Wishaw, Scotland: Scottish Defence League Protest Against “Refugees”

On Easter sunday, over 50 members & supporters of the Scottish Defence League, North West Infidels, & English Volunteer Force held a protest against “refugees” in the town centre of Wishaw.

The town was targeted for a demo because it had accepted Syrian immigrants.

Antifa organized a counter demonstration, mostly under the ‘Unite Against Fascism’ banner.

A large number of police kept the two sides separate.

The event concluded successfully & there were no arrests or incidents of violence.





Anti-refugee Unity Demo in Rochdale, United Kingdom

A group of at least 50 protesters gathered outside The White Lion pub before marching in a protest against refugees & mass immigration in general.

The protest was organized by the North West Infidels, and attended by members of Right Wing Resistance, Combat 18, National Action, and Pie & Mash Squad. Antifa counter protesters did not seem to attend.

Large numbers of officers could be seen throughout the town while the rally took place between 1pm to 3pm.

The group could be seen wearing black t-shirts with the North West Infidels logo and some covered their faces with scarves or balaclavas.

After liaising with police, members of the group marched along the high street chanting ‘no more refugees.’

There were three arrests, though no injuries reported. One man was arrested for assaulting a police officer, one for breach of peace and another man for being drunk in charge of a vehicle. It is not yet known if those arrested were a part of the protest, or merely present in the area.

After marching unopposed to the rally point, speeches were made with no objections from the locals.






British nationalists march in Blackpool

On March 12th, over 50 nationalists marched in Blackpool against immigration & refugee invaders. The march was held by the North West Infidels, with members of the National Action, Pie & Mash Squad, C18 and others in attendance.

An unknown number of Polish hooligans attempted to attend but were stopped from doing so by the police.

A paltry 5 antifa showed up to counter protest, but were quickly sent running off. The march was otherwise unopposed.

The battle of Liverpool

Liverpool city center erupted into violence today as the North West Infidels, National Action, Polish hooligans (not NOP), South East Alliance & Pie & Mash Squad clashed with anti-white protesters outside St. George’s Hall.

Although police tried to keep the two groups apart, the patriots were heavily outnumbered and on at least two occasions a number of them broke through the police cordon and fought with anti-fascists.

A number of smoke bombs were hurled by the Polish, leading to loud bangs resounding around St George’s plateau.

Missiles – including bottles and cobblestones – were also thrown at the nationalist group, who threw them back into the crowd.

It led to a number of anti white protesters being struck by objects as they flew through the air, including a police officer who suffered concussion.

A source within the NWI says four enemy combatants were sent to the hospital. There was one injury, a minor stab wound, suffered by the nationalist side.

Finally, after a tense stand-off lasting nearly three hours, police managed to escort the far-right group back in the direction of Lime Street station. Nearby streets were cordoned off by riot vans and police with riot shields to separate the patriot group from anti-white protesters.



Upcoming Events: USA & United Kingdom

National Policy Institute’s


An Evening Conference

Kevin MacDonald, Ramzpaul, and Richard Spencer will speak on the question of identity politics, and its relevance to political currents, changing demographics, and the future of European identity and consciousness.

MARCH 5, 2016


2016 American Renaissance Conference

Donald Trump says what millions of Americans have thought for years — and is much too popular to be silenced. Ann Coulter’s Adios, America! sounds the alarm against Third-World immigration — and is a huge best-seller. An Alt Right of young, cocky pro-whites terrifies liberals and conservatives alike. And a Muslim invasion is giving new life to the European “extreme right.” Are whites finally waking up? Are we reaching critical mass? Come join activists and leaders from Europe, America, and South Africa for a celebration of our world brotherhood of Europeans. Speakers will include:

Peter Brimelow Peter Brimelow — “The Trump Tsunami and the Future of the Historic American Nation.” Mr. Brimelow is the editor of VDARE.com, and the author of Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster.
Filip Dewinter Filip Dewinter — “The Islamisation of Europe. How Europe becomes an Islamic State.” Filip Dewinter is a strong voice for the preservation of Europe and is one of the leading members of the Flemish nationalist party, Vlaams Belang. He has served in the Belgian parliament, the Flemish parliament, and on the Antwerp city council.
James Edwards James Edwards — “The Best Decision I Ever Made.” Mr. Edwards is the host of the taboo-breaking radio program The Political Cesspool and is the author of Racism Schmacism.
Ruuben Kaalep Ruuben Kaalep — “A Call to Action from a Small White Country.”Ruuben Kaalep is a founding member of the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia, and established its youth movement, Blue Awakening. His goal is to save Europe and Europeans, first by saving his own nation.
RamZPaul RamZPaul — “The Alt Right.” RamZPaul has been creating YouTube videos for the past eight years. Mostly mocking the establishment’s religion of Cultural Marxism, his iconoclastic performances have been called “Pop Culture Meets Nationalism.”
Dan Roodt Dan Roodt — “The South African Crisis in World Perspective.”Mr. Roodt is a prominent Afrikaner novelist and commentator, and one of the leaders of the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group (PRAAG). Part I of his essay “An African Planet?” was published at American Renaissance last July. Part II was published in January.
Jared Taylor Jared Taylor — “Prospects for Our People.” Mr. Taylor is editor ofAmerican Renaissance. He is the author of Paved with Good Intentions,and the primary contributor to the collection A Race Against Time. His latest book is White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
Sam Dickson Sam Dickson — “A Benediction for Heretics.” Mr. Dickson is an attorney who has been a advocate for our people since his college days. He has addressed every American Renaissance conference.
Uncuck the Right Uncuck the Right — “We Didn’t Start the Alt Right.” Uncuck the Right makes brilliant, satirical remakes of popular songs. He will debut a new video specially created for this conference.

Register now for the American Renaissance Conference

May 20 – 22, 2016, near Nashville, Tennessee


North West Infidels Demonstration – Manchester – 27th February


Scottish Defence League – Edinburgh – 20th March


White Pride World Wide – Swansea – 26th March


North West National Front – Wigan – 28th May





Upcoming Events

March of Honor and Remembrance: Athens, Greece

20 years after the tragic night of Imia, Greek Nationalists pay tribute to the Heroic Officers of our Navy and send the message of the National Resistance to those who continue to sell out the Greece

Imia ’96 I DO NOT FORGET: March of Honor and Remembrance

Saturday 30th of January 2016 – Time 7pm

Antens, Monument of Imia – In front of the Hellenic Armed Forces Officers’ Club


Unity Demo: Dover, United Kingdom


The North West Infidels, South East Alliance, National Front, Pie & Mash Squad and more……