houses with propaganda, informing the people about the controlled media and their agenda. Numerous media houses and newspapers were also shut down with barricade tape.

The posters that were used read: “Warning! Activity harmful to the people is being conducted behind these doors!”.

Watch a movie from the activity below:

Järna, Sweden: NRM Activists Fight Off Attacks From Anti-White Mob

The day started out peacefully enough, with activists handing out leaflets in a shopping district in the city of Järna, south of Stockholm.

Despite being initially well received by the public, after about 20 minutes a non-white foreigner showed up & threatened the activists.

After a brief shoving match, the foreigner in question ran off, saying that he’ll be back with more people.

A short time later, he came back with a motley collection of 20 non-whites & white traitors gather from a nearby recreation center.

Again he threatened the NRM activists & told them to leave, this time challenging them to a fight. The gang then approached the activists & went on the attack. After a short fight, (details of which are unknown; no injuries were reported) the gang ran off down the street.

The NRM activists went back to leafleting, but the gang came back………under protection of the police. When the police arrived, they demanded identification and photographed the activists.

Thus concluded the days’ action, fortunately with no arrests.

Lund, Sweden: Nordic Resistance Movement On The Streets

A public leafleting was held in the university city of Lund, prompting a strong response from the anti-white university students.

Standing in the middle of a busy walking path in the city, activists unfurled two NRM flags & started handing out leaflets to passers by.

It was clear from the start that Lund is a city that is more decadent than other cities, and the activists met more self-hating left young people than they are accustomed to.

Despite the fact that the university town is a notorious stronghold of communism, the flyers with the Resistance party program went like hot cakes. Although there were a lot of people who were negative about the National Socialist message, many were also pleased by the presence of the Resistance.

Nordic Resistance vs. Antifa

After a while, antifa from the university began to filer in & congregate a safe distance from the activists, yelling anti-white slogans.

Even after calling for backup, they only managed about 20 people; a collection of female students, homosexuals & drug addicts.

After about 20 minutes of this, the police arrived. Instead of telling the National Socialist activists to leave, (as the antifa were calling for) there was no police harassment & the leafleting continued.

The one in the red sweater was photographing NRM members

After handing out flyers for some time, the activists rolled up their flags and went in good spirits from the town center to go have dinner and hold their monthly unit meeting.

Tampere, Finland: Protest Against The Proposed Banning Of NRM

Over two dozen members of the Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement held a protest against the proposed banning of their organization in the city of Tempere on March 18th.

Given the recent publicity NRM has received in Finland, the demonstration attracted much attention from the locals as they passed out fliers to the public. Most of it was positive, with some sympathetic people wanting to make a donation, and an English-speaking pastor who shook hands with the activists. Even a man from Bulgaria offered his support.

After some time, the police arrived and parked a van between the NRM members & the public.

Leftists came as well, but only stood at a distance yelling & taking pictures.

When the demonstration had been held and leaflets were distributed, the activists with banners waving went off to a nearby park for a group photo. Some over-enthusiastic police followed the activists and stopped in a parking lot to spy on activists when they left from the park to go to their cars.

This was the first major street event in Tampere, and it was entirely peaceful. There were no arrests or incidents of violence.

Stockholm, Sweden: Standard Leafleting Turns Violent As Nationalists Fight Against Anti-Whites & Police

The day started out with a public leafleting in the Östermalm district of Stockholm.

After some time handing out leaflets, the activists moved on to Norrmalmstorg, a kind of town square located nearby.

It was at this time that they had attracted the attention of a police officer who proceeded to follow them around.

The police officer who was following the activists from Östermalms square concluded that “the Nazis” presence on the street posed a serious threat which led to more police showing up.

Meanwhile, the NRM members distributed leaflets in the square where there was also a St. Patrick’s Day parade taking place.

Although it seemed nice at first, one drunk in the parade threw beer bottles at two of the NRM members. He didn’t get away with it unscathed; after defending himself & his comrades, one NRM member was arrested by police.

Things then became heated between the NRM activists & the police.

After this, it wasn’t long before a handful of leftists staged an impromptu counter demonstration.

After a while, the activists decided to leave Norrmalmstorg and head towards Stureplan, another nearby public square.

A small number of anti-white protesters followed. Their ranks consisted mostly of women & homosexuals.


After a little while at this location, NRM members made their way to the subway, with police & anti-whites close behind.

It was here that one of the anti-whites instigated a shoving match with a NRM member, who responded in kind. The police responded by beating NRM members with batons before arresting a flag bearer.

These events were filmed & will be released at a later date.

After this, the activist had a police escort to a university where day’s actions were concluded.

Despite two arrests & some superficial injuries (all caused by police) the Nordic Resistance Movement got their message out to the public, and successfully defended themselves on two occasions.

Fighting with hostile anti-whites & dealing with police repression is something that one must occasionally put up with in National Socialist activism. The Nordic Resistance Movement carries on regardless.




Nordic Resistance: September 2016 Report

September has been a busy month for us with a visit to the book fair, Fighting Days in Norway, encountering left-wing extremists, and more.

Another month has passed and the year 2016 is nearing its end. As in all other months, the Resistance activists and active party members pushed the movement’s positions. Slowly but surely, street by street, square for square we liberate the Nordic region from the eternal enemy’s deadly grip!

During a public leafleting in Ornskoldsvik met activists of a sad crowd of anarchists with strange hairstyles spat, hissed and behaved aggressively in the false hope that activists would flee the scene. To their great disappointment, they did not move the activists from the spot. With them they had a black-red banner that they said stood for anarko-kommunism.


Besides meeting with the obviously misguided youth they met a familiar face, namely Västernorrland’s own hippie priest Pia Boija. As a year ago, he “bravely protested” against a public leafleting by the Resistance in Ornskoldsvik by waving a peace symbol .

In September, the Nordic Council of Resistance announced that there will be a demonstration in Stockholm on November 12 under the slogan “Stop the alien invasion!”. I hereby call on all Nordic men and women to stand against the betrayers of the people and say that we will not allow our people replaced by foreigners that do not belong in the North! The perfect way to do this is by marching in our ranks on 12 November. There are no excuses for not attending! Read more about the demonstration here .


As most of you readers already know, there was also the annual book fair in Gothenburg. This time the theme was freedom of expression. Activists took the opportunity to disseminate information to the people about the upcoming demonstration in Stockholm on 12 November. The only disturbance was an overweight lesbian with a beer belly who hysterically shouted to the crowd outside the book fair that they would “run Nazis” off the street. Nobody listened, so she went to the police and started shouting at them that they would drive away the National Socialists and when this did not help she stood at a distance and began filming the activists. After a while, the woman finally understood the activists would not move on so she quietly went away.


Inside the book fair were the North Front’s journalists along with the editor Fredrik Vejdeland in place to document the event. The Left were somewhat over-represented at the fair and the New Times was probably the only newspaper with a booth that did not belong to the establishment media. North Front ran into several race traitors and Zionists who do not appreciate either freedom of expression or the journalists’ presence. Aftonbladet’s Asa Linderborg & Expo’s Jonathan Leman two of these. Especially Leman thought it was uncomfortable to be confronted & in sheer panic went around and called the security guards. To defame and spread lies about national socialists behind a computer screen is apparently just fine as long as you do not have to meet them face to face. Then Leman was too afraid to talk with the North Front as Vejdeland did with the Expo’s Daniel Poohl to find out what goes on in his head, and in Expo. The conversation with Poohl can be read in its entirety here .

A few weeks ago announced the Supreme Court that they do not grant stature for Niklas Frost . Frost has previously been innocently convicted of attempted murder in connection with a newspaper sales in Stockholm in 2007, when anti-fascists attacked the Resistance activists. Resistance men repelled the numerically superior strength and an antifascist was stabbed, with Frost was convicted of attempted murder. For five years he was imprisoned as a political prisoner for a crime he did not commit. Despite new film evidence and a witness proven to be a liar, so choose the court not to grant a new trial. Supreme Court’s handling of the case clearly shows how corrupt and distorted the Swedish legal system really is.


So how is the usual activism in the country? Mentioning all the activities in this article would take forever, but here are some examples. In Borlänge there was a discussion evening where one was reading aloud from the Activist’s Guide then discussing the content. In Kristianstad activists took to the streets to spread the National Socialist message to the people. The activity ended with a monthly meeting. The fighters in Gothenburg organized martial arts training and were visited by Belorussian comrades.

Not only have we spread propaganda in Sweden and other Nordic countries but also in Cyprus as a member of the Fighting Group 406 put up stickers in the central areas of Ayia Napa and around a hotel with a lot of Swedes. A shining example of that fighter that never takes vacation! Last but not least the Fighting Group 204 gave out 1200 leaflets in central Skovde in one day.

North Front had been down for a long time because of computer attacks so not all fight reports have been submitted, but despite this, there have been about 170 battle reports for the month.


In Norway the Resistance organized the first Kamp days in Telemark which is a Norwegian equivalent of the “activist days” in Sweden and Finland. Activists from all over Norway gathered to, among other things, listen to lectures and speeches, practicing self-defense and receive news. Resistance Norwegian leader Haakon Forwald announced that it has launched its third publication in Norwegian this year. Previously, it has launched the Nordic Resistance party platform Our road and Activist Handbook and now it has also printed up copies of National Socialism – the biological world outlook which participants were presented with a free copy of. These are the three writings that form the basis of our philosophy and organization. The weekend’s self-defense training was held by an activist with extensive experience in martial arts and self-defense.


To thunderous applause Forwald also announced that during the next summer Nordic Resistance will organize a demonstration in a major Norwegian city under the slogan “Smash the gay lobby”.

They have also conducted extensive activism in the form of martial arts training ,posting, spray painting , flyers  and visiting the ancient sites .

Activists in Finland went on 10 September to Helsinki to hold a public campaign. The atmosphere in the place was aggressive when left-wing extremists and so-called “anti-racists” tried to disrupt it. A woman hissed and spat like a crazy cat, but left the place after a while. Most confrontations could be solved with dialogue, but an anti-fascist named Jimi Joonas Karttunen could not be reasoned with. He spat on the activists and began rummaging in a bag, presumably for a weapon. Karttunen was struck by an activist, but then left the place on his own feet.

National Socialist Jesse Torniainen vs. antifa Jimi Joonas Karttunen

A week later Karttunen died and on 21 September  Jesse Torniainen was arrested on suspicion of aggravated homicide and assault.

A video from the incident:

The Nordic Resistance stands by the activist & maintains that he had not acted wrongly when he defended the organization’s honor and probably even his comrades lives. The leader put it this way in a comment about the incident:

………our organization is already condemned by the establishment and the extreme left, but the Resistance has not committed any error or made any mistakes. We held a public activity and defended ourselves when we were attacked. We will continue to spread our message and we will continue to make use of our right to self-defense and always fight back against those who attack us!

Besides the famous campaign in Helsinki, there was  a clothing drive for the needy as well as rock climbing and training in self-defense.


The days are getting shorter, the leaves turn yellow and the harsh Scandinavian cold approaches. Summer is now over and autumn has arrived. Humans as well as animals prepare for winter. A time when nature is resting and recovering in anticipation of the coming summer. But for the Resistance there is no time for rest and recovery. The fight for the Nordic peoples freedom continues unabated!

Deutschland Rising: Far-right violence against refugee camps boom in Germany despite migrant influx slowdown

German Criminal Police report 665 criminal offences against refugee centers since the start of 2016, with the majority committed by far-right activists. A German rights group says the numbers are worsening, despite the influx of refugees abating.

Asylum centers in Germany have been the target of 665 criminal offences of various types since the start of this year, the Criminal Police Office (BKA) said. In its official Twitter post the body stated that of that number “613 are clearly far-right inspired.”

That number included dozens of arson cases, Der Spiegel reports, citing BKA. It adds that four attempted “bomb attacks”were also investigated.

Police also looked into dozens of “politically-motivated” attacks among the criminal offences against refugees, Tagesspiegel reports.

“Regarding 52 offences we cannot exclude a political motivation,” the outlet quotes the law enforcers.

In late June, BKA chief Holger Munch said that Germany is witnessing “an alarming level of far-right violence” against refugees, adding that over a third of attackers were “not registered by police.”

This as the number of migrants reported by the Germany’s migration office is in decline. While in January this year the body reported over 90,000 newcomers, that number fell significantly to 16,335 in June.

This as the number of migrants reported by the Germany’s migration office is in decline. While in January this year the body reported over 90,000 newcomers, that number fell significantly to 16,335 in June.

Fire fighters try to extinguish a fire at a former hotel that was under reconstruction to become a home for asylum seekers on February 21, 2016 in Bautzen east of Dresden © Rico Loeb

German anti-fascist rights group Die Antonio-Amadeu-Stiftung  an even grimmer picture of violence towards migrants and their whereabouts. It says the country had witnessed 756 “attacks on asylum seekers and their camps” since January 1. The groups also counted 153 cases where refugees were injured after being subjected to “physical assaults.”

One of the attacks on a planned refugee compound that caught attention in Germany occurred in the small of town of Bautzen in February this year. A huge fire ripped through the planned migrant facility, as some of the locals cheered and tried to prevent firefighters from extinguishing the flames.

Numerous fires also devastated planned or functioning asylum camps in Norway and Sweden in 2015, with arson almost every time cited as the cause by the respective investigators.

Nordic Resistance Movement: May 2016 report

Reposted in full from   Sorry for the rough google translation.

Resistance. The month of May began with the largest national demonstration in years, but what happened? Read the report on the month’s fighting efforts in the North.


May 1 demonstration in Borlänge against large financial and traitors . Probably you as a reader on the North Front are already familiar with this activity, but for the sake of omitting it from the monthly report would be an affront.

350 men and women in green-white-black banner completely took Borlange this day. Counterdemonstrators almost failed to materialize, with the exception of a few individual dreadlocks figures, a smaller gangs angered clowns and a proffsdemonstrerande adopted Negress. A lot of the audience was in place at the final destination, despite police attempts to keep them out, and centuries in both Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian went off exactly as planned.

The demonstration was the largest national in years and the largest National Socialist on even longer back and got media attention in almost all over the world!

Some might have expected that this would suck out the organization’s forces for some time to come and that some vacuum should arise in activism, but already on the way home from Borlange began fighting work again . With hindsight we can say that the whole month proceeded with a very high tempo of activism.

Europe Day was celebrated with EU flags were confiscated and burned throughout the country. In central Stockholm, Gothenburg and Kalmar made it public to the general public with their speech. Another type of flag burning also occurred in Blekinge, where the gay lobby perverted their way with their “Pride Day” and local activists therefore fired up the rainbow flag.


In Skaraborg activism has actually increased in recent times and this has not gone past the hostile media. Radio P4 Skaraborg during the month of around 20 (!) Different broadcasts reported the Resistance, mapped activists and interviewing people, especially opponents. The resistance movement has responded to this with even more increased activism in the area and in May, among many other radio building cordoned off and a public leafleting in Skövdehave been implemented. Several were the Skövdebor who came to the activists and joked Radio P4’s story and encouraged the continuation of the fight!

P4 Skaraborg

Other things that happened in the country during May include involvement with sales table at Sunnansjö spring market, public actions in Emmaboda, Hudiksvall, Ystad, Eskilstuna, Nybro and Kalmar, cordoning off of a decadent “art” Exhibition in Gothenburg and our activists also constituted the majority of place for anti-racist forum in Ludvika .


Ordinary propaganda activities and internal activities such as lectures , training, workshops, social events and wilderness stays have been implemented throughout the country. Several are the battle groups took the opportunity to advocate for and during major events in their local communities, such as the Medieval Week in Landskrona, Vätternrundan in Motala, “Tassemarten” in Hammarö and bakluckeloppisen the North field in Karlstad. Leaflets, posters, placards, banners and stickers have also been spread, for example, Malmo, Lidköping, Ystad, Eslöv, Ornskoldsvik, Falun and Lycksele. Activists in Umeå also announced the end of the month that they intend to launch the self-defense courses for the public.


In all, 217 activities reported during the month, in addition to the Europe Day.If we all flag burnings that implemented activities we have again beaten activity record, but it’s not so fun to break records every month and therefore I choose to disregard this. So, better you can! 😉


The Resistance is constantly growing is difficult not to take notice of. Althoughthe Expo during the month, reported and show in its annual report that we more than doubled our activism in 2015 and that our organization accounted for about 80% of the activism of the “racist environment”.

balance of power

Even in Norway, growing organization like mad. Haakon Forwald wrote amonthly report like this article for those who are interested to learn more about what happened there, but some of the raisins in the cake is that we are in May hit activity record in Norway, to Resistance policies Our road released in printed form, the activists do more activities and more public than before and that PST’s (Norway’s equivalent to the FBI) harassment increased dramatically as proof of success!


In Finland the organization during the month received more media attention than usual because of the traitor Henry Holappa ‘s gambit. Public campaigns have been carried out in Helsinki and Jyväskylä and Tampere cleaned a war memorial traveled for Mannerheim char vandalized on May 1. The fight live thus also in Finland!


As previously mentioned, it was therefore no silence after the May 1 demonstration. On the contrary, it has been a month at full speed, solemnly started kicked off the demonstration in Borlänge. All activism Nordic Council of Resistance perform springs from the love of our people with a sharp sting directed against those who go against this interest is that big business and people traitors – thus not only the demonstration, but the entire month of May part of the fight against these malevolent forces. Now, in June, it is our duty to do what we can so that those who oppose our people will be sleepless Also this month!


Invader base in Norway destroyed by fire

Planned Norway asylum centre destroyed by fire

Police were notified of the fire at 4.52am on Tuesday.
“The building has suffered great damage but it hasn’t burned completely down. It’s possible the fire brigade will monitor a controlled burn,” police spokesman Ole Kristian Nerby told NTB.
Nerby said it was too early to say anything about the cause of the fire but confirmed that no one was in the building when the fire was discovered.
The building was approved for use as an asylum centre in January. The former boarding house was due to host 64 asylum seekers.
In December, two people were charged with arson for setting fire to a hotel scheduled to house asylum seekers in southwest Norway. That fire was praised on several anti-refugee Facebook pages with warning that “this won’t be the last fire”.

Finnish “Soldiers of Odin” hold 150 strong march in Tampere

On February 27, approximately  150 members of the patriotic anti-migrant street patrol group Soldiers of Odin gathered together on the streets of Tampere.

This was done in remembrance of one of their members who had passed away. The group consisted of S.O.O members from all around Finland and also from Estonia.

The real news here is not the march itself, but the rapid expansion of the S.O.O. What started out as a squad sized group of men has grown so much that they can now put 150 fighting age men on the street with little notice. There are active chapters not just in Finland, but in Estonia, Norway, and the UK.

I expect great things from them in the future.

Soldiers of Odin now has active branch in Norway

'Patriot' group Soldiers of Odin debut in Norway

“On Saturday night, a group of 14 men wearing black coats bearing the insignia of the Soldiers of Odin spent three hours walking the streets of Tønsberg in southern Norway. This marked the first appearance in Norway of the self-proclaimed ‘patriot’ group that has been at the centre of controversy in Finland.

Named after the Norse god, the Soldiers of Odin have been active in Finland since late 2015, patrolling public streets of Kemi, some 30km from the border town of Tornio, which serves as a major crossing point for asylum seekers.
The group calls itself “a patriotic organisation that fights for a white Finland” and says its patrols are meant to scare away “Islamist intruders” that the group says “cause insecurity and increase crime”.
The first Norwegian incarnation of the group said it was out in Tønsberg because “we just want it to be safe in the city” in the face of “out of control” immigration, spokesman Ronny Alte told VG.
Local newspaper Tønsbergs Blad reported that among the 14 Soldiers of Odin were well-known members of the extreme far-right including some who have criminal records. “