Stockholm, Sweden: Nordic Resistance Movement Holds Largest Demonstration In Group’s History


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November 12th. Sebastian Elofsson summarizes this Saturday’s demonstration to stop the alien invasion that was a great success for the resistance movement and the Nordic nations.

12 November

November 12 will go down in history as the day when the Resistance revealed to the political establishment that we are a force to be reckoned with. More than 700 upright men and women marched from the Royal Garden to Mynttorget, located between the Royal Palace and the Parliament House. This means that the demonstration in Stockholm was more than double compared with the one in Borlänge!

The march was peaceful and none of the so-called “anti-racists” had an opportunity to break through police cordons during the march. In retrospect, it has emerged that at least 200 people were not able to join the march when they came late to the meeting place. If the police had let them through, we would have been at least 900 protesters and perhaps even as many as 1000!


Once we arrived at the Mynttorget,  the organizer prepared the sound system and set up the stage while coffee and hot chocolate were served. Before the speeches began the red plague made a half-hearted attempt to break through police cordons & threw fireworks. Resistance shield-bearers were quickly on the scene and formed a wall of shields against the police and anti-fascists who both tried to attack the demonstrators. As usual, the counter-demonstrators had courage only in police presence and reports have come in that several anti-fascists were arrested and taken into custody by police .

After the anti-fascist’s pathetic and half-hearted attempts to break through police cordons they calmed down and no further disturbances occurred.

Eventually the first speaker to address the crowd was the Resistance leader Pär Sjögren who spoke of social decay and multiculturalism’s devastating consequences. The next speaker after Sjogren was the head of the Resistance parliamentary branch and press spokesman Pär Öberg, who spoke about the hidden power behind the Parliament and the Government, the Zionist globalists, who are forcing mass immigration on the Nordic nations.

The third speaker was 88-year-old Vera Oredsson who told us about the National Socialist Germany that she grew up in, as well as her lifelong commitment to our people. After Oredsson, Jorgen Kromann stepped up on stage and talked about his past involvement as a Communist, and how he, too, like Vera has seen Sweden turned into a multicultural melting pot. He proclaimed the fact that the national opposition is the only true popular movement in Sweden today & that he for good has left the ranks of the globalists.

Jorgen Kronman gave an impassioned and very appreciated speech.

The second to last speaker of the day was the North Front-chief and the Resistance political strategist Frederick Vejdeland. He brought up the fact that the alien invasion never had any popular support among the people. He also spoke about the jew media and their control over public opinion and how they strangle freedom of speech. He pointed out the fact that there is no difference between the Soviet media and today’s establishment media in terms of approach and methodology. This was primarily directed against the Jewish media Bonnier family, which by Dagens Nyheter, editor in chief ((( Peter Wolodarski ))) try to control even the state media reports on the nationalist opposition.

The last speaker of the day was none other than Nordic Resistance leader Simon Lindberg. Lindberg, who since adolescence fought for the Nordic race spoke about the importance of unity to defeat the enemies of our people and that there are no excuses to stay home on a day like this. He pointed out some misconceptions about National Socialism and explained what Resistance meant by ethnic community and national socialism and how it stands in stark contrast against the materialist and Marxist socialism that the Left advocates.

Nordic Council of Resistance leader Simon Lindberg gave a much appreciated talk of unity in the national resistance.

When the speeches were over, the participants went to the Old Town underground station to get back to the first meeting place, and from there, home. But when we went over the bridge, antifascists attacked with ice cubes and stones. Resistance shield carriers lined up to protect the demonstrators and then the police attacked the nationalists with batons and pepper spray. Many activists were pepper sprayed in the eyes and beaten by police, but the anti-fascists were driven back successfully.

The situation improved later and participants proceeded to the metro station. But inside the station the police suddenly went insane, & attacked the demonstrators. One activist was so severely beaten by the police that he was unconscious.

Finally the nationalists arrived at the first meeting place and then went back home. Thus ended a successful day. With 700 participants that really should have been 900 or even 1000, the demonstration was nothing but a success. Never before has a demonstration organized by the Resistance gathered so many people and from different age and social groups in Stockholm. On November 12, the resistance movement showed that we are a political organization that has the ability to mobilize more than just “angry young men”. In the future, we will mobilize the entire people and the demonstration in Stockholm was just the start.


Interview With Georgian Nationalist Peter Stahl, On the Events of September 27th In Tbilisi

On September 27th in Tbilisi, Georgia, various nationalists groups held a demonstration that culminated in the arrests of several nationalists. YesPasaran caught up with a Georgian nationalist using the pseudonym Peter Stahl to find out what happened that day.



Yes Pasaran: Let’s start from the beginning. What was the demonstration about?

Peter Stahl: The demonstration was held to commemorate the fall of Sokhumi, the capital of Abkhazia, in the 90’s war.

YP: What groups were involved in the demonstration?

PS: There were various Nationalist groups participating, including “Georgian Power”, “Nationalist Legion”, “Edelweiss”, “Idea”, “Pan-European Ethno-Nationalism”, as well as football fans like “Bergmann”, “Ultras Dinamo”, etc. The event was open for everyone holding Nationalistic/Right Wing views. Dress code was black/military uniforms.

YP: How many people would you say there were all together?

PS: About 150.

YP: Where in the city was it held?

PS: We gathered up on the central Rustaveli ave., near Metro station, then we marched down the “Heroes’ Square”, where memorial of the fallen war participants is located, several participants made speeches, gave interviews and we marched on to Aghmashenebeli ave.


YP: Did anybody actually attack Turkish businesses, & what prompted this if they did?

PS: As I mentioned earlier, the demo was open to participate in, therefore there were those, who were completely foreign to us. Some of the participants, mostly of minor age and inexperienced, initiated and imitated behaviors that contradicted the clearly defined code and discipline of the rally, which was to be held absolutely in accordance with the law and public order.

As a result, there were few cases of trampling advertisement bill-boards, throwing pyrotechnics towards the restaurants, etc. Nothing major, in essence.

YP: The media is making it out to be some kind of riot.

PS: The media, just like in the rest of Europe, is extremely biased and serves a clearly defined agenda, which is anti-Nationalist.

YP: So what happened in regards to the arrests?

PS: The arrests were strange and bizzare: a handful of Police squads were continuously following us during the whole event. They did not react specifically on the skirmishes that occurred during the march. Later on, when we were gathering ourselves to continue towards the Rustaveli ave. again, the Police surrounded us and ordered not to move, placed a detention car near the crowd and after a brief pause, started arresting people randomly, regardless of their involvement in activities in question or even participation in the demonstration – they simply started arresting everybody standing there, excluding females.

YP:  I heard most were let go without even a fine?

PS: Those were minors, that was the reason they were not fined. But the “fine” itself was not for the crime, but for the bail-out before the main court hearing.

YP: So they are all still facing charges.

PS: All arrested, including the seven minors, are to be charged for the same crimes. At least, that’s what the State wants to accomplish.

YP: Did the others make bail, or do they have a bail fund set up if they did not?

SP: From 5 of those held, 3 or 4 made it out already. As for the others, one of them is our guy, who will most likely make it out in several days, and the other guy, well, nobody knows him and, therefore, his whereabouts. Most likely, he got out.

YP: So what happened at the demonstration, after the arrests?

PS: We scattered, so as not to be caught.

YP: Is there anything else you would like to add before we wrap things up?

PS: We will not back down in spite of the injustice and harshness against us, and the clear will to suppress us demonstrated by the State & we will continue our fight with even more vigor and focus.


Dortmund, Germany: Protest Against Police Oppression of Nationalists

On August 23, 2012, German police conducted a series of raids designed to end the nationalist presence in North Rhine-Westphalia. Over 100 nationalists were targeted, & many nationalist clubs & organizations were banned.

On the fourth anniversary of the police crackdown, 130 nationalists organized by Die Rechte Dortmund held a protest against the banning of these organizations.

The protest was carried out successfully, with antifa managing only a couple dozen for a counter protest. Though they attempted to attack lone nationalists after the protest was concluded, no injuries were reported.


Slovak Police Open Fire on Invaders

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Slovak police last night opened fire with live ammunition against nonwhite invaders trying to break through the border with Hungary in an attempt to get to Germany.

One 26-year-old invader was shot in the back after border guards succeeded in stopping a convoy of five vehicles, packed with nonwhites on the road at the town of Velky Meder near the border.


The shoot-out scene outside the village of Velky Meder, Slovakia.

According to local media sources, the invader convoy was spotted on the road racing toward the Austrian border.

The invaders were ordered to stop, and when they refused, the police opened fire on the vehicles with live ammunition, in line with Slovakia’s declared zero tolerance for the fake refugee invasion.

According to the police, the drivers of the vehicles—professional people smugglers—refused to “obey the police even after warning shots were fired. The motor vehicle was stopped after its tires were shot out.”

Border police were checking cars as a matter of routine in the area, the police said, adding that the invasion had sped up in recent weeks—and they noticed the invader convoy at about half past twelve.

The vehicles were pursued for about six miles before the shootout near the village of Velky Meder.

“The fourth motor vehicle tried evasive escape maneuvers,” the police spokesman continued.

“The driver’s conduct jeopardized the lives of at least three customs officers, who then fired a warning shot.” The vehicle continued to race on toward the officers, who then opened fire on the invaders after it became clear that the nonwhites were trying to run the police over.

The shooting brought the vehicles to a halt on the side of the road. The injured invader—who had been shot in the back—was taken to the hospital, and two more were treated for dehydration.

All of the nonwhites were then arrested by border and customs officers, and then handed over for expulsion to the National Unit for Combating Illegal Migration.

The nonwhite invasion has not halted despite the European Union “deal” with Turkey, and all the Balkan states are still being subjected to thousands of invaders breaking through border fences in their attempt to take up Angela Merkel’s offer of free housing, food, and welfare in Germany.

For example, over the past weekend, 189 nonwhites were arrested by Hungarian border police alone, up substantially from the 572 arrested during the previous five days.

According to Slovak media reports, the nationalities of the invaders include Afghans, Iranians, Pakistanis, Algerians, Tunisians, Egyptians, Haitians, and Sri Lankans. None of these invaders have a claim to “asylum”—even by the ridiculous definitions used by the Merkel leftists—and are merely part of the planned and promoted nonwhite invasion of Europe.

*The shooting incident will unquestionably be condemned by the European Union, and is equally certain to heighten tensions between the Visegrad 4 nations and Western Europe.

The EU has already declared its intentions to place sanctions on the Visegrad 4 for refusing to take in any of the nonwhite invaders as part of its “redistribution” plan—so a much stronger reaction can be expected once news of the use of live ammunition against the invasion becomes widely known.

Belgian peace march canceled as nationalists hits the streets

Image: Right-wing demonstrators protest against wave of terrorism in frront of the old stock exchange in Brussels

In the center of Brussels, a  left wing “march against fear” planned for Sunday was cancelled after the demonstration was successfully hijacked by nationalist protesters.

Much like in France after the Paris attacks, public interest in fiery far-right nationalistic populism has exploded in popularity. Vocativ reports Facebook likes for Vlaams Belang, the right-wing populist party from Flanders, has surged more than 3,000 percent.

Brüssel Hooligans Rechtsradikale Demonstration Ausschreitungen

British broadcaster BBC reported that members of the right-wing groups had approached and harassed Muslim women wearing headscarves, and at one stage cleared the steps of the square of left wing demonstrators.

Adrian Liston, who was in the square, told BBC News that there had been a “bunch of people showing solidarity with Brussels and Belgium” with a “lot of positive energy”.

But then, he said, “a bunch of skinheads turned up in force, really marching into the square, creating a major confrontation with the peace protesters”.

“They were really starting to get into the face of the peace protesters and starting to get into the face of the police. They started fireworks going, started chanting and it was really looking quite ugly,” Mr Liston said.

During a stand-off, missiles were seen being thrown in both directions between the two groups.

However he said the riot police, who appeared to have been waiting nearby, quickly moved in to separate the two groups.

Riot police used water cannons in an attempt to disperse the nationalists. No news yet of arrests or injuries, although here is an awesome vid of an antifa getting knocked out. (h/t Iron March)




Nordic Resistance Movement holds march in Stockholm, clashes with police


About 40 members of the militant National Socialist organization marched through Stockholm under the slogan “Stop the holocaust against our people!” before being attacked by the traitorous Swedish police. Reports are conflicting, but it looks as though 38 nationalists were arrested & two police officers were hospitalized, one with broken teeth.

The courage & strength of these men in the face of violence and prison is an example to us all. Glory to the heroes!


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