Scottish Dawn – Alloa Demonstration – March 2017

This happened back in March, but escaped my attention until now. This is a demonstration by a new nationalist group, Scottish Dawn. It’s very important as it marks a resurgence in UK nationalist activity following the outlawing of National Action.

Taken from the Scottish Dawn website:

Scottish Dawn is a patriotic society for the defence of our race and nation active across Scotland. The monopoly on Scottish nationalism by a corrupt internationalist liberal elite has undermined our identity and done nothing to relieve the trauma of post-industrial poverty brought on by the global economic system they represent. Those standing for the preservation of our people and who struggle against the problems brought by multiculturalism are met with resistance. We seek to oppose this arrogant system and give our people a voice through direct action, organisation, demonstrations, and philanthropic acts. If this is something you wish to be part of then join us.


Wishaw, Scotland: Scottish Defence League Protest Against “Refugees”

On Easter sunday, over 50 members & supporters of the Scottish Defence League, North West Infidels, & English Volunteer Force held a protest against “refugees” in the town centre of Wishaw.

The town was targeted for a demo because it had accepted Syrian immigrants.

Antifa organized a counter demonstration, mostly under the ‘Unite Against Fascism’ banner.

A large number of police kept the two sides separate.

The event concluded successfully & there were no arrests or incidents of violence.


Edinburgh, Scotland: White Pride World Wide Day


Saturday, March 25th.

Image result for white pride march edinburgh

Organized by the National Front, 40-50 White Nationalists from various organizations came out for a demonstration in Edinburgh’s city centre.

Counter protesting them were a sizable number of anti-whites of various stripes bused in from around the country.

The police managed to keep the opposing sides separate for the most part, & there were no incidents of violence.

There were, however, ten arrests made; three were nationalists arrested for religiously-aggravated offences, while the other seven were antifa arrested for public order offences.


Although details about the march remain sparse, it appears to have been a success as neither the antifa nor the police were able to stop it from being carried out.



National Action: August Report, 2016

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As promised we have had a very busy August, and this is only a taste, we will be following many things up over the next month.

Many of you are admiring our brand new website, truly it was an enormous middle finger to a notorious group of so called ‘hackers’ to return with an entirely bespoke work of art. A move we have planned for some time, this is a static site so pretty much impossible to take down, trust us they have been trying – bless them.

The only downside is that in switching over our previous host we no longer have access to the old email logs, so if you contacted us before and have not heard back then please get in contact with us again via the same address

We have lots of stuff form the Sigurd project with our Summer Camp in the North West and a new video from our training sessions in London.

Most notable this month has been the homeless outreach. Through this and other research, we have come to the conclusion that homeless charities are totally undermanned or non-existent and in our city centres white homelessness is an epidemic.

It is highly likely we will be attacked for this over the coming month – the media will twist our messages to present us as ideological opportunists and call our kindness hatred. These lugenpresse hypocrites will do this while the defending the very system that is the cause of poverty and misery.

  1. Post industrial decline. The white masses of Europe were made an economic irrelevance in the last century, their livelihoods were destroyed and they were left bereft with no meaning or reason to work. Stock markets and usury lead to austerity and sanction. The best solution the system has is free gibs managed by an army of overpaid cat ladies – a finger in a bursting dyke.
  2. Multiculturalism. We no longer see ourselves as a group, as a single identity – ethnic, national, and racial consciousness has been eroded by the presence of these foreigners, and people do simply do not want to ‘give’ if it means giving to somebody who isn’t like them. As much as the establishment talks about the new ‘British identity’ the connection we feel to one another on that level is non-existent. We never used to have homeless people in this country, the high trust society we once enjoyed has been eroded – the only way we can truly love and care for our fellow citizens is by rekindling our racial spirit.

We will openly publicise our activities because we are the only ones advocating for any real solutions, and frankly nobody is doing anything. If groups like our own can make an impact where the system has failed, then we really do have a serious problem.

In every city in Britain every minority community has it’s own centres and support networks, while the white population are left to fall through the cracks. If our people do not get their heads out of la la land and realise we have to start working for our own people and act in our own group interests, then we will all slide into the gutter together.


On the night of Saturday 27th August, a small glimmer of hope appeared on the streets of Glasgow when the National Rebirth Of Poland (NOP) and National Action Scotland took to the streets together to feed and clothe the local white homeless population of the city that is so often overlooked by the ‘nationalist’ SNP government. Glasgow is home to some of the most disgusting and vile sights the country of Scotland has to offer, more scarred faces here than in any city in Europe. It is a city plagued with sectarianism, violence, drugs and despair brought on by the rise of Bolshevism and destruction of it’s once proud industry.

We got straight to work by setting up a stall outside the St. Enoch Centre on Argyll Street. Our stall saw both NOP and NA flags fly side by side parallel to the banner which read – ‘White Rescue – Charity Campaign for Europeans’.

At this location we eagerly invited the local white homeless population, laying in nearby doorways to approach the table and to help themselves to the food, water and clothing that we had to offer them, and that they sorely needed. In this moment it was so plain to see just how neglected these people are by a government that claims to best represent them as well as the rest of the Scottish people.

As with anything we do, we attracted the attention of local people who came by to enquire as to the nature of our charitable work and to applaud our efforts. There were a couple of leftists who were wailing uncontrollably, but they were silenced by the angry homeless who had a few choice words to say to them about the true state of the country and its attitude toward the indigenous population. Local police also interevened on our behalf which was a nice change.

The reds always claim that Celtic Football Club is “their club” and the supporters are all antifascists, however supporters were coming up to us shaking all our hands, all wearing CFC tops or scarves due to the home game earlier in the day.

After we felt we had stayed in one location long enough to reach all the nearby homeless, we packed our supplies and began to seek out other Scots lying in the streets. Walking through all of the major streets in Glasgow we were able to offer sustenance and friendly company to those who needed it the most whilst the rest of the city was engulfed in depraved Saturday night excess. In a time where child poverty, food bank usage and general unhappiness is sweeping the largest city of the West Coast, the NOP and NA were able to offer something small but effective in putting some hope into the minds of people who have been completely abandoned by their state and their fellow countrymen. Whites helping whites, just like how it used to be, and how it will be once again.

There is a lot currently in the works and you should expect to hear more from White Rescue in the near future. We are also currently producing a short film on this event which will be released in a few weeks time.


It is safe to say we were once the one of the smallest and inactive region in the whole of NA but this month after a soar in our recruitment we were able to put our members to good use.

We started off the month researching and providing support to a homeless outreach charity. Naturally we have to keep the organisation, time and location secret to be respectful and to prevent harassment from antifascist scum.

This was done for various reasons;

  1. Intel gathering – to see if reds are as deeply embedded in these organisations as they claim.
  2. Ethical – helping the homeless
  3. Training – to learn what we have to do to carry out effective outreach like groups such as White Rescue


Late in the afternoon a handful of our activists arrived at a central town in Yorkshire to meet up with a small homeless outreach charity, upon arrival we gave our donations of food and drink stuffs and had a chat with the activists. We assumed there would be a large number of local anti fascists, reds and the like who would immediately spot us and attempt to get us removed, though despite their eager words about helping the community and so on there was none.

After helping set up the stall, we watched on a mass of WHITE homeless men and women came to see what we had on offer, we also noticed that not only were the all of the homeless white but so were the people helping out. You see, we were in so called enemy territory, a cause that the left pass off as their own, but the more time we spent there the more we realised that this is our cause and our people.

We were then sent out with a long term activist who took us around the town centre where we met, socialised and offered hot drinks/food to the local homeless people.

After a few hours we came across the rare sight of a Muslim homeless man. After a few minutes not only did we realise he was a con artist so did the charity organiser, he was demanding money and certain foods like doughnuts of coca cola. We left him and decided to ask our mentor if he gets many Asian helpers or homeless, his answer was “We only get help from one, who comes all the time but they only really help out one day a year on ramadan, as for homeless, to be honest that’s the first I’ve seen in all my years”.

It’s hard to see what democracy and capitalism has done to our people, harder still to see the destructive nature of drugs and how much devastation it can bring to not only the users but the area. We noticed this when we went through a local drug den which was littered used needles.

At around 9:00 we left feeling both fulfilled and angry, but we are proud to say that we will be setting up our own homeless outreach scheme in the local area and any help is greatly appreciated whether it be your time or cash.

We’d like to thank the organisation that allowed us to help and will not publicise any information about them or the locations they operate in purely because of the amount of red jealousy, childish behaviour, there attitude tends to be ‘We won’t help and we won’t let fash help either’.

Our message to our local antifascist organisations is we are now starting to step on your toes, the things you call yours will soon start to be stripped away from you, this is guerilla warfare and we start by taking over your so called “safe spaces”, homeless outreach, environmentalism and animal rights DO NOT belong to you and we will take them from you, like we take your flags and your members.

Later on in the month we came across this article. Although late to finding it and not entirely sure who could of done it, it seems we have got quite a following in Hull, with graffiti (even though backwards) of swastikas and an attempt at our logo and the initials NA popping up around Hull and triggering the reactionary left.

Towards the end of the month various members embarked on small independent actions all around Yorkshire, spreading our message in the best way possible with little numbers, time and funds. Of which consisted a few activists taking a trip one sunny day to take in some of our countryside and spread out some of our propaganda.

Another doing propaganda spreading this time in the form of going door to door distributing a few hundred old left over leaflets.

And lastly a handful of activists working late into the night in a well known red hotspot. It goes to show that you don’t always have to have large numbers working together but you can work independently in your own areas.

North West

National Action’s flagship North West region was host to the Sigurd Summer Camp. The programme for the camp included Survivalism, Self Defence, Boxing, Fitness, Nature, a Paganism / Spiritualism – Rite, Hiking (10km in heat with all kit on), and Navigation (specifically avoiding roads). This month we will be releasing an exciting report on the Sigurd project, covering the extent of our camping and MMA training nationwide.


London NA has been a success story that every region should take part in and emulate – since the beginning of the year they have gone from a handful of contacts to what is arguably one of our largest and most active region of around thirty activists.

“We have a lot of young guys, very new… they are very green not ready for demonstrations yet but with continued activities and our sense of community we can build confidence”


NA London held a meet for new recruits alongside a MMA training session. Recruits were drilled in basic skills and technique, and were given the opportunity to prove themselves in sparring. The recruits acquitted themselves well, and all members in attendance were given a thorough critique of what they need to do to improve further. After training the group settled down for a drink, and reflected on the lessons learned and bonds formed from a solid afternoon’s effort. The spirit shown by each lad that put on the gloves was great to behold, and these sessions will be a regular fixture in the NA London social calendar going forward.

Later in the month there was a five hour leafleting session in Chiswick/Acton. We had a nice day out in Highgate, popped in the cemetery to spit on the grave of Marx. There was also a joint social with members from, we would like to thank them all for being really good sports.

South West

On the 14th National Action South West held a Joint Social in the town of Swindon with members of London NA. Among the things discussed was closer co-operation between the two emerging regions. The groups took up a legal wall for basic graffiti training, this was enormous fun, and definitely a good social activity.

Activists in South Wales have been busy distributing stickers and taking up legal walls in preparation for some big plans.


Illuminati confirmed folks, Hope Not Hate are literally backed by Soros!

Since government co-operation with HNH ended there has been some speculation as to how the organisation continues to keep afloat. It claims to simply rely on donations, and no doubt there are many powerful benefactors in the UK. However A stunning hack of the Open Society foundation emails reveals not only an enormous slush of funds being funnelled into Europe, the largest network of it’s kind – it exposes Hope Not Hate as a primary recipient.

93,740.00 USD (At the time, around 75,000 ‘Good Boy Points’) was made out directly to Nick Lowles, not only was he the largest single recipient in the UK but the largest of any anti-racist organisation in the EU.

This explains a lot of the weird projection the group engages in; there is something borderline satirical about a group that claimed only to represent ‘concerned citizens’ and unmask vast right wing conspiracies, literally being bankrolled by the most infamous oligarch of modern times. Professional Jew Criminal George Soros, is considered one of the greatest security threats to the United Kingdom, single handedly responsible for ‘Black Wednesday’ a financial crash under John Major that sent the economy into ruin, many like myself grew up in poverty because of the damaged caused by this man. Soros also threatened voters in the Brexit referendum that if the people voted yes he would cause another collapse – in which he was partly successful, is this also HNH’s idea of ‘democracy’.

Soros is the architect and a sponsor of almost every seditious movement in the world for the last 25 years. Hiding behind the façade of being a Holohoax survivor, his minions spill blood of millions of people just to make him even more rich. Now Hope Not Hate join the ranks of George’s other backed terrorist organisations such as ISIS, Black Lives Matter, and the Clinton Foundation.

Surely there could not be a more vile and hate filled organisation than Hope Not Hate, the group is the largest organiser of political violence in Britain, not even elected MEP Nick Griffin was safe from their mob of violent thugs. On their website they produce sickening and childish articles where they insult right wing activists for working menial jobs, having cancer, or ‘looking gay’.

We are calling on the government to finally crack down on this subversive group and call it what it is – a terrorist organisation. Violent, seditious, and evil – just close the fucking book on these clowns and send them to Egypt where interrogators can go mental on Nick Lowles ballsack – who knows how far this criminal conspiracy goes.

On a serious note everyone knows Hope Not Hate were always the whores of those with wealth and power. Their funds far exceed anything Soros has given them – they enjoy the logistical manpower and subsidy of every Labour/SNP council, the National Union of Students, god knows what else. However the problem with money is that it is very hard to prove how it is circulated. Next time we face these guys at a counter demonstration this indictment will smash the media narrative and reveal them for what they are, a-rent-a-mob. By comparison we don’t need money, our paypal has been down a month and it doesn’t affect our activities, we are passionate volunteers who love what we do.

Also worthy of reflection is how this is likely to affect their relations with other left wing organisations such as Anti Fascist Action, who as much as they want to be their useful idiots, are disturbed by the company they keep and ruthless pursuit of capital. There is a consensus with many antifascists that Hope Not Hate is endemic with corruption with numerous reports that they have been blackmailing prominent nationalists – accepting hush money in return for forever withholding compromising evidence that ought to have been released. HNH make a daily practice of knowing more than they say but never delivering on the evidence or following up – one has to wonder how often they are taking kickbacks. This is a cautionary fable on being a shekel chaser, let their sacks of ill gotten wealth be their cement shoes.

Radio Aryan

National Action’s Benjamin Raymond joined the Daily Stormer’s sister network Radio Aryan in a show with Sven Longshanks and has also been making regular appearances on the Daily Traditionalist with TWP (Traditionalist Worker’s Party) leader Matthew Heimbach 1, 2, 3.