Sinsheim, Germany: Nationalist Rally Against Child Molesters

On Saturday, May 6th, members of Die Rechte, the NPD, Identitären Aktion Deutschland, & Ring Nationaler Frauen (National Women’s Organization) held a joint demonstration against child molesters.

Although a race-neutral protest theme on the surface, the vast majority of child rapists in Germany are of course foreigners.

Calling for the death penalty for child molesters, they compared the convictions of Horst Mahler and Ursula Haverbeck, who were given long sentences of imprisonment solely on account of their speech with the relatively mild verdicts for child molesters and rapists.

A small cadre of dedicated anti-whites showed up to counter protest, showing that they are willing to take the side of the worst examples of humanity if it means opposing Whites.

Police kept the two sides apart, & there were no incidents of violence or arrests.

After marching around the city & giving speeches, the event concluded successfully & peacefully. All groups involved had a positive experience at the event, & look forward to working together in the future.




Zagreb, Croatia: National Socialists Hold Demonstration Outside U.S. Embassy

The United States embassy in Zagreb on Monday strongly condemned the march staged by the far-right Autochthonous Croatian Party of the Right, A-HSP, in the centre of Zagreb on Sunday.

At the march, which was intended to show support to US President Donald Trump, party members waved the US flag, along with the Croatian flag with an unofficial coat of arms resembling the one of Croatian WWII fascist Ustasa movement.

The procession of some 30 to 50 people also flew their A-HSP party flag with the Ustasa slogan ‘Za dom spremni’ (‘For the Homeland, ready!’) on it, as well as the flag of the national socialist National Democratic Party of Germany.

“The embassy of the United States most strongly rejects the neo-Nazi and pro-Ustasa views expressed during a demonstration of a few people in Zagreb on Sunday,” the embassy said in its statement.

“We condemn any attempt to link the United States with this odious ideology. Such a suggestion is an insult to the memory of the 186,000 US soldiers killed in Europe in the fight against Nazi Germany and several million innocent victims killed during World War II,” it added.

The Croatian government also condemned the event on Sunday.

“[We] strongly condemn today’s lining-up of members of the A-HSP party in Zagreb, which promotes the Ustasa ideology and Nazism, thus attacking the fundamental values of the Croatian constitutional system,” the government said in a statement.

Although the march was legally announced to the police, which ensured the security of the participants, A-HSP president Drazen Keleminec was arrested for shouting ‘Za dom spremni’, which is a misdemeanour under Croatian law.

Keleminec said on Sunday that a representative of the German far-right NPD party, Alexander Neidlein, was also present on the march to assist the A-HSP’s cause.

“Alexander Neidlein is here among us, a friend who came to us today to give support for the independent and sovereign state of Croatia in the battle against the Satan which rules the Croatian state,” he said.

He then shouted “Za dom spremni”, insisting that nobody could ban him from voicing the Ustasa slogan in public.

He explained that his party supports Trump because of his politics, especially his anti-immigration and anti-EU stances.

Keleminec however rejected comparisons with the nationalist Serbian Radical Party, which also publically supported Trump.

The A-HSP is known for its protests at which it expresses support for the Ustasa legacy and confronts anti-fascist groups.

Cologne, Germany: NPD Marches Against Merkel & Foreign Invaders

Deutschland Knapp 100 Rechte demonstrieren in Köln (picture alliance/dpa/C. Seidel)

Scores of nationalists marched through the streets of Cologne on Saturday,  January 14th, to denounce the German government’s refugee and asylum policies.

The protest was organised by the local branch of the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD).

Counter-protesters attempted to disrupt the rally shouting “Nazis out!.” A large police presence was deployed to prevent possible clashes. Several protesters were detained during the rally; no injures were reported.

Cologne, Germany: Anti-migrant Protesters Storm Train Station

ANTI-MIGRANT protesters have stormed Cologne’s train station and main square in an open act of defiance after police try to ban a New Year’s eve demonstration.

Members of the far right NPD group planned to take to Cologne’s main square, the scene of the depraved New Year sex attacks, to voice their opposition to Angela Merkel’s controversial open door migration policy – but police banned the event amid safety concerns.


Undeterred, dozens of protesters have scaled Cologne’s train station, unveiling nationalist banners and chanting anti-mass immigration slogans.

Related image

In a well-orchestrated and pre-planned move, the NPD supporters climbed onto the station’s roof and revealed their anti-migrant banner.

The original protest was supposed to take place in the square itself, facing the cathedral that was the backdrop to the sickening volume of sexual assaults committed against hundreds of women.

According to Germany’s Die Welt news outlet, 267 investigations against 333 suspects were launched in the wake of New Year’s Eve’s carnage.

However, half of the proceedings have been dropped by prosecutors and only 30 people have been convicted.

Berlin, Germany: Protests Erupt Outside Chancellor’s Office

PROTESTS have erupted outside Angela Merkel’s office by campaigners saying the German Chancellor “has blood on her hands”.

 Crowds wave German flags as they call for Angela Merkel to step down

Crowds have gathered outside the Chancellory in Berlin just two days after the  as a series of protests, counter-demonstrations and vigils are held across the city.

Supporters of the Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party are demonstrating outside ’s office.

Placards reading “Merkel must go” were waved in the crowd as supporters carried the German flag and lit candles for the dead.

Other placards read “protect borders” and “On Merkel’s hands is the blood of her people”.

People were also seen holding placards with the logo of the far right Identitarian movement (Identitaere Bewegung) reading “It’s enough” and “How many times again”.

A small counter-demonstration also broke out in front of the Chancellory in Berlin as protests erupted elsewhere in the city.

It comes two days after 12 people were killed in the German capital when a truck ploughed into a busy Christmas market.

Protests have erupted outside Angela Merkel's office in Berlin

A man's sign reads

ISIS later claimed responsibility for the atrocity as right-wing critics attempted to link the attack with Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policy.

Dutch politican  one day after the attack.


A man's jacket reads
AfD supporters carry banners and flags at the vigil

Many are believed to belong to hard-right groups such as the NPD.

It comes as AfD party leader Franke Petry said Mrs Merkel is finished in the wake of the terror attack.

She said the the country was no longer safe and “radical Islamic terrorism has struck in the heart of Germany” as ISIS claimed responsibility for the massacre.

Ms Petry told the Telegraph: “This is a terrible day, but it is not completely unexpected given the warnings from the security authorities, including about the prospect of an attack on Berlin.

“We cannot go on denying there is a link between Merkel’s migration policy and these attacks, or we will prepare that ground for more of these attacks.”

The anti-migrant party has seen support surge in local elections as the German Chancellor fights to take office for a fourth term.

Placards are displayed outside Angela Merkel's office

Supporters of the Alternative for Deutschland lead the demonstration

Members of the crowd light candles during the protest

'Merkel must go', protesters gather outside the German Chancellery

People are also holding placards with the logo of the far right Identitarian movement


Thousands Strong Rally In Dresden Marks 2 Year Pegida Anniversary

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Dresden, PEGIDA’s birthplace, to mark the second anniversary of the far-right anti-Islam German movement PEGIDA.

Supporters gathered at Theaterplatz Square in central Dresden to protest against the refugee policy of Angela Merkel, as well as forced multiculturalism and the continued Islamization of Europe.

“You have a million foreigners every year. They don’t speak the German language, they do not accept our culture, they have very basic or no education or no professional skills,” one demonstrator told RT. “We have no use for them. We Germans have our own problems.”

“We have more rapes, we have more criminality, we have more violence that we didn’t have before,” another added.

According to the German statistical research group Durchgezahlt, the number of protesters was 6,500-8,500.

A smaller counter-demonstration of 130 people was led by left wing students, but police kept the two groups at a distance to maintain public order.

Nationalist sentiment in Germany is on the rise, with the hardline nationalist NPD & the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party gaining strong support at the expense of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU).

Over 100 German Nationalists Hold Demonstration In Wetzlar

The banners read: “Weltzar Remains German”, & “We Believe In Our Youth”

On Friday, October 7th, over 100 German nationalists gathered in the Hessian city of Wetzlar for a demonstration for a German Germany.

The activists were reportedly mostly from the NPD or unaffiliated nationalists, however a sizable contingent from the Strasserist Anti Capitalist Collective (seen above) was present as well.

In March,  The NPD received 7.7 percent of the votes in the municipal elections in Wetzlar.


As the demonstrators marched through the town center with chants of “Everything for the people, race and nation!” they were met by an equally large counter protest, which was the usual antifa clown show complete with both rainbow & Turkish flags.

Police unfortunately kept the two groups entirely separate. By the time the nationalist march had concluded with a couple of speeches, three antifa had been arrested for minor public disturbance offenses. There were no injuries or arrests from the nationalist side.