Arzon, France: 100 Locals & Nationalists Protest Invader Base

Some 100 far-right protesters rallied in the French village of Arzon on Monday night, breaking down the door of the local migrant center. This comes after a sexual assault on a 67-year-old woman by a South Sudanese refugee.

Police arrested several protesters after they managed to get into the center, and had to stand guard near the building, local newspaper Ouest-France reported.

The demonstration was staged by far-right groups, with support from local residents taking part.

It was alleged that one of the migrants had sexually assaulted and OAP in the area

Protest coordinators with loudspeakers could be seen encouraging members of the protest into action.

It follows confirmation from the regional prosecutor that a 67-year-old local woman had been sexually assaulted by a 16-year-old Sudanese migrant last Thursday. The “youth” had been staying in the migrant center in the village, moving there after the dismantling of the Calais Jungle camp.

The far-right activists accused the authorities of trying to sweep the incident under the carpet, especially after the prosecutor said that the situation had been exaggerated online.



“The victim was taking the shopping out of her car when she was approached by a young man. In broken English he told her that her house was beautiful. Then he tried to kiss her repeatedly, after which she pushed him back,” prosecutor Francois Touron told Ouest-France.

“The young man, from Sudan, touched the woman’s left breast, then he made a gesture as if he was masturbating” the official added.

The woman went to police and the migrant was detained and charged with sexual assault. However, the authorities later released him, and he is set to appear in court in March.




Lesvos, Greece: Locals Clash With Aid Workers At 500 Strong Anti-Migrant Protest

Ultra-nationalists reportedly attacked three female students on the island of Lesvos on Monday during a protest rally organized by residents against a migrant & refugee camp on the island.

Local media reported that a group of around 15 people chanting anti-migrant slogans physically assaulted the three women, one of whom is known as a volunteer who works with migrants. Lesvos Mayor Spyros Galinos was also reportedly attacked by ultra-nationalists, who appeared at the rally held by a group calling itself the “Patriotic Movement of Lesvos.”

Galinos was addressing the crowd of  500 protesters when the ultra-nationalists started shouting “throw them in the sea,” in reference to the migrants on the island, before turning their vitriol on the official.

Tension was also high inside the camp, with a group of men lighting fires inside the processing center and in an olive grove just outside the camp in protest at living conditions and delays in processing. (These fires would come to consume over 70% of the camp, forcing an evacuation.)

The events on Lesvos mirror similar violence last week on the island of Chios by ultra-nationalists who gate-crashed a protest rally calling for more action from Athens to manage more than 13,500 refugees and migrants who are stuck on five islands in the eastern Aegean. According to local media, a man claiming to represent the Golden Dawn party on the island hit a journalist and smashed his camera, after verbally abusing another journalist.



Bremen, Germany: Arson Attack Against Refugee Housing

On Monday night a container shelter for “refugees” (small apartments made from re-purposed shipping containers) in the Bremen district of Huchting was set on fire. Unfortunately there were no injuries, as the property was yet to be inhabited. Four containers were destroyed and twelve others damaged. This year alone, 600 attacks on refugee homes in Germany have been carried out, according to a police report.
Bremen: Unbekannte setzen Containerdorf für Flüchtlinge in Brand

Calais, France: Hundreds Blockade Invader Camp In Protest Against Immigration

September 5, 2016.

French truck drivers, union workers and farmers began a massive demonstration on Calais’ roadways on Monday, blocking the northern French port & demanding the city’s major migrant camp be dismantled.

Around 70 trucks mounted a “go-slow” on the A16 motorway — the main artery for freight and passengers heading for Britain either via the Channel Tunnel or on board ferries from the port.

Several hundred people also formed a one-mile human chain on the highway.

Truck driver and others block roads to demand the dismantling of the makeshift shelter migrant camp dubbed the Jungle in Calais, France, on Monday.

Local frustrations are surging as President François Hollande’s Socialist government strains to find a lasting solution to the invasion of France.

The protest included a wide array of French men & women from across the political & economic spectrum, including surprise support coming from the Stalinist General Confederation of Labor (CGT), according to the World Socialist Web Site (Published by the International Committee of the Fourth International).

Also present were, of course, French nationalists from heretofore unnamed groups.

The protest was concluded without arrests or violence.

The protest brought together worker’s unions, farmers, nationalists and the CGT on an anti- immigrant basis. Here’s to hoping for further cooperation between these groups in the struggle for a French France, & justice for the workers.




Chios, Greece: Police & Protesters Clash As Hundreds March Against Migrant Invaders

Image result for chios protest

Scuffles broke out on the Greek island of Chios, police said Thursday, during a protest by locals demanding the departure of some 3,500 refugees and migrants held there.

Riot police were deployed late on Wednesday to keep a crowd of 800 people from approaching two migrant camps, a police source told AFP.

“A few bursts of tear gas” were fired when the protesters tried to break through the cordon and reach one of the camps, the officer added.


State agency ANA said journalists were also chased from the scene. One of them said he was struck by a protester allegedly linked to Greece’s third largest political party, Golden Dawn.

Four camp volunteers and a migrant were also briefly detained when they came out of the facility, the police officer said.

After that, a group of about 150 people marched peacefully to the Souda camp singing the national anthem and shouting slogans against migrants.

Initially, the migrants did not understand what was going on. When they did, they started shouting slogans asking to move to Athens and then out of Greece. Some of them threw rocks at the demonstrators from inside the camp, something that irritated them further.

The protesters called for another demonstration on Friday afternoon at the same square.


Bautzen, Germany: Locals Rout “Refugee” Invaders In Running Street Battle

A MARAUDING mob of migrants and reported Neo-Nazi German locals came to blows in a massive street brawl in Bautzen early this morning, ending in a decisive victory for the nationalist side.

Refugees and neo-Nazis battled it out on the streets of an east German town on Wednesday night with police fighting to save the migrants outnumbered five to one.
But police said the asylum seekers started the confrontation – and later hurled bottles at the police trying to save them from a beating.

About 100 far-right men and women attacked some 20 asylum seekers in the town of Bautzen after the migrants taunted them. Video footage shows chaotic scenes as fighting breaks out in the east German town.

Police said the neo-Nazis were goaded before they began chanting ‘Bautzen for the Germans’ and bottles and fists began flying.
Police charged the groups with truncheons drawn and used pepper spray on both sides.

The violence ended when the young asylum seekers withdrew to their home in the town’s Dresdner Strasse with the mob pursuing them all the way.
Police stood guard at the premises all night in case of further attacks. One Moroccan youth, aged 18, required hospital treatment for a wound caused by bottle which hit him in the face.

The ambulance which was taking him away had to turn around and find another route after it was pelted with bricks and stones by the right-wingers.

A man identifying himself as Mehdi from Morocco later showed reporters a cut he says he received during the violent attacks.

The situation didn’t calm down until 2.30am.


Reykjavik, Iceland: Icelandic National Front Protest Against Immigration

From yesterday's double demo.

August 16, 2016

Dozens of members of the new Icelandic nationalist party  “Icelandic National Front” gathered in front  of the parliament building in central Reykjavik to protest against immigration into the tiny island nation.

This event marked the first public demonstration of the new party, & as such was reasonably well attended.

There was, however, a counter protest organized by local anti-whites & the invading muslim community.

Members of the Icelandic National Front.

The only incident to take place during the protest was when a sign was stolen from an elderly nationalist. There were, however, no incidents of violence & no arrests were made.