Interview With Wotan About The Battle Of Berkeley

YesPasaran: Let’s start with a little bit of background information. Who are you & how did you end up in Berkeley that day?

Wotan: I am a long time National Socialist activist.  I heard about Berkeley whilst attending another rally.  It was expected that Antifa would show up in force and attack people.  I knew that a crew of local altrighters would be going up there.  So I suspected that other lone NS or altright people from the Bay Area would show up.  Therefore I had multiple reasons for going.  One was to defend Americans from Antifa.  Another was to meet other NS and altright folks which I thought would be fun.  I was not disappointed on either front.  Going to rallies you meet the best because not only do these people agree with your politics but they’re the few who will show up and fight.  So these aren’t the talkers.  They are those rare doers especially in this circumstance where we were expected to be vastly outnumbered in a city where the legal system was expected to be out to get us.  Only a brave few will take on those odds.  

I didn’t like any of the speakers at the rally.  It was an assortment of anti-White cucked Judeophiles and actual Jews who denounced us and our movement.  While we were defending the front line and pushing antifa back the leader of the Oathkeepers was denouncing us on the microphone.  They even had fags and shemales speaking!  How are these people conservative in any way?  This was just two groups of degenerate Jewed leftists going at one another.  

One altrighter tried to enter the stage area and he was quizzed on his positions on Jews as a litmus test for whether they’d permit him in the stage area!  Needless to say he didn’t make the cut.

Anyway.  None of us really knew or cared about the actual rally as we were all there to stop antifa.  The only people watching the rally were those who actually were with the speakers.

This is a warning to NS activists.  I have learned from experience in the field not to rely on altrighters.  They are not us.  They do not think or behave like us.  They are useful in that some of their members agree with us.  Also some of their members are brave and are great fighters.  However they can be unreliable and behave dishonorably toward us because they are not committed to our cause.  They often have influential Jews and other racially dubious members within or even leading their ranks who will harbour resentments toward an outspoken NS activist.  Be warned.

So I didnt come for any altlight, altright or any other groups.  I came to fight antifa for attacking innocent patriots and old people throughout the years and for attacking the NS movement.  I also wanted to open Berkeley up to the right.  We need to break Berkeley open so that we can hold NS rallies there in the future.  The demographics of Berkeley are White.  So it is unacceptable from my point of view that we cannot hold rallies there without violence.  That is going to change.  This event was a major turning point in that direction.


YP: So what was going on at the rally when you arrived, & how many people were involved on both sides?


W: I got there when it was scheduled to start.  I figured that since antifa had planned to be there early to take the park there was no point getting there too early.  I expected them to already have owned the park and us showing up two hours later would have to force our way in.  So I figured Id show up on time and get ready to battle for the park.  However when I got there it was already full half with antifa and half with our side with cops standing around the perimeter.  At first I did recon on the antifa side looking to film them before I blew my cover.  So I did that but a few fights broke out when our guys crossed the barrier and started thumping a few antifa.  At that point if it was going to go down I wanted to be on the proper side.  So I got over to our side and prepared for the charge which I thought would come from the antifa side.

I estimated Antifa being around 200. And us being around 200.  However there was a big difference.  Antifa was all dressed for battle dressed in black with their faces covered.  On our side was maybe 100 guys facing antifa and another 50 milling around and another 50 watching the speakers on the stage.  So the antifa guys looked ready for a fight whereas we had a lot of normie looking people on our side.  I never could have suspected even in all of my years in the movement that antifa were this weak.  Out of 200 masked ninjas I estimate only 20 would actually fight.  They are all show.

They all poured into the street leaving the park in an attempt to flank us and avoid the police who had moved in between us.  The police stayed where they were.  The police clearly had orders to allow antifa to smash us and run us out of Berkeley.  It didn’t work out that way.

By now the CIA agents embedded within antifa’s ranks were throwing about one flash bang grenade into our crowd every 10 minutes and bear macing our guys in the face at about the same rate.  We didn’t give them an inch.  The federal scum thought the normies would get scared and leave a breach in our line so they could charge.  They were wrong.  Our normies were awesome.  They held their ground like Spartans.  My hat goes off to all of our normies that day who rose to the occasion.  After a few minutes flash bangs flying boulders and bear mace were simply a nuisance which caused no more fear on our side than the screech of a shrill feminist.

Antifa was euphoric.  Seeing their large uniformed numbers they thought they were circling for an easy kill.  They blasted rap music and a few even started dancing as if victory was assured.  Their cockiness didn’t last long however.

Our side was unstoppable.  Even if the feds had fired guns I don’t think it would’ve stopped our side.  The energy reminded me of Maidan in Ukraine where no amount of danger could phase them.  Antifa clearly had no idea who they were messing with.  Our idgaf levels were way over 9000 by this point.

We had blocked their flanking maneuver.  So they walked around behind the park but we followed them again and again. No luck for antifa.  

Then they ran into their old nemesis, the one thing they hate even more than nazis.  Yes.  You guessed it.  Antifa stood face to face in that moment with a large garbage can, perhaps the largest trash receptacle in antifa’s long history.


They began to mercilessly shove and bully the helpless garbage bin around to the other side of the park in what was now their third flanking attempt.  I can tell you one thing.  I count my lucky stars that I wasn’t born a dust bin in Berkeley that day!

By now their euphoria was shot.  We had a few guys in helmets who waded deep into their ranks like a diver through a school of fish.  Based stickman and a dude in an army helmet were all in while a bunch of other solid bros were throwing kicks and punches when opportunities arose.

We had a great guy acting as medic who was handling the steady stream of maced and bloodied patriots.  It was wonderful for moral to see bandaged bloody and maced bros heading right back to the front lines as if nothing had happened.  Antifa must’ve been crestfallen because their ranks were thinning.  At this point some solid altright bros made a sport out of capturing antifa flags.  They stood right in front of antifa burning an antifa flag as the crowd behind them chanted “Long Live Death!”  I’m quite sure this was not what was advertised to the lefties who were recruited to come to this rally.  Their numbers began thinning noticeably.

They were broken.


Lyon, France: Nationalists Protest Against Anti-French Play

February 2nd, 2017.


About fifty nationalists organized by Lyon avec Jeanne (Lyon with Joan), including members of GUD Lyon, held a protest outside of a performance of “Jeanne au pûcher”, an anti-French play mocking Joan of Arc.


After assembling in front of the theater, local police attacked the protesters with batons, tear gas & mace. There were appeared to be no injuries or reports of arrests, & the demonstration continued despite the attempts of the police.



Video in first link below.





Update From Poland: Two Protests Against Islam, Muslim Owned Businesses Attacked

Katowice, Poland: Nationalists protest against the proposed taxpayer funding of a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

Elk, Poland: On New Years Eve, a man tossed a firecracker in the general direction of a Kabab shop. Four Muslims exited the shop and stabbed the Polish man to death.

Over 250 people came to the scene of the crime to protest, which quickly turned into a riot as two muslim owned businesses were attacked & vandalized. Protesters also attacked the police, who were trying to protect the businesses, with molotov cocktails & rocks. Over a dozed people have been arrested.


Schwerin, Germany: Foreigners Attacked By Crowd Of 30 Locals

A group of Germans has attacked foreigners in the northern German town of Schwerin, with one person slightly injured. Repeated confrontations have led authorities in the town to step up security.

Deutschland Marienplatz in Schwerin (picture-alliance/dpa/J. Büttner)

Some 30 Germans attacked a group of around 10 foreigners late on Friday in Schwerin, the capital of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, police said on Saturday.

One young man was slightly injured in the confrontation, and 40 people were detained in connection with the incident, they said.

Security forces were reportedly able to break up the violence as soon as they arrived. Authorities have opened an investigation on suspicion of breach of the peace.

Police have increased their presence in the town in recent weeks following a number of confrontations between migrants and locals.

According to authorities, Marienplatz square, where Friday’s clash took place, is a common meeting spot for groups of both immigrants and local residents.

Bexley, London, United Kingdom: Mass Racial Brawl Leaves 2 Hospitalized, 10 Arrested

First paragraph from

“We have spoken to someone who was there who says that a black gang rushed into the Great Harry pub scarfed up and with knives and bats and attacked a boy, giving him head injuries. Drinkers from the pub then launched a revenge attack and one of the gang (who it looks like was 15 yrs old) got a kicking. Then ensued hours of chaos with running battles and various weapons being used.”

Shocking footage has emerged of up to 100 youths brutally brawling while armed with bats   One seen swinging a weapon at someone on the floor and another fleeing with a stick (pictured)

The fight appeared to be between a group of white boys and another group of mainly black boys, with about 100 people involved total.

Bonnie Lampard, a 23-year-old barmaid, says she saw a large group of white boys: ‘They had balaclavas on and some were wearing scary Halloween masks.’

She says that, moments later, about 50 black teenagers arrived at the park: ‘They had metal bars, knuckledusters and knives.’

Parents were seen on video handing out weapons to their children for use in the fight.

Two people were hospitalized & ten arrested following the chaotic fighting. There is no word yet on the race of those hospitalized or arrested.

Racially based gangs have long existed in the area. The initials of a white gang called Racial Attack or ‘RA’, is splashed on the walls of the rugby club.

T-Block, a black gang from Woolwich, was said to have been involved on Monday. Territories are fiercely guarded by boys seeking ‘respect’ from their peers. The ‘North Heath boys’ are particularly possessive about ‘their’ park and there is speculation that on Monday, a black gang may have strayed into their area.

Bautzen, Germany: Locals Rout “Refugee” Invaders In Running Street Battle

A MARAUDING mob of migrants and reported Neo-Nazi German locals came to blows in a massive street brawl in Bautzen early this morning, ending in a decisive victory for the nationalist side.

Refugees and neo-Nazis battled it out on the streets of an east German town on Wednesday night with police fighting to save the migrants outnumbered five to one.
But police said the asylum seekers started the confrontation – and later hurled bottles at the police trying to save them from a beating.

About 100 far-right men and women attacked some 20 asylum seekers in the town of Bautzen after the migrants taunted them. Video footage shows chaotic scenes as fighting breaks out in the east German town.

Police said the neo-Nazis were goaded before they began chanting ‘Bautzen for the Germans’ and bottles and fists began flying.
Police charged the groups with truncheons drawn and used pepper spray on both sides.

The violence ended when the young asylum seekers withdrew to their home in the town’s Dresdner Strasse with the mob pursuing them all the way.
Police stood guard at the premises all night in case of further attacks. One Moroccan youth, aged 18, required hospital treatment for a wound caused by bottle which hit him in the face.

The ambulance which was taking him away had to turn around and find another route after it was pelted with bricks and stones by the right-wingers.

A man identifying himself as Mehdi from Morocco later showed reporters a cut he says he received during the violent attacks.

The situation didn’t calm down until 2.30am.


Kiev, Ukraine: Local Residents & AZOV vs. Capitalism & the State

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AZOV struggles against the illegal construction. On the detainment of Sergiy Filimonov (UPD)

Prehistory of the conflict

Since February 2016 the residents of the house #3 on Sviatoshynsky lane in Kyiv have been fighting against the illegal construction of the skyscraper in front of their home. This space is reserved for a children’s playground and parking, moreover, there was a landslide, which means that any kinds of construction, normally forbidden in the yards of the dwelling houses, become a crime. It’s only one of numerous cases of illegal construction across the city, often at the expense of destroying the historical face of Kyiv. It’s no wonder that many citizens approve of the moratorium on the further construction of the houses, both legal and illegal.

September 5 happened the annual protest action of the residents against the “building mafia” which was violently dispersed by anonymous hired thugs – the so-called “titushki” named after their iconic leader Titushko and widely known for an infamous role they played during the Maidan revolution. When the shocked citizens showed their smashed heads to the “Azovians” who support the residents’ demands, the AZOV Civil Corps couldn’t help coming to their rescue.

Stone Age-2. Epic yet risky battles of AZOV with the “building mafia”

September 8, activists of the AZOV Civil Corps participated in the next picket against the illegal construction in the area of Sviatoshynsky lane in Kyiv. The thugs started burning tires and throwing stones at the protesters. The latter, in turn, were storming the fence delimiting the field of illegal construction. They had to overcome 3 (!) lines of defense fortified with the barbed wire. In the end, over 30 activists were injured. One of them required 25 stitches for the head injury. Besides, “titushki” were shooting lead bullets with a traumatic pistol. Newly created police for some reason did nothing to stop them. However, in the end of the day the victory was on the protesters’ side. The AZOV Civil Corps ruined the fence and fortifications of the thugs, but understood: so far they won the battle, not the war, and it was only the beginning of the struggle.






Police disrupts the civil blockade of the “Kyivmiskbud” company

The next day, Sep. 9, the AZOV Civil Corps in the symbolic amount of 20-30 people brought physical proofs of the violence inflicted upon the activists during yesterday’s clashes to the building of “Kyivmiskbud” (“Kyivan urban construction”), having blocked all the entrances to the building. By preventing the workers from doing their job, AZOV substantiated the demand to get a list with the names of thugs who were hired by the company to beat the residents and their supporters. To the latter’s surprise, over 40 policemen dispersed the protesters, having beaten them and detained the ones within their reach.




In particular, one of policemen wearing the civilian clothes attacked the head of the Kyiv branch of the AZOV Civil Corps, Sergiy Filimonov, provoked the fight with him and got hit in response. Predictably, “Filya” is currently accused of assaulting a policemen, although the police brutality against him was filmed in the video.




Furthermore, the journalist protesting against illegal actions of the presumably reformed after the revolution and “civilised” law enforcement, got his nose broken by one of its employees. Finally, one of them shouted “We were killing you in the Maidan and will keep killing you!” The reforms are striking, aren’t they?..


The AZOV Civil Corps rallies in front of the police department

The AZOV Civil Corps did not give up and announced mobilization of all available activists and sympathizers in front of the Pechersk district police department. The rally lasted for several hours and was widely covered by the journalists. “One for all and all for one!” chanted Nazar Kravchenko, the head of staff of the AZOV Civil Corps, and its members repeated after him the classic slogan. Representatives of Right Sector, Svoboda and C14 also came to support the protesters. Andriy Biletsky, the leader of the AZOV movement and Oleg Petrenko, its longtime member and defender of political prisoners, as MPs of Ukraine, entered the department to release the detainees. As a result, all of them were freed except for Filya whose release is expected Sep. 10, after another solidarity rally in front of the court’s building.




“Kyivmiskbud” vows to suspend construction in the city

The reaction of “Kyivmiskbud” was immediate: the company threatened to suspend all construction works across the city due to the fact that AZOV does not let them do their duties (meaning the blockade of illegal construction on Sviatoshynsky lane, 3). Given that “Kyivmiskbud” is a privatized after the fall of Soviet Union state enterprise that receives billions of money, the AZOV Civil Corps must have spoiled quite a profitable for them corruption scheme. During the presidential cadence of Yanukovych, director of  “Kyivmiskbud” Igor Kushnir was a deputy of Defense Minister Mykhailo Yezhel, who has fled the country after the revolution and is currently accused of destroying the Ukrainian army’s logistical support and selling out the armament. No doubt, one may only welcome the suspension of their activities thanks to a single protest action against the illegal construction by AZOV. Residents of the house #3 on Sviatoshynsky lane definitely share this opinion and gladly give all kinds of assistance to the activists of the AZOV Civil Corps who opened another centre of Public Reception of Andriy Biletsky at the place of liquidated illegal construction.




Rally in support of Sergiy Filimonov at Pechersky District Court

Sep. 10 at Pechersky District Court in Kyiv began the trial in the case of Sergiy Filimonov. Activists of the AZOV Civil Corps showed massive support to their comrade at the walls of the building. Andriy Biletsky and Oleg Petrenko, as MPs, appealed to the fact that the policeman was dressed in civilian clothes and thus has no right to charge Sergiy with violence against the police officer. They requested to bail Filya out of prison. The request was fulfilled: currently, Sergiy is free!

But the struggle with the “building mafia” goes on…