Paris, France: GUD March In Honour Of Slain Nationalist Sébastien Deyzieu


On Tuesday, May 9, in Paris, nationalists including members of the GUD marched to pay tribute to Sébastien Deyzieu as well as to all of the Europeans who fell victim to the anti-white system. More than a hundred people demonstrated, starting from Port-Royal & marching to Rue des Chartreux, where Sébastien fell to his death after the police pursued him to the roof of a building following a protest of the GUD and the JNR against American imperialism. Speeches were made, a moment of silence held in his honour, & a wreath was laid at the site of his death.

Anti-immigration Protesters March Through Paris

Over 300 anti-migrant protesters marched through the streets of Paris on Saturday in a ‘Paris Pride’ (as in pride in being Parisian) demonstration organized by Generation Identitaire, a far-right youth group, and the Association of Paris Pride. The protesters carried flares and images of Paris’ patron saint, Saint Genevieve, as well as a banner reading ‘Defend Paris.’ The march has been held annually since 2005.

1 Dead, 14 Injured In Blaze At Paris Migrant Center

French authorities are investigating a fire that broke out overnight at a migrant reception center outside Paris that left one person dead, 14 injured and triggered an overall evacuation.

Investigators say the fire that started in the Parisian suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt at around 3:30am local time could have been set intentionally, France24 reported. Police discovered traces of combustible material and a fire accelerant near the entrance of the building.

“I think this is definitely an arson, because in the screaming I heard the people who were saying ‘don’t do this, don’t do this, stop’,” Gelson Alveal, a witness who lives across the street, told RT.

“In fact I think someone threw something in the window to break the glass and enter the building, which is why I heard the breaking glass, and exactly after this moment the fire started. It is a crime, no doubts,” he said.

However, it is yet to be confirmed whether the fire was arson.

At least six people were saved “from certain death” and 13 others suffered minor injuries after inhaling toxic smoke, the Paris firefighters’ press office reported following the rescue operation that ended in an evacuation of 300 people.

One man died after he jumped out of a third-floor window trying to escape the flames, police reported. Three others who also jumped out of the windows were seriously injured.

The centers are supposed to help migrants to apply for residence and find permanent accommodation once they are accepted. There has been a number of attacks on migrants’ centers in France registered last month, but those attacks didn’t end in injuries or deaths.

Migrant Centre Near Paris Burned to the Ground

New migrant centre near Paris burned to the ground

The fire ignited at the migrant accommodation in Forges-les-Bains, south west of Paris, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, reported to BFM TV.
Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Tuesday afternoon that all possible light will be shed on the matter to determine whether the fire was started voluntarily.
“If this hypothesis is confirmed, everything will be done to quickly arrest those behind this abject act and bring them to justice,” he said.
The building, which was set to house 90 migrants when it opens in October, had proved to be highly contentious in the local community.
The night before it was burned, authorities had held a meeting about the centre while around 100 locals protested outside.
These protests continued until around 11pm, BFM TV reported, and just hours later the building caught fire.

Paris, France: African Invader BTFO’d by French Catholic

Non-white invader insults french catholics praying just in Front of the now barred Ste-Rita church in Paris, the one in which priests and parishioners got thrown out of it during a mass just a few weeks ago and just a few days after a priest had his throat slit by islamic terrorists.

Apparently he came, told them that they were pitiful, played a music with lyrics “No god no masters” (a Spanish anarchist slogan), and instantly got what he deserved.

Generation Identity rally sweeps Paris

Protesters from far-right movement Generation Identitaire take part in a demonstration against migrants on May 28, 2016 in Paris. © Matthieu Alexandre

A far-right rally has been held in Paris with hundreds of young people taking to the streets to join the demonstration organized by the French anti-immigration Generation Identitaire movement to protest against “islamization.”

Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Paris waving French national flags and holding giant banners with“Generation Identitaire” and “Native Youth” written on them. They also sang the Marseillaise – the French national anthem.

Over 500 people joined the rally.

The protesters chanted anti-immigration and anti-islamization slogans such as “No to islamization,” “the French are angry”and “Here is our home!” They also burned flares and smoke bombs.

The demonstrators marched peacefully through the streets of the French capital, without any clashes with police reported. They eventually gathered at Place Monge not far from the Natural History Museum, were they staged a rally.

The rally, which took place under the slogan “We are home!” was organized by the French far-right youth movement Generation Identitaire formed in 2012 as the youth wing of the far-right Bloc Identitaire – a regionalist nativist French and European activist movement.

The action was aimed at calling on France and Europe to remain true to their traditions, values and identity as well as to resist what they called a “migrant invasion,” according to the protest organizers.

Generation Identitaire earlier provoked public controversy with its nationalist and anti-immigrant views. In March, more than a hundred protesters that took part in the Génération Identitaire rally in Calais blocked several routes for migrants, preventing them from gaining access to the city.

Before the rally, Génération Identitaire called Molenbeek a “breeding ground” for jihadists in a statement, in which it urged people to gather under the slogan “Expel the Islamists!”

Groupe Union Défense Paris holds memorial march for fallen comrade

Groupe Union Défense Paris held a memorial march for a fallen comrade killed by police.

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On 7 May 1994, the GUD and the JNR organized a demonstration against American imperialism.

Sébastien Deyzieu, a young militant nationalist-Revolutionary, was killed after being chased by the police to the roof of a nearby building. The case was never solved.
Today, and like every year, we pay tribute to our fallen comrade.

Sebastian isn’t dead. He is present in every militant aware that the fight is tough but necessary, & he inspires every European aware of who he is.

We call for a real revolution, at all levels, and it is for this that Sebastian was fighting.
Life has left our comrade but the torch of his soul is still burning in our hearts.
For Europe, for France, for Sebastian.
The future belongs to us!