Edinburgh, Scotland: White Pride World Wide Day


Saturday, March 25th.

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Organized by the National Front, 40-50 White Nationalists from various organizations came out for a demonstration in Edinburgh’s city centre.

Counter protesting them were a sizable number of anti-whites of various stripes bused in from around the country.

The police managed to keep the opposing sides separate for the most part, & there were no incidents of violence.

There were, however, ten arrests made; three were nationalists arrested for religiously-aggravated offences, while the other seven were antifa arrested for public order offences.


Although details about the march remain sparse, it appears to have been a success as neither the antifa nor the police were able to stop it from being carried out.





National Front holds White Pride demo in Swansea

Around 70 extreme-right protesters marching to bring attention to discrimination against white people came face-to-face with police and anti-white demonstrators on Saturday in the Welsh city of Swansea.

The march was organized by the South Wales National Front, with members of the West Midlands Infidels, British Movement, & others in attendance.

The South Wales National Front prepared for their march, under the banner of White Pride World Wide Day, by busing in supporters from around the United Kingdom to fend off counter-protesters from the anti-white group Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

Ten people were arrested for public order offenses, but nobody was injured.