Springfield, Oregon: National Socialists Face Off Against Antifa

Springfield, Oregon, April 25th.

Springfield Police made no arrests after monitoring a verbal exchange between a group of National Socialists and a group of anti-fascist counter protesters in Oregon.

Dozens of people gathered to protest Monday night near the home of a man who drove a pickup emblazoned with a swastika into the heart of the University of Oregon campus on Hitler’s birthday, Springfield Police said.

Jimmy Marr led a group of about eight NS activists, and a group of counter-protesters formed in front of his home, police said.



Lt. Scott McKee said the situation had the potential of being volatile as both groups exchanged words with each other.

Newly appointed Police Chief Rick Lewis had officers briefly close the street while he spoke to both sides.

The Eugene Register-Guard reports the confrontation began Monday night after news of a planned neo-Nazi meeting leaked on social media.

About 30 to 40 anti-fascist counter protesters showed up and chanted from across the street.

Police say the incident broke up about two hours after it began, with members of the NS group yelling “Good night, left side” to Antifa.

McKee said Marr’s home is known for the display of Nazi symbols. He was arrested in September on a charge of disorderly conduct after police say he mounted loudspeakers on the roof of his Springfield home and broadcast pro-hate messages during an anti-hate rally taking place at a nearby public park.




Whites Fight Back: USA Edition, August 2016

White ex-con stabs interracial couple after seeing them kiss at bar

Image result for daniel rowe stabbing

Olympia, Washington August 19.

The attack happened about 8:30 p.m. in the state’s capital city on Fourth Avenue,  a classic downtown street busy with people going to a local movie theater or visiting bars and restaurants.

Rowe, 32, walked up to the couple and, without warning, yelled a racial slur and lunged with his knife, police say. The blade grazed the woman and went into the man’s hip, according to a news release from Olympia police.

After the attack, Rowe ran off as stunned onlookers dialed 911. Unfortunately, he was apprehended following a short chase.

Rowe, who had recently been released from Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, was arrested and booked into the Thurston County Jail on two charges of first-degree assault and possible malicious harassment.


Alleged White prison gang member accused of trying to stab blacks trespassing on his property

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Tulsa, Oklahoma August 25.

The official story here is that Justin Lucas, 30, started randomly yelling racial slurs at his black neighbor, stabbed him, then punched a woman.

According to eyewitness testimony however, the violence started after a bunch of blacks in the neighboring house came onto his property looking for a fight. It was at this point that Lucas defended himself with a knife & harsh language, causing the attackers to flee & call the police.

Lucas was booked in Tulsa County Jail that evening. Hopefully his stay will not be long.


Negro pulls machete on White couple, gets run over with Jeep

Russell Courtier and his girlfriend Colleen Hunt were indicted for the murder of Larnell Bruce. Courtier has an EK tattoo, representing European Kindred, an Oregon white supremacist prison gang

Gresham, Oregon August 10.
Russell Courtier and his girlfriend Colleen Hunt were indicted for the murder of Larnell Bruce. Courtier has an “EK” tattoo, representing “European Kindred,” an Oregon based White prison gang.
Just before midnight on Wednesday, August 10, Courtier and Hunt drove their red Jeep to a 7-Eleven store in Gresham. Outside the store, he and Bruce apparently exchanged words, and got into a fight. During the altercation, Bruce pulled out a “machete,” authorities said, and tried to walk away. Courtier and Hunt then hopped in their Jeep while Hunt yelled “get him baby, get him baby.”

Larnell Bruce was motionless on the street with blood flowing out of his head and ears when police arrived. He was taken to OHSU and died three days later.  Both Courtier & Hunt have been charged with murder.

Larnell Bruce