Wishaw, Scotland: Scottish Defence League Protest Against “Refugees”

On Easter sunday, over 50 members & supporters of the Scottish Defence League, North West Infidels, & English Volunteer Force held a protest against “refugees” in the town centre of Wishaw.

The town was targeted for a demo because it had accepted Syrian immigrants.

Antifa organized a counter demonstration, mostly under the ‘Unite Against Fascism’ banner.

A large number of police kept the two sides separate.

The event concluded successfully & there were no arrests or incidents of violence.





Leith, United Kingdom: Nationalists counter pro-rapefugee demo

The Scottish Defense League, along with members of the local branch of National Action, held a counter demonstration against a pro-rapefugee march in Scotland today.


Taken from the SDL facebook page: ” Great day in Leith today opposing the left wing traitor pro refugee march. Good support for us from the locals with many joining our demo and getting pictures taken with our placards. The left said the SDL were not welcome in leith (even though many of us were actually born and live in Leith) so we took the prime demo spot with our refugees not welcome and FCK ISIS placards and our left wing traitors not welcome in leith banner, they were not happy to say the least, especially when they marched past us and we chanted “who’s streets our streets” and “no more refugees”. Well done to everyone who attended, respect to our Wishaw and Glasgow divisions for travelling through to support us.



It appears the two sides were kept well apart, as no injuries or arrests were reported.





National Action report, April 2016

Reprinted in full from http://national-action.info/2016/05/04/april-report-2016/



national action london m1






Conference 2016


In April National Action held its annual conference In Liverpool. Such was the feeling in the town that we were provided with a room free of charge. In a sharp departure from last year’s conference, the emphasis this year was entirely on productivity . Much has been achieved over the past few months but it is far too early to be reflecting on this, it is more important to press on and continue the momentum – there will be time for resting and back patting in the grave.

As we left, locals knew who we were and cheered us “Fascists!” with thumbs up and a wink. Activists made a campfire on the beach and hit the town, our town.



North West

In the only Demonstration this month members of National Action joined the North West Infidels in Rochdale. They formed up and marched through the busy town centre with most pedestrians clapping them. Speeches were made including from an NA speaker that was received extremely well from the demonstration and from the Saturday shoppers. Photos and footage courtesy of the Manchester Evening News.




Some West Midlands activists continued with the postering campaign. They hit the University of Wolverhampton with our new A2 posters. This is great work from what is an up and coming region.


South East


We can now confirm that we have established a new branch in East Anglia – you can find their page here with social media accounts in the contact us form, anyone who has been wishing to get involved in that region, please message us.



Weekly activity in London has become a regularity. This month included a banner drop over the M1 motorway, street art, and activities around stickering and posters.




National Action’s Alex Davies declared winner of the Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize

alex davies lf

We discovered this Saturday that Alex Davies is the recipient of the 2016 Jonathan Bowden prize for oratory. Two other NA members were also nominated for the prize and other nominees also included veteran nationalist Peter Rushton, Reverend James Mack, and London Forum organiser Jez Turner – all highly deserving of praise.

The original submission stated:

For the first time in this competitions history a speaker has been nominated for two different speeches in the same twelve month period, and that speaker is Alex Davies of National Action, who delivered this second speech  at the London Forum in February 2016 and subsequently received widespread acclaim.

What makes Alex’s speeches special is that they are long speeches, in this case lasting more than 30 minutes and are delivered without notes and with no loss of momentum in a manner reminiscent of the late Jonathan Bowden whose ability in this respect was legendary. For such a young speaker to demonstrate such confidence, mental focus and fluency is remarkable and bodes well for the future.

Alex speaks with passion, making good use of humour, irony and emphasis, and with an evident sense of both mission and history, calling for total and uncompromising commitment to a revolutionary National Socialist remedy for our nation’s ills.

Alex had been forced to take a reprieve following his expulsion from university, his return to the forefront of NA activism makes this well deserved.

Alex and other senior figures in the region were on an international trip at the time of the announcement and so were unable to collect the award at the last London Forum, but we extend our deepest and most sincere gratitude to the organisers of the Jonathan Bowden prize.

National Action discussed on BBC debate

In previous articles we have discussed the ongoing civil war on university campuses where for the first time twitchy boomers are starting to express serious concerns over the extent of SJW tumblr madness and it’s grip on the National Union of Students which has seen yesterday’s folk heroes of social justice such as Peter Tatchell, Germaine Greer, and even our good friends at Hope Not Hate barred from debates which they have designated as ‘safe spaces’.

The based Victoria Derbyshire show which previously interviewed our very own Benjamin Raymond put on a debate that was an absolute joy to behold. At one point in the programme the speaker representing the NUS, Richard Brooks (vice president) actually said; “some people have more equal rights than others”, a Freudian slip on the cusp of self-awareness. It is good to know that George Orwell’s Animal Farm is still required reading in British schools.  The SJW’s were an incoherent mess but otherwise arrogant, entitled, and steadfast on their no-platform stance. This was best summarised by the quote of one officer “These students live in the real world, they are attacked, they are abused on Twitter, on Facebook…we are not living in a bubble.” As far as they were concerned this alone invalidated any opposing argument. This made the program highly enjoyable as we knew how much pain they were inflicting on these ageing boomers.

If you are in the UK you can hear the show here.

Fascist organisations like our own thrive in this kind of chaos and division, especially when the conclusion for many students will be “the moderates can’t break the deadlock, maybe the Nazi kids are right?”

We boast 50 supporters currently attending University in the UK in no small part because of resentment that the SJW’s have invited on themselves, and that we have manipulated their capacity for offense. The student media has made serious attempts to blacklist any attempts to publicly discuss National Action as they are aware of how this has helped us in the past, but the fact that National Action was brought up more than once on a show that was supposed to be about discussing the rights of ageing shitlibs is an encouraging sign that we really get to these people.

If you think a few stickers are the worst of your problems, just you wait what is in-store for you.

nazis are coming

Media Harass young women from the SDL


The mainstream media has launched a sexually repressed attack on two ‘nazi (SDL) sisters’ which has had exactly the opposite effect to that which was intended by the authors. The contradiction is obvious, while they are attempting to socially shame they are clearly enamoured with the concept of young, social, white women having political agency and an opinon of their own.

We contacted Samantha and asked her for her opinion on the events, and she has kindly provided a statement despite being harassed and having to turn down many requests from intrusive lying journalists. Her response is definitely worth reading.

“As you can imagine I wasn’t too pleased waking up to find myself the front page of a newspaper and all over the Internet in articles from other papers, getting bombarded with messages from strangers and other media outlets such as radio talk shows and The Jeremy Kyle show, wanting to know “my side of the story.” Most of the messages I did receive from strangers around the world were extremely supportive, telling me to stay strong, keep fighting for my people and not to let the media attention get me down.

After initially being extremely pissed off from reading the article as soon as I opened my eyes on the Monday morning, I sat down had a coffee and realised I actually didn’t give a fuck. It really has had no effect on my life in the slightest. Most of it was made up nonsense from some Marxist twat with absolutely no life who spends her time stalking “Nazis” on Facebook. They didn’t even manage to get my age correct. I do however find it ridiculous that the Jewish papers are allowed to launch an attack on a harmless family in this way. I have a young family and for them to attempt to make me a target for the left wing loons is uncalled for, but nothing less than to be expected. All I have done to deserve this abuse from the Jewish media is reject Cultural Marxism and the forced invasion of our country and be a strong white woman standing up for my people and country in a time where most of our people cower in their arm chairs, to afraid to stand up and fight for their children’s future in fear of a similar thing happening to them. Anyone who refuses to hand away their heritage to hordes of third world savages is deemed racist and attacked by the Jewish media in an attempt to silence them. Well I have no intentions of cowering in silence, I’m made of stronger stuff than to give in because the papers have told the world who I am and what I believe. If anything this experience has made me a stronger person.

I don’t know why the weirdo leftists are so interested in me, they’ve obviously been stalking my family for several years and have some sort of strange obsession with us. The left are always shouting “smash the SDL” and holding their silly little placards but in reality they have had several opportunities to smash us and done nothing. I walked into a group of at least 300 of them with only 4 other people in pollokshields to get to our demonstration on the other side of them and all they did was shout for the police. They have been unable to smash us or have any affect on us in the slightest for the last 7 years so now they are resulting to running to their friends in the newspapers to try and out us and silence us. Well that’s not worked either so it’s probably time they just give up and accept me and the SDL are not going anywhere. They’ve stalked me for years, stabbed me from behind at the Liverpool demonstration in February and now had me plastered all over the papers. I’m still here, get used to it.”

This should genuinely serve as encouragement to any political activist. There is always the possibility that the media will run an attack piece on any of us and the motivation for this is to inflict humiliation and trouble. If everybody handles this the same way as Samantha then these kind of stories will no longer be published as they will no longer have the desired effect.

Victory in Dover: British nationalists on the march

A large number of British nationalists organized by the South East Alliance again took to the streets of Dover to protest Islam & mass immigration. There was also a counter protest from various antifa organizations.

Unlike last time, there was a very large police presence that kept the nationalist protesters separated from the antifa counter protesters. Although 12 people were arrested at the protest, the vast majority were antifa who tried to fight the police.

Protesters clash in Dover

Reporter Sam Lennon  said: “Words of abuse were hurled between far right and anti-fascist protesters in Dover but only one brick this time.”

Police successfully bottled in the antifa to the side of the march, unfortunately keeping things from escalating into violence.

After the nationalists marched unhindered to the rally point, speeches were made & an EU flag was burnt.

The antifa thought they could “smash” us in Dover, but they were totally wrong. They lost again, & they have nothing to show for it but a string of completely preventable arrests.



British nationalists protest immigrant invaders in Edinburgh

About 50 nationalists & national socialists joined a protest against immigration & “refugees” held by the Scottish Defense League on March 20th. Members of various groups were in attendance, including but not limited to National Action & Combat 18.

Antifa were on scene to counter protest, but the police unfortunately kept the two groups apart.

After several speeches made by members of the nationalist cadre, the protest dispersed without incident.





Upcoming Events: USA & United Kingdom

National Policy Institute’s


An Evening Conference

Kevin MacDonald, Ramzpaul, and Richard Spencer will speak on the question of identity politics, and its relevance to political currents, changing demographics, and the future of European identity and consciousness.

MARCH 5, 2016


2016 American Renaissance Conference

Donald Trump says what millions of Americans have thought for years — and is much too popular to be silenced. Ann Coulter’s Adios, America! sounds the alarm against Third-World immigration — and is a huge best-seller. An Alt Right of young, cocky pro-whites terrifies liberals and conservatives alike. And a Muslim invasion is giving new life to the European “extreme right.” Are whites finally waking up? Are we reaching critical mass? Come join activists and leaders from Europe, America, and South Africa for a celebration of our world brotherhood of Europeans. Speakers will include:

Peter Brimelow Peter Brimelow — “The Trump Tsunami and the Future of the Historic American Nation.” Mr. Brimelow is the editor of VDARE.com, and the author of Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster.
Filip Dewinter Filip Dewinter — “The Islamisation of Europe. How Europe becomes an Islamic State.” Filip Dewinter is a strong voice for the preservation of Europe and is one of the leading members of the Flemish nationalist party, Vlaams Belang. He has served in the Belgian parliament, the Flemish parliament, and on the Antwerp city council.
James Edwards James Edwards — “The Best Decision I Ever Made.” Mr. Edwards is the host of the taboo-breaking radio program The Political Cesspool and is the author of Racism Schmacism.
Ruuben Kaalep Ruuben Kaalep — “A Call to Action from a Small White Country.”Ruuben Kaalep is a founding member of the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia, and established its youth movement, Blue Awakening. His goal is to save Europe and Europeans, first by saving his own nation.
RamZPaul RamZPaul — “The Alt Right.” RamZPaul has been creating YouTube videos for the past eight years. Mostly mocking the establishment’s religion of Cultural Marxism, his iconoclastic performances have been called “Pop Culture Meets Nationalism.”
Dan Roodt Dan Roodt — “The South African Crisis in World Perspective.”Mr. Roodt is a prominent Afrikaner novelist and commentator, and one of the leaders of the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group (PRAAG). Part I of his essay “An African Planet?” was published at American Renaissance last July. Part II was published in January.
Jared Taylor Jared Taylor — “Prospects for Our People.” Mr. Taylor is editor ofAmerican Renaissance. He is the author of Paved with Good Intentions,and the primary contributor to the collection A Race Against Time. His latest book is White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
Sam Dickson Sam Dickson — “A Benediction for Heretics.” Mr. Dickson is an attorney who has been a advocate for our people since his college days. He has addressed every American Renaissance conference.
Uncuck the Right Uncuck the Right — “We Didn’t Start the Alt Right.” Uncuck the Right makes brilliant, satirical remakes of popular songs. He will debut a new video specially created for this conference.

Register now for the American Renaissance Conference

May 20 – 22, 2016, near Nashville, Tennessee


North West Infidels Demonstration – Manchester – 27th February


Scottish Defence League – Edinburgh – 20th March


White Pride World Wide – Swansea – 26th March


North West National Front – Wigan – 28th May