“The People Of Sunderland Have Had Enough!”

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I thought I’d make just a quick post on a demonstration which took place in Sunderland in the North East of England last weekend.

The reason for the demonstration was that a local woman, Chelsey Wright, was drugged and gang raped by Muslim immigrants:

‘A brave mum from Sunderland has spoken out giving up her right to anonymity following alleged kidnap, gang rape, and brutal attack by six immigrants from Syria and Iraq. She simply does not want incidents like this to be pushed under the carpet.

Since we reported this The Six men arrested within this case have been released without charge. Due to this there are a number of details within the article we cannot reveal.

Following the event the people of Sunderland came together and supported Chelsey Wright following the attack in which she says she was spiked and then attacked by six men.

Chelsey has spoken out following her shock that the six people who attacked her are not on remand and free to walk the streets.

She reported to police that she was kidnapped, gang raped, and beaten in the early hours of 4th September 2016.

Sunderland come out in support following the attack on Chelsey who is a mum of three boys. Today she has taken to social media to set the record straight and tell people what she believes happened to her.

It’s a depressingly familiar story, however, the people of Sunderland have organised two demonstrations against their local (Labour) councillors, the police and the immigrants themselves, In other words, they’re having non of it!

This is the video of the second demo which took place last weekend which I found to be simply wonderful.

I’ve spent the last few days pondering over why a speech and gathering of ordinary folk from Sunderland made such an impression on me and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because there’s no ideology on display here. There are no banners or flags, except their ‘Justice For Chelsey’ placards, there’s no symbols, it’s just the common man speaking common sense, and it’s extraordinarily effective.

A couple of years back I attended a PEGIDA event which was the polar opposite, the Counter Jihad crew were on hand shilling for Zion with Israeli flags, there was Churchill and Union Jacks and Spitfires. The problem is when you invoke the icons and symbolism of a political camp, whatever that camp happens to be, you then have to go about selling that ideological dogma to the general public.

But to be of the general public, to genuinely be the ‘every-man’ is dynamite, there are no flags with skulls and lightning needed, no bomber jackets and bulldogs. It is of course true that an event such as in Sunderland could be attacked by Anti-Fa goons, but to what end? their reputation is dire enough, usually it’s a contest between two rival ideological factions, Left-Right, but if Anti-Fa thugs showed up at the Sunderland demo and began throwing rocks and bricks at the general public? it’s untenable.

From the perspective of the establishment, standing in a city centre and demanding to know why immigrant rapists are being flooded into your town is a highly political act, nigh on revolutionary!. But at the same time it’s simply common sense, the speaker does not need ideology, his ideology is truth and honesty, as the old saying has it: Speak the truth and shame the devil.

Belgian councilman hospitalizes Afghan man who groped his daughter


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Siegfried Heylen, a member of Essen city council, in Belgium, punched an Afghani immigrant who sexually assaulted his 13 year old daughter, after police failed to prosecute the criminal.

The facts date back to May 31, 2016, when my daughter wanted to buy some candywrote Heylen.

Here nearby, 50 meters from my house, a night shop is run by an Afghan. That man groped my daughter to her breasts and her vagina.

A few days later, on June 2nd, she tells the counselor at her school. My daughter is less gifted and goes to a special school, which probably made her an easy target.

There is an immediate complaint filed against the aforementioned man, then a week later a video interview was conducted with my daughter.

But apparently without consequences, because that bastard’s still out there!

My son needed Tobacco On Friday, June 24th. Since everywhere else was closed and that was the only shop that was still open I stepped inside.

There stood the attacker of my daughter cheerfully behind the counter. After the tobacco had been purchased, I confronted him. The guy denied everything, calling me ‘friend’ and laughing at me.

That provocation was for me the final straw. I took hold of him and gave some punches. Apparently quite strong, because they called him an ambulance and my hand is broken.

Heylen is now of course, in trouble with the law, but he said: “The worst thing is that the store is only 50 meters from my door and my daughter must walk past the Afghan every day, my daughter does not dare go outside alone. I must walk with my children.

My daughter is only 13 years, if the courts did their job this would not have to happen. I’m just a father protecting his daughter because the government can not.

It is high time that we as Flemish people openly stand in resistance and close our borders!

Things like this keep happening because the morons in charge of the European Union decided that Europe was too White and need more “diversity”.

So they let in all those poor fully-grown male “refugees”, because it was, at first, harder for us to say no to them without feeling guilty.

It’s not “diversity” or “refugee resettlement” or any of that crap. It’s simply White genocide. It’s about getting rid of White areas – that’s why “diversity” is only forced on White areas.

Right Sector Ternopil protests migrant invaders

A protest was held by the militants of Right Sector in Ternopil, after a young Ukrainian girl was raped by an arab studying at the local university.

The arab in question has been arrested, but the continued presence of arabs & africans at the university poses a continual threat to the local population.

Because of this, the protest was held directly in front of the dormitory that houses these foreign invaders.

Following the protest, the school administration was directly confronted by members of Right Sector about this incident.


English Defense League hijacks feminist protest, makes it about immigration

Note: Roosh & ROK redpill their audience to certain truths about feminism, immigration, & race, so they are not necessarily against us; however, Roosh is an ethnic Persian, obviously non-white, who travels to Europe for the purpose of having sex with as many white women as possible. He should be opposed on those grounds alone.

Roosh Daryush Valizadeh

“Members of the English Defence League gathered in Newcastle to take part in a protest against a self-described neo-masculinist movement.

The initial counter-protest at Grey’s Monument on Saturday had been organised by opponents of blogger Roosh V’s planned city centre gathering.

However, Roosh V’s meeting was cancelled by the organiser, whose real name is Daryush Valizadeh, after the huge outcry against his plans.

In response, a counter protest was also cancelled, but around 40-50 people chose to gather at Monument nonetheless, to demonstrate their continued opposition to Roosh V’s views, which include extreme misogyny, anti-feminism and arguments in favour of legalising rape on private property.

Around 15 members of the North East branch of far-right political group the English Defence League (EDL) also attended, keeping mostly separate from the other, larger group.

A post on the North East EDL’s facebook page said: “Well done to some of the local NE EDL who went to oppose the disgusting ‘pro-rape’ meeting at a rainy and damp ‘Greys monument’ in Newcastle city centre tonight.”

“At the start they were protesting against rape, but after about 20 or 30 minutes they started shouting about immigration.”


Russians & Germans join forces in Germany to protest invader rapes

On Jan.11th, a 13 year old Russian girl went missing in Berlin. When she resurfaced 30 hours later, she recounted a horrifying story of being raped by 3 arab men.

Thousands of Russian & German citizens rallied the next weekend in German cities, including a demonstration of 700 in Berlin outside the Chancellery, declaring solidarity with the girl and carrying banners declaring “stay away from our children”.

Among them are many “Russian-Germans”: ethnic Germans who lived for centuries in Russia but in recent decades have moved back to Germany, where they number about 2 million.

They were joined by German nationalists and some supporters of the NPD, finally putting aside over 100 years of ethnic conflict to come together in defense of their race.

Deutschland Proteste von Russlanddeutschen für mehr Sicherheit



Anti-immigrant march in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Reprinted from http://reconquista-europe.tumblr.com/post/138431231256/anti-immigrant-march-in-ukraine-photovideo-jan

Jan. 22, on the Day of Unity of Ukraine, hundreds of activists of Civil Corps AZOV, as well as organizations “Carpathian Sich,” “UNSO,” “Sokil” and others held a march against the crimes of immigrants in Ukraine. It was a single case, but the measures taken by Ukrainian nationalists are also meant to be a solidarity rally with all European patriots who currently have the guts to act against the “refugee” plague in Europe.

In December of 2015 about 13 foreigners in Ivano-Frankivsk kidnapped, abused and raped two young Ukrainian girls, 11 and 12 years old. The perpetuators were the foreign students of one of Ivano-Frankivsk universities.

Thanks to the activities of Civil Corps AZOV the law enforcement finally started investigating the case and have already detained two participants of the crime.

From the Vicheva Square the activists approached the walls of Medical University, at which they demanded the resignation of pro-rector for scientific and pedagogical work. The destination of the column was a sanatorium where live the foreign students of Ivano-Frankivsk National University of Oil and Gas.

The main purpose of the event was to make it clear to the enemy that Ukrainians will not tolerate immigrant crimes in the country. In particular, the participants chanted and held the big banner with an inscription “Remember, stranger – a Ukrainian is the master here!”

Sergiy Syvachuk, the head of Ivano-Frankivsk branch of Civil Corps AZOV, held the following speech:

“Today is the Day of Unity of Ukraine. We suffer daily losses. In the east, on the front, in the zone of the anti-terror operation. And these days, this time in Ivano-Frankivsk, in the deep rear, a bunch of foreigners whom sheltered Ukraine, gave them the opportunity to study, get a higher education, committed such a shameful act.

There are not many of us, but our voice will be heard everywhere throughout Ukraine. And everyone whose heart has not become mean yet, will respond to us. And those whose heart is mean – we will call to account ourselves.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!”

Eight Anti-Invasion Rallies in Europe

Reprinted in full from http://newobserveronline.com/

While media attention was focused on the dramatic Pegida rally in Cologne on Saturday, no less than eight other anti-invasion rallies—all using the refugee-criminal mass sex attacks as their theme—took place in Belgium, Austria, France, and Germany, over the last two days.

One of the first ever Pegida demonstrations in the Belgian city of Antwerp took place without incident in that city center at the historical Hendrik Conscience Square.




The meeting was addressed by prominent Vlaams Belang politician Filip De Winter, and Edwin Wagensveld, the Dutch Pegida leader. Also in attendance was the founder of Pegida, Lutz Bachmann.

Speakers called for the banishment of Islam and the closure of Belgium’s borders, all citing the crime and terror threat posed by the nonwhite invasion.

Meanwhile in the German/Austrian border town of Freilassing, the patriotic Ein Prozent (One Percent) movementheld its second demonstration in a row against what it called the “madness of open borders.”

The protestors marched to the border crossing point—much used by the nonwhite invaders to cross into Germany—and with their numbers “symbolically closed the border for a few hours,” the organization’s website said.





In France, the Génération Identitaire organization took to the streets of four cities to protest against the “imported crime” which had come to Cologne and other European cities on New Year’s Eve.

The demonstrations, held in Toulouse, Flanders Hainaut Artois, Nice, and Aix-en-Provence, attracted wide public support, calling as they did for the immediate deportation of the criminal invaders and the “start of a remigration program” for all nonwhites in Europe.


GI-Flanders Hainaut Artois-01


GI-Flanders Hainaut Artois

In Dresden, the Saxony branch of the Identitarian movement demonstrated in the city and announced the launch of its “spring offensive,” which it had, the organization said, brought forward because of the crisis created by the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne. The day’s events included the distribution of several thousand leaflets in the city.

IB Dresden-02

IB Dresden

Finally, the mildly populist Alternatief für Deutschland (AfD) party, which although standing at nearly 10 percent support in opinion polls, still desperately tries to present the most politically-correct public face it can, held its 2016 election launch rally in Neubrandenberg.

According to a post on AfD Member of the European Parliament’s Beatrix Von Storch Facebook page, the large crowd heard her declare that “We need [refugee] limits and we need Merkel gone.”

AfD rally-02

AfD rally-01